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Mission #35- Rescue
It all began one evening. Everyone was enjoying themselves, watching Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. Some of the kids complained about wanting more popcorn, so Caleb volunteered to drive to the gas station and get some popcorn. When he arrived, he noticed a yellow car that really stood out in the parking lot. So, he decided to park next to it. After purchasing a few items (popcorn and a special treat for Aurora- jelly beans), he got in the car and prepared to take off. Remember that bright yellow car he parked next to? Well, that just happened to be Justin Bieber's yellow Lamborghini, which meant danger. Caleb was attacked by Justin, Selena, and Andy himself. Andy stabbed Caleb in the stomach badly, but Caleb managed to dial the home phone from the car. Black Widow, Captain, Johanna, Tris, and Aurora hurried into the car and Captain drove to almost 100 mph to the gas station, making a full 360 in the parking lot. They hurried out to help Caleb while Black Widow and Captain had a brief fight with Justin. Someone who had pulled into the gas station managed to call 9-1-1 and an ambulance came to pick up Caleb. Nights later, Black Widow herself got stabbed by Andy. Captain America found her and took her downstairs, waking up Marty. Captain made himself a quick but crazy breakfast and turned up some classical music before driving Black Widow to the hospital. A night later, Hermione found out that Black Widow had mysteriously disappeared and ended up in the Moors, a magical land where Aurora lived. Bilbo, Erica, Tauriel, Frodo, Padme, Pi, Harry, Luna, Captain America, Caleb, Liesel, and of course, Aurora, volunteered to venture out to the Moors. They reached the Moors through a Portkey Hermione had made, and landed near Aurora's cottage. They went inside, changed into medieval clothing, and sat down for a meal of Aurora's delicious soup. Everyone thought it was "the best soup in the universe", so Aurora gave it the name "Universe Soup." Then they had to select weapons to take with them on their journey and also some miscellaneous stuff. Frodo was amazed by one of Aurora's swords, so he took it. Some team members had their own weapons, like Tauriel and Harry. It was time to start the quest to the castle. After awhile, everyone rested near a stream and had a bite to eat. Aurora was going to get some water, but a strange girl was there first. The strange girl captured Aurora. Frodo admitted to seeing the girl Everyone was getting a little worried, so Pi and Bilbo went off to find her. As they searched, they met up with Maleficent. They were a bit frightened, but Maleficent offered to lead them towards the castle to find Aurora. They finally reached the castle, and to their surprise, it was pretty abandoned. The strange girl-who revealed herself as Agatha, Andy's daughter-came out of the darkness. Black Widow, who was cursed, came out of the shadows as well. Tauriel then challenged Agatha to a duel. Everyone else got involved, and Agatha used her telekinetic powers to throw everyone's weapons to the side. Pretty soon, the only ones left standing were Captain America, Caleb, Maleficent, and Harry. Agatha revealed that Black Widow and Aurora had a connection-they were long lost sisters. Caleb and Captain had already started to beat up the cursed Black Widow and managed to knock her out. Harry cast a spell on Agatha, knocking her out too. Caleb then went to Aurora, who had been lying on the floor lifeless all along, pleading for her to wake. Finally, she did after Padme put a tube of life into her mouth. Black Widow and Aurora shared an emotional hug after hearing the family news. After the team exited the castle, Maleficent and Aurora reunited.

Pic 1- Frodo is amazed by the sword.
Pic 2- Tauriel gets wary of Aurora's capture.
Pic 3- Welcome to the cottage.
Pic 4- Meet evil Agatha.

Quote Time
Some of the best quotes from this mission

"We come in peace!" -Bilbo

"Prove it...or else I challenge you to a duel!" -Tauriel

"Ooo, a little magician, eh? Well, let me show you another little trick..." -Agatha

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