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Mission #47: The Curse
The summer was coming to a close. Everyone had just got back from Han and Leia's wedding in Naboo, and they were all ready for some R&R before the summer's end. Aurora was working in the garden, Erica was cuddled up with a good book, Josh* was having quite a good time with the free time, Caleb was taking a snooze, and Valentine was chatting with her new boyfriend, Carson, from Camp Iwannapeepee, whom she met earlier that summer. Marty eavedroped on their conversation on the phone, and Aurora joined in. Marty and Aurora had a few good laughs about it all, and Caleb almost thought that they were talking about him, which got Caleb a little angry. Steve soon came back from Walmart in a terrible mood, because he tripped and fell into his cart, and some teens posted it all on YouTube. Steve angrily got to work on a stir fry, and a mystery team member kept interrupting Steve, making him all the more angry. Steve was in a terrible mood when everyone was seated to dinner, and so was Caleb, who was annoyed because Pi, Marty, and Aurora all kept laughing over Valentine's new date with Carson (a date at Pizza Hut). Caleb rudely remarked on Steve's food and left the table, fighting with Steve from the other room and refusing to do dishes. To escape all the chaos, Black Widow decided to start up a bonfire. Beethoven was playing a serene Chopin nocturne as everyone had a great time by the fire. Then, the music just stopped. Nobody seemed to care, because then Aurora made everyone an ice cream sundae and Felix started up a contest where members had to catch stale Vanilla Wafers with their mouths. Han's new radio was turned on, and music blasted out of the speakers, literally rattling the house walls. Everyone was having a smashing good time. The next morning, Cosette, Melanie, Ender, and a tired Tris were enjoying breakfast at the table, until Cosette made a shocking discovery: Beethoven was missing, and there was blood all over the piano bench. That explained why the music mysteriously stopped the other night. Everyone had a hunch that it was Maleficent, who was missing the previous night. Hermione quickly gathered up some people who would be willing to travel in the Moors-Aurora, Tris, Nancy, Marion, Pi, Harry, Luna, Erica, Ender, Valentine, Caleb, Cosette, Josh, Graff, and Han. They all set out and went to Aurora's cottage in the Moors, where they had a nice dinner and then went outside to explore while Nancy did everyone's dishes. Tris got bit by a creature and went back to the cottage to get a bandage....only to find out that Nancy was gone. Everyone gathered inside of the cottage, and Tris told them that Nancy disappeared. Aurora immediately left for the castle, to everyone's dismay. They all knew that something was bound to happen to her.
Meanwhile, Nancy was taken to a cliff. To her surprise, Beethoven was there too. Nancy was glad, and so was Beethoven. Together, they would wait to die, wait to live, and most of all, wait for help to come.
Aurora ran into the castle, looking all over. She was greeted by a much more evil Maleficent, who told her Beethoven wasn't there. Maleficent then put Aurora under the curse. Aurora slowly walked up the stairs to the spinning wheel, pricked her finger, and fell to the floor, to her fate.
Some team members had spotted a cliff above the trees, and in no time, Hermione split everyone up into groups. Marion, Pi, Erica, Josh, Graff, and Han were one group, and the rest went to the castle to find Aurora. Hermione and her group started climbing the cliff, which was long, hard, and very exhausting. Marion had to climb without heels, and Tris almost fell off the cliff, but was rescued by Pi, thankfully. Once they got to the top, they reunited with Beethoven and Nancy.
The other team finally got to the castle, but were turned around when Maleficent escaped to the cliff at top speed. The team reunited and met some new team members: Parvati, Buttercup,and Brigitta. Parvati wouldn't leave Harry alone, which annoyed Harry and others. It was back to business when Maleficent turned into a dragon, nearly killing the team. They had no choice but to kill Maleficent. Ender was handed a sword from the castle, and debated whether he should throw or not-after all, Maleficent was a team member. Valentine assured him that it was alright, so Ender mustered up all the courage he had and he threw it at Maleficent dragon form. Maleficent dragon form made a roar of pain and plummeted to the ground, dead. Everyone was in total shock, but had to rescue Aurora. They went back to the castle, where there was a mad stampede to Aurora's bedroom. Everyone got a little uncomfortable and awkward when Hermione said the only cure was True Love's Kiss. It was down to Harry, Pi, and Caleb, but everyone had an idea of who it was. Caleb stepped up to the plate, and everyone left to give Caleb some privacy, but continued to watch through a window, just to see how it would work. Caleb got just a bit too emotional, but then kissed Aurora. Minutes passed, and everyone was sure it wouldn't work, until Aurora awoke. The team celebrated, and Aurora was welcomed back with many a hug. Graff suggested that they see if Maleficent was really dead. Everyone headed back to the cliff again, and Aurora got really emotional when she saw dead Maleficent, who was not a dragon anymore. Aurora held Maleficent's hand, crying, when, just then, Maleficent woke up. Maleficent and Aurora hugged, and Maleficent surprisingly had a new pair of wings. Parvati was still bothered by the fact that Harry wouldn't marry her, but Harry and Pi made it clear that Harry was in love with Ginny, and not Parvati, to Parvati's dismay. Everyone was in good spirits (besides the little falling out with Harry and Parvati) and went back home, just as the sun was about to set over the Moors.

Pic1: Aurora seen asleep by team members. Pic 2: Maleficent watches Aurora under the curse. Pic 3: Maleficent in evil dragon form.

Quote Time
Quotes from this magical mission in the Moors.

"You can do this! Just believe in yourself!" -Valentine

"I...don't believe this." -Graff

"This just doesn't feel right..." -Marion

"It was out of my control. My mind was telling me-I had to throw that sword." -Ender

"Does anyone here love Aurora? We all do, of course, know what I mean." -Marion

"I said I would. Because me and Aurora have been good friends, and sometimes I see her as, well...more..." -Caleb

"We'll be with you. You'll be ok." -Brigitta

"We're all tired. But we can't stop now." -Hermione


"CONCENTRATE! We're on a mission!" -Pi

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