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Mission #30: SEASON FINALE: Conspiracy
On a late spring night, Black Widow sat on the couch at her laptop. Black Widow had a plan....which she told the team later that morning. Black Widow wouldn't let Andy kill, injure, or capture her team anymore. She invited anyone who was ready to fight to come along. Clinch, Albert, Brody, Han, Graff, Katniss, Johanna, Erica, Dorothy*, Spock, Harry, Beethoven, Pi, Hugo*, Sirius, Fred, George, Arwen, Percy*, Caleb, Liesel, Petra, Ender, Valentine, Captain America, Hermione, Tris, Prim, and of course Black Widow all set out to the military base, where they did physical and mental training. Everyone did fairly well. During the simulations, Erica got inconclusive test results, meaning she didn't do any fighting, which was expected in the tests. But Erica refused to give up, and didn't go home when Black Widow gave out a last call to go home. They got onto a chopper and went to the warehouse, going to a prison cell to rescue two new team members, Andy and Aurora. After meeting them, Black Widow separated everyone into groups , so they could go to different places to set off the bombs. The kids, Dorothy, Harry, Valentine, Ender and Petra were one group. Caleb, Aurora, Pi, Andy, Rudy and Katniss were group 2. Black Widow,Spock, Captain America, Hermione, Johanna and the rest were group 3, and Tris and Percy got their own group. Black Widow and her group went to the arena , only to be greeted by a terrible Miley-Justin duet, and a terrible bass beat in the backround. But really, it was the best time, because nobody was paying attention. Everyone took a match and threw it to the side to start a fire that thankfully, wouldn't be noticed. As soon as Erica got back from her side, Black Widow could begin. Everyone took a side of the bomb and threw it over. Then.....BOOM!!!!!!! The ground rumbled. The stage Miley and Justin were on flipped over in mid air, crushing them. The lighting system fell, resulting in no light at all. People were being injured, and probably dying. Through it all, Hermione was able to see Andy, who revealed his true colors (in other words, revealing that he wasn't as strong and mighty as he proved). The floor underneath Black Widow and a few others fell, and they had to hold on for dear life. A terrified Andy was heard bellowing for order.As Andy screamed about the catastrophe, Captain America decided that Andy was truly afraid. The arena started to crumble, so everyone had to get out, and fast. At the spur of the moment, Spock proved that they were one group member short. So Captain had to go rescue Erica through all the destruction. Group 2 went, and Caleb decided they would light some wires lining the wall. Rudy argued, but didn't get anywhere. Then.....BOOM!!!!! Everyone was thrown throughout the room. Everyone was surrounded by smoke and couldn't see. Caleb rescued everyone, and made them go back to the boxing center. He, and Aurora helped search for Pi, who was lost in the smoke. The final group went-Percy and Tris. They made it quick. Percy and Tris kissed, and then lit the bomb. As soon as they got back, Black Widow had ordered Georgie to go to the snack closet to light a bomb. Georgie obediently went into the closet, accidentally shutting the door behind him. As soon as everyone saw the shut door, they knew it was a fatal mistake. Captain screamed at Black Widow, who was frozen in place. Then...BOOM!!!! The door blew up, and Georgie was on the ground, burning like a human torch. Black Widow and Prim simultaneously ran at Georgie. Prim and Black Widow were at Georgie's side, while everyone else watched in shock. Prim sang to Georgie, and he died. It was a traumatizing experience for everyone. The final bomb was lit. Then.... BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!! Everyone was blown into random places, bashed into walls, and more. Everyone was blasted outside of the warehouse, where they took time to realize what just happened....and took time to run to the nearby forest. Soon, the warehouse started crumbling, and a cloud of debris raced towards them. Everyone ran for their lives. Some people surrendered to the smoke, including Black Widow, Prim, Hugo, Liesel, and Tris. George, Fred, and Sirius were lost for a while, but eventually made it to the forest. Everyone was hot, sick, and tired. Night settled in, and Captain made a fire, staying up most of the night. That morning, anyone who was up watched the warehouse crumble entirely. As soon as everyone awoke, Captain asked if anyone was willing to go look for those lost in the debris. Johanna, Sirius, Katniss, Arwen, and Caleb all went to help. They were greeted by a field of debris, but wouldn't stop the search. Sirius awoke Prim in dog form, which sort of freaked her out. It was revealed that Hugo was right next to her all along. Meanwhile, Captain was looking for Liesel. He found her, and as soon as he went looking for someone else, he came across something funny....Captain had stepped on Andy himself. Terrified, he alerted Sirius, who thanked him for the warning. They also came across Georgie's dead body, and couldn't leave him, so Sirius carried Georgie bridal style back to the forest. Everyone was soon found, and taken to the forest to wait for anything. The faint sound of a chopper was heard, and everyone came into the field to get into the chopper. Other team mates helped them in, and Georgie was put in a body bag. At that moment, Hugo declared that he was leaving for France. The chopper lifted into the air, and everyone took one last glance back at the place that didn't exit anymore-the place that once held their worst fears.
Pic 1-Liesel tries to escape warehouse debris.

Quote time
Some of the best quotes from the season finale.

(to the tune of "I'll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan) "Let's get down to business. To defeat Andy. Are you guys just weaklings? Or are you really brave? You're the saddest bunch I've ever met, so get out, go home, you're through, Guys I willllll make a teammm out of youuuu...Tranquil as a forest. But on fiirree within.Once we find ol' Andyyyy we are surreee to winnn. You're a spineless, pale pathetic lot, and you haven't got a clueee...that I willll make a teammm out of youuu... (Sir yes Sirrr) We must be swift as a coursing river! (sir yes sirrr) with all the force of a great typhoon! (sir yes sirrr) With all the strength of a raging river, mysterious as the dark side of the MOOOOONNN!!!! Time is racing towards us, we must find the bombs. Heed my every order, and you might survive. You're unsuited for the rage of him, yes I'm referring to ol Andyyyy...How can I make a team out of YOUUUU???
Did you guys just call me sir? (no answer) Hmm..." -Black Widow


"I think Andy revealed his fears tonight." -Captain America

"I don't feel like dying today, Caleb." -Rudy

"I don't think we really have a choice, Rudy. Thank you for staying calm." -Caleb

"Well if I do, make it snappy." -Rudy

"We're in this together."-Percy*

"Na-Na-Natasha...Don't-don't cry. I'm still here. My sacrifice was for you. I did this for-for you and Prim. And everyone else I love. So Andy will no longer be after you." -Georgie*

"I'm sorry...I should have been the one who died..." -Hugo*


"Yes...I think I'm okay for such a fall." -Hermione

George (to Sirius):"Geez Padfoot, you sound like a smoker." Sirius: "You're one to talk WHEEZly."

"How about instead of cracking stupid jokes we find a way out?" -Sirius

Sirius: (Fred has collapsed) "Geez, this bloke needs to watch his diet!" George: "It's not the food that's the's his ego."

Rudy: "I feel like crap." Hermione: "Don't we all?"

Andy:"I'm gonna die tonight. Caleb: "Won't we all...."

"Wait to die...wait to live...wait for an absolution...which will never come." -Rudy

"We will live. Even though it's the end of Andy, it's not the end of us." -Captain America

"I feel miserable. My eyes hurt, my face is covered in soot, and there's nothing else to do except mourn. So
I'll just take a nap." -Caleb

"Well...I guess it's over." -Pi

"No more more pain,'s all over." -Captain America

" it really over? Ever?" -Erica

"Andy isn't over. It's only the beginning." -Black Widow

*Albert, Clinch, Percy, and Hugo were former team members.

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