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Mission #75 Season Finale-BETRAYAL

Black Widow's cold and strange behavior continued to carry on, and nothing had been done yet to save the Chosen Ones back at the Warehouse. But the Chosen Ones were the least of anyone's worries. Black Widow had finally decided to leave the team for the better. Only, Black Widow mostly decided to leave for the worst, because after discovering emails from Andy, they found out Black Widow was seeking leadership alongside Andy at the Warehouse. The rest of the team was furious with Black Widow's decisions, but especially Steve, who had been extremely close with her. During Black Widow's absence, Caleb took over and struggled to make ends meet. Steve plummeted into a depression, and it seemed no one would be able to help him until things changed. There was a suspicious silence between Andy and the team, and one night, familiar Jeeps pulled into the house driveway. Caleb declared it was a state of emergency, and since Andy already knew about the basement, Caleb had no choice but to cram everyone in the closet. It even seemed as if the Baddies were more interested in what treats were stored inside of the cabinets instead of their enemies. Black Widow, feeling a bit nostalgic, ventured into her old room with Andy, unaware that the team was actually hidden in the closet. They found out, all in good time. It erupted into an all-out war, and in short, Bilbo ended up chopping Andy's hand off. It was a truly terrifying moment, seeing Andy in pain, and the Baddies hobbled off- well, Draco was literally thrown out by Hermione. After those shenanigans, everyone was feeling tired, but Caleb was earnest to get to the Warehouse and see what was up. Harry Potter however insisted that they couldn't leave without Captain America, so he went to Steve's room and gave him a pep talk. Captain America regained hoped at the realization that, being BW's closest friend, he could perhaps turn her good again, so he came back downstairs, reunited with the team, and headed out to the Arsenal with everyone. Upon arriving, they managed to find and put on some spare uniforms used by Andy's soldiers. They wandered about the Warehouse, spying on everyone. Eventually they found the dungeons and freed the missing Chosen Ones-Katniss, Ender, Valentine, Rudy, Aurora, Han Solo, Jonas, Cherry, and Brody-and the team, now fully reunited, then set out to find Black Widow. They did find her; she was talking to Andy in Andy's room, and she and Andy quickly became quiet when the team found them. The team, half angry and half said, tried to talk BW into rejoining them; she quickly became confused and was unable to choose. Then Captain America spoke to her, and finally convinced her to become good again. Andy was not happy about this and vowed revenge. The team, now with a real leader again, returned to the house peacefully. Black Widow definitely had a lot of explaining to do, but for now everyone in the Movie Alliance was just relieved that she was back on their side.

Note: A lot of data for this mission has been lost. Therefore there won't be a Quote Time segment on this page. Sorry!

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