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Mission#45 SEASON FINALE: Prisoner
At the end of Mission#44,Percy betrayed the team, and Andy captured The Chosen Ones, Han, Sam*, and Steve and took them to his secret lair. In the beginning of Mission#45, Everything was not at peace. Smoke drifted through the house in the early hours of the morning. And they all knew that smoke leads to fire. The house was on fire, and everyone had to take their prized possesions out of the house. Everyone helped each other out the kitchen window, but the line was too long and Bilbo, Hermione, Henry Jones Sr, and Richie were stuck in the living room as the ceiling caved in, but at the last second, they were saved. The team members watched the house burn to the ground as a fire truck roared in the distance. Later that morning, they walked through what was once their house and discovered things that were no more, such as the Christmas tree, Beethoven's piano, one of Erica's favorite books, and the team picture.
The Chosen Ones stumbled forward as the crowd roared for Andy. They were now taken prisoner in Andy's giant castle, located not too far away from Black Widow's military base. Ender, Harry, and Rudy were pulled away to the new boxing room, Aurora was taken to the kitchen, Valentine was a cleaner in the castle, and Erica was put in a different situation. Erica would serve as a princess of the castle, and she was taken to the highest tower of the castle. Andy had a talk with her, and while Aurora was taking up some food for them, she overheard Andy talking about the house being burned. Shocked, Aurora ran back down to the kitchens, and when Ender, Harry, and Rudy came down to get some free food, Aurora told them.
Black Widow and the co leaders finally found out where they were, so they set out right away in the forest. It started to rain, so everyone put on cheap, neon ponchos. After hours of walking in the rain, they pitched the tent and went to sleep. Padme heard some noises, so she went out to investigate. Following her was Liesel, Charlie, Oliver, and Bill. They were all captured by Orcs and taken to the castle. They were taken to the arena, about to be executed, but Erica saved the day, pleading for their lives and promising to join Andy's side. The five were taken to some dungeons.
In the morning, the team found out the five were missing, and they knew exactly where. They traveled to the castle, where the land got hilly and rocky. Maleficent made zip lines out of vines so everyone could get across to the castle. Next, they had to climb a rocky cliff to get up there, which was hard, but they did it. They disguised themselves as Orc guards and waited outside the arena doors, which were shaking due to the loud music. Black Widow took off her uniform and didn't care if she was spotted or not. Everyone piled out, and Caleb spotted Aurora walking. He tried to get to her, but she was pushed along. Marion and Richie also spotted Ender.
The next day, Aurora was working in the kitchens when Agatha burst in, requesting she make her some cupcakes. Aurora didn't know where the ingredient was, and Agatha got mad and slapped her, drawing blood. Rudy, Ender, and Harry saw Aurora and asked her if she was ok. Aurora gave them some food and told them to escape before they were spotted. Spotted they were, by Andy himself. Andy questioned them, and they tried to lie, but Andy already knew. They were to be whipped later that night.
