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Mission #67- Where We're Going
Due to the team defeating him in Chicago, Andy had a few team members come out to his apartment for some testing- those team members being Black Widow, Brand, Rogue, Pi, Caleb, Captain America, Han, and Graff. After entering the apartment, the team was quickly sent to a world unknown...

The team members found themselves in front of a run down house somewhere in the USA. Corn fields- as well as dust- could be seen everywhere. With no where else to go, the team entered the house and found Hank, Aurora, and Christina. Caleb was pretty glad to see Aurora, but she didn't really care about anyone or anything except for a Morse code message she was deciphering. Other than that, everyone was very confused with their surroundings, but Brand told everyone to go along with it. A few days later, Han was trying to fix the TV, until a dust storm attacked. Hank went out to fix the car while everyone cleaned up. Later that night, Brand, Black Widow, Pi, and Rogue were looking at different stars and planets, specifically Saturn. The next day, Brand revealed that the team was leaving to go to space since Earth was not going to be able to support life for much later. A heartbroken Aurora tried chasing the truck when the rest of the team left, but failed. Caleb was just as sad, but let it all go. The group arrived at a futuristic NASA station, got ready, then prepared for take-off. The ship was soon off- a thrilling yet nauseating ride out of the planet. Finally, things started to lighten up- they were finally in space, and the view of Earth was fantastic. It was definitely going to be an interesting experience. Around 9 years later, the team finally reached their destination, the planet Saturn. Before entering the portal to the other galaxy, Black Widow opened up Skype and the team got to socialize briefly with some of the team members, who were pursuing their own lives out of the team. Finally, it was portal time. The ship entered, and it was a stomach wrenching, seat lurching ride through. The ship navigated itself to the first planet- Miller's planet. The ship landed on it, and it appeared to be completely made up of water. Nevertheless, Brand had some data to pick up. Black Widow spotted an "island" but soon realized that it was actually a gigantic wave- heading right for Brand. Everyone beckoned Brand back into the ship before it was too late, and she managed to collect some data. The next stop was Mann's planet, which was completely composed of ice and snow. Upon arrival, the team realized that they weren't alone. Brand went to the other ship, accompanied by everyone else, and realized that a familiar face was concealed behind a black bag- that of Leia's. Leia woke up, burst into tears, and apologized for everything. Apparently Andy had trapped her on the planet and she was looking for a place to hide. Leia decided to give Han a tour of what she had discovered, but Black Widow, Graff, and Pi were doubtful of everything. Meanwhile, Leia led Han behind a wall of ice and disconnected his oxygen tank. After Han and Leia hadn't returned for awhile, Brand decided to head out after him. Pi and Rogue volunteered too, but didn't travel with Brand. Leia made a narrow escape back to her ship, and Rogue and Pi had found Han. However, Pi fell into a ditch and couldn't get out. Rogue summoned Black Widow over, who had a rope handy. Pi was finally pulled out, and the team got out of Mann's planet, Leia trailing behind. They had reached space, and Leia's ship randomly blew up. Brand explained that she had to separate from the team, and after a teary goodbye, they were sent to Edmund's. It was a very confusing place, with a lot of flashbacks from the past. Caleb focused on Aurora's flashbacks, a lot of them including her Morse code message. A robot came over and asked them for the code, and after figuring it out, Caleb realized it read S.T.A.Y., which was the correct code. Captain America woke up and found himself in a hospital room. He wasn't sure how much time had passed, and couldn't recall anything after solving the code at Edmund's. He reunited with other team members, and they decided to visit Aurora. Aurora had grown very old, was on life support, and was going to die. Caleb thanked her for everything- she had created a station just outside of Saturn called Prior Station. Aurora died, and it was very emotional. The team met up with Hawkeye, who was also old. Then, Captain America was pulled aside and given a message from Brand. She had successfully found a planet that would support life. It was where they were going...

Pic 1: Post-dust storm. Pic 2: Brand waits as the ship takes off.
Pic 3: Bypassing Saturn. Pic 4: Brand recovers data from Miller's planet.
Quote Time
Quotes from this "interstellar" mission.
"Are we ready for this?" -Black Widow/Natasha

"Ready for action?" -Brand

"Amazing! Amazing stuff here!" -Brand

"Wow...let's DO THAT AGAIN!!!" -Pi

"S...T...A...Y...Stay..." -Caleb

"Brand...she could be anywhere. But for now, let's focus on where we're going." -Captain America/Steve

Black Widow: "So where are we going now?" Captain America: "Home. For real this time."

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