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Mission #8:Life of Pi OR Stranded

The team was spending a nice day at the cabin, when Pi suddenly came downstairs and announced that his family was moving to Canada along with the animals of their zoo, and he was going to go and help them out. Black Widow gave Pi permission to do this, as well as got some of the other team members to go with him, including Hermione, Han Solo, Katniss, Peeta, Prim, and Forrest Gump. Pi and his small team went to meet with his family, which included Pi's mother, father, and brother. They embarked on a big ship and started heading for Canada. During the voyage, the team and Pi's family went to get some food, and ended up in a big argument with the chef, but eventually the commotion died down and the argument ended. Later that night, there was a huge storm. Pi woke up during it and tried to persuade his brother to go out and watch the storm with him, but his brother told him to go back to sleep, and slept himself. Pi then exited the room and went into the cabin where the rest of the team were, and woke them up, persuading them to come with them. Pi, Hermione, Han, Forrest, Katniss, Peeta, and Prim went out in deck. The storm was really violent, and soon an alarm went off, for the ship was sinking. Pi and the team managed to get in a lifeboat with the help of some sailors, but the sailors didn't make it into the second lifeboat. Both lifeboats fell into the sea. Pi and the team had a rough time staying in the lifeboat, and soon they saw Richard Parker, the tiger from Pi's family's zoo, swimming towards them. Before Richard Parker could get them, Pi and the team jumped into the sea and swam to the other lifeboat. They watched as Richard Parker, a zebra with a broken leg, a hyena, and an orangutang riding on floating bananas got onto the other lifeboat. The next day, Pi tried to get to the food and water from the other lifeboat without getting caught by Richard Parker, but only managed to get some before Richard Parker tried to get him. Many days passed, where Pi and the team struggled to survive while Pi tried to feed and give water to the animals. Eventually, the hyena started attacking the zebra, and both Pi and the orangutang tried to stop the hyena, but failed. Moments after the zebra died, Richard Parker killed the hyena, too. The orangutang was also killed during the conflicts between the animals. More days passed, and soon, one night, Pi looked down into the ocean to see glowing green jellyfish swimming in it everywhere. He swished the water, making it glow, too. He saw a gigantic, beautiful, glowing green whale swimming towards the lifeboats. The whale jumped up and dived back into the water again, making all of the team fall into the ocean, as well as sending some food and water into the sea, too. Pi and the team got back into their lifeboat, soaked. More days passed, and another day, while Pi was trying to feed Richard Parker while the team watched anxiously from the other boat, thousands of flying fish jumped out of the sea, hitting Pi, Richard Parker, and the rest of the team, hurting them here and there. Richard Parker managed to catch a large fish that jumped up, but Pi took it from him and used it to feed himself and the team while Richard Parker got the smaller flying fish that fell into the boat. More time passed. Pi tried to tame Richard Parker, first by using a whistle on a life vest while rocking the tiger's boat to make the whistle represent nausea, and then getting on the boat and "claiming his side of the boat" (or peeing) in a certain spot, but Richard Parker knocked him off the boat, making Pi fall into the ocean. Later, Pi tamed Richard by feeding Richard Parker scraps of meat while using the whistle, making the whistling sound represent food. Pi, the tiger, and the team eventually arrived at a strange island full of big, exotic trees, pools of fresh water, and strangely, thousands of meerkats. Richard got to eat some of the meerkats, while Hermione, Katniss, and Prim collected roots, Forrest and Pi explored, and Han helped with stocking up the lifeboats. Later, at night, the team climbed up to sleep in some trees when the meerkats inhabiting the island climbed up with them. When Hermione knocked one of the meerkats off of her tree, there was a sizzling sound, and the team looked down to see a nearby pool of water had turned to acid-the island was nice by day, but "carnivorous" by night. Pi found a tooth wrapped in some leaves, and suddenly realized something, and knew they had to leave the island and keep searching for land. The next morning, the team did leave the island, stocking up their boats with edible roots and meerkats. Many more days and weeks passed, including some rainy days and storms, and during one night, while Pi was with Richard Parker in the other lifeboat, Richard Parker looked down at the sea. Pi mimicked him, and looked deep into its depths, and saw different patterns and shapes, that formed Pi's family members, the zoo animals, and finally, way at the bottom of the ocean, Pi saw the sunken ship. Pi looked at the tiger for a moment, and then settled back down to go to sleep. More weeks passed, and finally the team reached land, somewhere on the shores of Mexico. They dragged themselves onto the shore and collapsed there. Pi watched as Richard Parker went over to a jungle nearby the beach. The tiger didn't even look back as he stopped in front of it. Then Richard Parker went into the jungle, never to be seen by Pi again. Not long later, the team was found by some people and taken to a hospital. Pi was interviewed by some people about what happened, but they wouldn't believe his story at all, and told him to tell them a logical, more believable story. So Pi made up a story-he said that he and the team were with three others, who were the chef, his mother, and a sailor with a broken leg. Pi said that the chef was disgusting and horrible, and that he ate a rat once (which is what Richard Parker once did during the voyage), and eventually the chef killed the sailor with the broken leg, claiming it would help save food. Pi said that not long later, the chef had an argument with his mother and killed her, too. Pi continued the story by saying that the chef knew he had gone too far, and Pi killed him. Pi concluded his story by saying he and the rest of the team eventually arrived at land, and that was the end. The people interviewing him left, and Forrest and Prim realized what Pi meant when he was telling the story. Forrest said that in the story, the chef was the hyena, the sailor was the zebra, Pi's mother was the orangutang, and Pi was the tiger. Pi admitted that that was what he meant. Later, Black Widow came in a helicopter and picked up the team. Pi, Hermione, Han Solo, Katniss, Peeta, Prim, and Forrest looked out at the Mexican shore one last time before the helicopter turned away and headed home.

Pic 1- Pi witnesses a big glowing whale rise majestically from the water.
Pic 2- Richard Parker waits on the boat as the team ventures out into the carnivorous island.
Pic 3- Pi attempts to push Richard Parker out of the others' way.

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