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Mission #71:Jeopardy!

During a sunny afternoon, the team was hanging out happily at the house...but Captain America had been acting very strangely. He kept going around and asking the team questions just like Alex Trebek (the host of the well-known TV show Jeopardy!). Eventually, the team realized that something was up, for Captain America had become so obsessed with Jeopardy! that he had gone on the web and signed the team up as possible participants of the next episode of the show. The team was a bit annoyed at first and didn't expect to be put on the show, but sure enough-CA and Black Widow checked their emails and found that they are going to be participants in "team" Jeopardy! The team was a bit baffled at first, but submitted and headed to the studio where Jeopardy! was filmed. They met Alex Trebek himself, as well as a new team member-Andrew, from the movie Whiplash. Soon everyone found themselves on the air, competing in the game show. However, there was a plot twist-the Baddies (along with a new baddie named Terence, who, like Andrew, was from Whiplash) made up some of the enemy teams! Black Widow's Army and the Baddies answered ridiculously easy questions given to them by Alex Trebek (though some of the Baddies actually got a few of the questions wrong), and in the end Black Widow's Army won. Captain America and the team joyfully celebrated yet another victory over the Baddies.

Pic 1: Alex struggles to keep the show running as arguments consistently break out during the game.
Mission #72:Stalker

One day, Black Widow was sitting around the house. She seemed to be waiting for something. The team implored her to tell them what she's waiting for; eventually, she did so. She explained that (former) team member Edward, a vampire from the Twilight saga, had been assigned to rejoin Black Widow's Army by the Movie Alliance. Most of the team members quickly became wary of the fact that Edward is returning; despite the fact that he was a loyal team member during the dawn of BW's Army, he had always been a bit of a mysterious creep. Soon, Edward arrived, and the team (somewhat) warmly welcomed him. For a while, Edward hanged around the house. Everything appeared to be normal...for most people, at least. Katniss was in her room when she noticed that Edward had stopped while passing her doorway and was staring intensely at her. Edward, having been caught looking at Katniss for several minutes straight, quickly left as if nothing happened. Then, Rose was hanging around in the hallways when she saw Edward looking at her from around a corner. Edward, as soon as he was spotted, quickly left. Finally, Edward went over to Tris, who was hanging out with Brody in the kitchen. Shortly afterwards, the team realized that Edward and Tris were gone. Hank, Rogue, Caleb, Aurora, Han, and Brody volunteered to go out and search for Edward and Tris. The six went to the garage, got in one of the cars, and, using some of their knowledge of vampires, managed to find Edward's trail and follow it to a forest many miles outside Chicago. The team kept driving the car through a narrow path in the forest, but soon the thickets grew too dense and the six exited the car and continued the journey on foot. Eventually, they spotted Edward jumping away in the treetops with Tris riding him piggyback style. The team rushed after him in hot pursuit, and though at first Edward used his vampire powers to run super fast, Edward eventually faltered and fell out of the treetops. Tris tumbled down after him. The six rescuers hid in some nearby brush and watched Edward and Tris for a little bit; finally, Rogue had had enough and revealed herself. She attacked Edward in an effort to save Tris from him, and proved stronger, for she grabbed Edward and used her ability to absorb other peoples' powers on him. Rogue was soon possessed with Edward's powers and psyche, and lost control quickly. The other five rescuers came out of hiding and rescued Tris. Hank grabbed a stick and used a lighter he brought along to light a torch (note that fire kills vampires). Hank burned Rogue with the torch, driving the part of Edward inside her out of her, and drove Edward himself away with the torch. Tris, who had now been rescued, apologized to the six and explained that Edward had tricked her into starting a "blossoming romance" with him and they were planning to run away together. The six forgave her, walked back to the car with Tris, and started driving home. Edward was finally gone, and things were at peace.

Pic 1: Edward looking as unenthusiastic - and creepy - as ever.
Pic 2: Katniss senses that something is going on.
Pic 3: Tris being attacked and captured by Edward in the middle of the night.
Mission #73:Believe

One normal day, the team was hanging around the house. Hermione was browsing around online on her computer...and soon found that popstar baddie Justin Bieber had a new (fictional) TV show called "Believe," where fangirls competed for the opportunity to spend a day in JB's resort with Bieber himself. The team at first laughed it off, but soon the list of JB fangirls who were going to compete comes up-and it included all the female members of Black Widow's Army. Even worse was that on the "Believe" website, JB was using the picture of Black Widow's Florida resort and calling it his own place. The team was highly annoyed, but assuming it's just another one of JB's stupid jokes, they relaxed for a bit. However, soon, the female team members were captured and whisked away to the studios where "Believe" was being filmed. They met several fangirls, including an excited girl from France named Rosie, a chubby girl from Mexico named Gloria, a bored girl from Germany named Veronica, a smart girl from Greece named Alysa, an obnoxious girl from the USA named Emma, and, of course, Tubby's Fat Mom. TFM and Gloria began to talk about McDonald's nonstop, and creepy Ronald McDonald made a surprise visit. He offered TFM some french fries; when she bit them, she not only got the french fries, but Ronald's hand. Ronald McDonald tried to escape Tubby's Fat Mom, but TFM grabbed him and stored him as a prisoner inside her layers of fat. Then TFM released a giant fart that not only burned Ronald, but effected everyone else in the general area. Soon, JB himself arrived and all the girls were prepped and dolled up by Beliebers. The show began, and each girl was forced to talk about how they love Justin Bieber. Katniss came out first and made a rebellious, anti-JB speech; after she finished and left the stage, Justin lied and said that that was only joke. Black Widow came up next and also made a speech that was full of defiance. Black Widow then went backstage and urged the team to follow her. All the girls except the real JB fangirls tried to escape the studio, but Bieber and his Beliebers surrounded them and tried to force them to go back on stage; however, luckily, the male team members had tracked down the rest of the team via their computers by now and arrived in a helicopter to save the day. The team reunited and left the studio as if nothing happened at all.

Pic 1: An enthusiastic Justin, ready to start his new show.
Pic 2: The Believe "catwalk".
Pic 3: Katniss makes a speech.

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