Ender, Harry, Rudy, and Aurora stumbled into the arena to watch someone be whipped to death. They feared for their lives. On a higher balcony, the team watched, unable to help in fear that they would be whipped, or worse, killed. Ender was whipped first, and wiped out after a few blows. Rudy was whipped brutally, screaming and eventually falling to the ground. Aurora was whipped, screaming as well and even crying a little. Caleb tried to run to her help but was pulled back by Tris. Harry was whipped badly, and didn't stand long. They were all taken to the boxing center with a few team members while the rest went to help Padme, Charlie, Bill, Liesel, and Oliver. They all took a weapon along, and had a hard time getting around since it was a set up maze. They figured it all out and met up with Han and Steve, who were shot with a gun that would undo their faithfulness to Andy. After reuniting with them, they headed out to the prison to help the five captured team members. Black Widow worked on some screens in the prison, and the maze blew up. Black Widow and Steve shared a kiss after everything happened, but there was still work to do. They went back upstairs, and got caught up in a march led by Andy. They soon got to the boxing center, and everyone proceeded to an abandoned throne room for an Orc battle. Some people hid behind the thrones if they weren't a good fighter or if they were too weak. Meanwhile, Han and Wolverine had a fight. Suddenly, a mystery Assasin showed up, with surprisingly good martial arts skils. It was soon revealed that the mystery Assasin was Erica. Erica left the throne room and changed into her trademark District 6 tribute outfit with pigtails. Agatha and Erica entered the throne room together, Agatha asked if she could "join their little party", but Agatha didn't get very far, because the team members fought back, Tauriel shooting arrows, Steve blasting her with his blaster, Katniss shooting a firey arrow, Rose shooting an arrow at the ceiling, making dust fall all over her as "confetti", Marion blowing the flamethrower at Agatha, and Caleb adding a dangerous party hat (a piece of wood) to crash down on Agatha. The grand finale was Al Bundy throwing a smelly sock at Agatha. The Orcs closed in on them, and it was back to business once again. Andy himself came in, and challenged Erica to a duel--with a team member. Agatha chose Frodo, and Erica was forced to kill Frodo. Erica just couldn't do it, and fell to the floor dramatically. Andy was about to kill Erica, until an enraged Ender pinned him against a wall and pushed him to the ground, punching like a human punching machine. Things started to get a little crazy, and Katniss and Pi had to pull Ender away from Andy. The Orcs attacked the team, more vicious than ever. During the battle, Andy chased after Erica, who ran up a flight of stairs and to the roof of the castle. It was up to Frodo, Graff, Steve, Black Widow, Spock, Pi, Han, Tauriel, Tris, and Bilbo to save her, or else. Black Widow and the rest ran up the stairs and waited in a room before reaching the roof. Agatha appeared, and Tris shot her right in the face. They proceeded to the roof, and were hurt by Andy. Frodo got to Andy and battled him, making him hang off the roof. Erica helped him up, and had a final battle with Andy. After Andy was defeated, they went back to the throne room to gather up the troops. Han proposed to Leia, who accepted. It was a bittersweet moment for everyone. After that moment, they went to the garage where they got on motorcycles. Marion used her flamethrower to set the castle on fire, and they set off into the forest. Bill was farting, driving recklessly, and just being crazy, which upset a constipated Al. They reached the end of the trail, which was on a cliff, and had to drive across the abyss to get to the other side. Almost everyone got across safely, except for Gilligan, Ginger, and Beaver, who made it across...but their motorcycle didn't. They had to split up and go on other people's motorcycles, and they set off for the military base. Not too long later, Black Widow found out that Andy took her to court, Judge Judy to be exact. The case didn't exactly go well, and Black Widow and her team were arrested. Before anything could be made final, Black Widow walked out on the case, the team following. They got in the bus and headed anywhere and nowhere, with no place to call home.

Pic 1: Padme in jail. Pic2: Judge Judy yells at Andy over pictures. Pic3: Tris running around the throne room.
Pic 4: Caleb leaning against the castle wall with gun. Pic 5: Maleficent trying to keep the doors closed so the Orcs can't enter.

Quote Time
The best quotes from this thrilling season finale.


"We're doomed!" -Richie

"I'm surprised we all survived!" -Ron

"The house is gone...but the memories aren't." -Tris

"Is it just me, or have I heard to many windows breaking?" -Ron

Fred: "Sit down mate. You're making us all nervous." Dean: "You wouldn't be talking if your brother was taken."

"I'd love to dig my fangs into you..." -Victoria

"How I wish I could jinx you right in your face..." -Harry

"This isn't all it's cracked up to be." -Rudy

"I believe we must deal with Erica later. For now, we must aim for taking over the castle." -Maleficent

"I'm ready for anything now." -Tauriel

"Are you ready to create a REAL masterpiece?" -Marty

"I'm going to fight." -Liesel

"Hey!! Move it!! I got some ninja killin' to do!" -Johanna

"Thought I wouldn't see you for a long time. After you burned down my house and everything. But here I am..." -Black Widow/Natasha

"Sorry. It's just that I'm not into crazy people." -Johanna

"Well well well. What do we have here? A party?" -Agatha

Agatha: "Your party just got a little better..." Black Widow: "It sure did."

"Ready to rumble, sukkah?" -Johanna

"Now you're ready to rumble!" -Captain America/Steve

"Maybe it would be best if we got out of here, before the Giant--ahem, Giantess--awoke from her brief slumber." -Samantha

"Johanna Mason. District 7 victor. And let me guess-you're Butt Brain, Andy's daughter." -Johanna

"Agatha, listen: one spark can cause a revolution! And from what you have done, you have probably lit a whole continent on fire!" -Katniss

"Phew, is it hot in here, or is it Agatha-literally?" -Marion

"I'm thinking the party hat we'll give Agatha could be fatal!" -Caleb

"Phew, toxic fumes!" -Richie

"Just put that back on already! I'm dying!..." -Black Widow/Natasha


"What a party pooper!" -Aurora

"Who do you think you are?!" -Padme

"Are you the maniac now?! We don't need more." -Rose

"Look who's talking NOW!" -Rudy

"You're weak. Inside and out." -Andy

"No. You won't win. You know why? You can burn our house to the ground, torture our friends until they die, and even make us believe you. But you won't take our spirit. That's what you don't have, and you won't take that from us. You will NEVER win." -Ender

"The team is falling apart? I didn't realize." -Princess Leia

"He really got it good." -Han

Andy: "One last battle. That's all I need." Graff: "One more battle and you'll end up dead on the floor."

"Andy's a coward and we know it." -Captain America/Steve

"Andy, you make Dark Helmet look like a stronger villain." -Han

"You're all kidding me? 'It's time for you to die'? Andy, that line is so overused." -Colonel Sandurz

"I'm not afraid. The thought of saving my friend makes me braver." -Frodo

"It's over for YOU. And there's nothing YOU can do about it." -Erica

"Erica is going to fight Andy....personally, if he falls over, I'll laugh." -Graff

"Friends are stronger than enemies! And Erica, I love you!" -Frodo

Black Widow: "Come on. We're leaving." Ender: "We are?" Black Widow: "Yeah...hard to believe, but yeah."

"I know...I haven't been the best in the world and up a lot during it, but there is one thing I mean and that is that I love you.You make my world brighten up and just seeing you makes my day! Leia...will you marry me?" -Han

"We're gonna let this castle burn to the ground. Our thank you and appreciation to Andy." -Marion

"I have no regrets. I'm just going to let it burn." -Black Widow

"Why did they have to be motorcycles?..." -Ginger

"Is he releasing gas much worse than the one in the motorcycle?" -Marion

"I TOLD HIM he shouldn't have eaten that many beans last night!" -Al

"Beans beans, the magical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot!" -Beaver

"We're hearing a lot of real rippers tonight." -Marty

"Wow, Andy should really upgrade his pantry! I mean, if he hates farting..." -Samantha

"I can hear them! And smell them too...Phew!" -Gilligan

"I can literally SMELL the gory details!" -Ender

"Love you Leia." -Han

"I'm crossing my fingers, and hoping NOT to die!" -Samantha


"Listen-I'm broke, I don't have any money, and I'm homeless. You're not going to put me in a prison. You're not going to put anyone in a prison. But if you want to arrest us, arrest us. You'll know where to find us." -Black Widow/Natasha

"We're either homeless or we're hoboes. Somewhere in that zone, I suppose." -Vera

"We're off to the slammer. I can just feel it." -Johanna

"I don't know where we're going, but I know it's gonna be a long time." -Black Widow/Natasha

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