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Mission #53- Camp Crystal Lake
Black Widow was looking for a weekend to relax, so she sent most of the teens to a camp called Camp Crystal Lake--the group included Ferris, Ginny, Ron, Linden, Annie, Cherry, Erica, Christina, Tris, Hermione, Pi, Johanna, Fred, and George. Upon arrival, everyone wasn't too overwhelmed, because most of the other campers were pretty annoying and the cabins weren't in the best shape. But, it was slightly better than Camp Iwannnapeepee. The team settled in, and Linden was pretty irked by the fact that there wasn't a TV or any electronics...or electricity. The only kind of entertainment available was board games. Ginny decided to use the outhouse, only to meet tons of bugs. Apparently the camp hadn't been fully cleaned out. Ginny ran out screaming, batting away some bugs and was lead into the cabin by Cherry. Everyone decided that having some dinner would be a good idea, so they went to the cafeteria. The pizza served was actually exceptional. Ron noticed a camper staring at the team and at that point, most of the team members went back to the cabin. Tris was pulled aside by the camper, who introduced himself as Drake. He noticed the team members sitting alone and wanted to meet them at their cabin later that night. Tris agreed, and ran back to the cabin in the pouring rain. The team decided to play a game of Monopoly, and Cherry made a batch of Jiffy Pop. Meanwhile, Drake was leaving his cabin, only to see a female camper being strangled to death by something. Horrified, he hurried towards the cabin. Drake introduced himself, and everyone introduced themselves. Erica invited Drake to play Monopoly with them, but he just couldn't seem to focus. Drake finally admitted to seeing a girl get killed after Hermione heard another creepy scream, and told everyone that something like it happened last year. Hermione punched the glass screen to make sure if it was durable enough, but it wasn't. They were all prone to the mystery killer. Ferris--as well as pretty much everyone else--wanted to leave, badly. Cherry grabbed a rifle hanging on the wall, hoping it was loaded. Tris went outside to see what was going on, and heard an eerie scream. She stumbled towards the camp counselor's truck, the motor still running and headlights blaring. She knocked on the door, then peered inside, only to see the camp counselor dead and a Darcy's Diner bag soaked in red (Darcy's Diner is fictional). The camp counselor had a doomed midnight snack. A Jeep came riding into view, and a lady named Pam came running towards Tris, trying to calm her down. While trying to calm Tris, Pam pulled a machete out of her back pocket, revealing her true colors. Tris ran for the cafeteria, but was unfortunately hunted down by Pam. Pam knifed the closet door (Tris was in the closet) and almost stabbed Tris, but Tris whacked Pam in the face with a pan, knocking her out cold. Tris ran for a cabin that was filled with supplies. Meanwhile, the team plus Drake, who were getting worried about Tris, went outside to look for her. Annie handed flashlights out to everyone. Hermione looked around, seeing nothing. It was pretty ghostly in Camp Crystal Lake. Ginny saw a girl hanging from a ceiling, and Erica saw a boy with a slit throat. Cherry was suddenly grabbed and pulled down. Cherry managed to hit the mystery person in the face with the rifle and turned on her flashlight to reveal Pam. Giving Pam another whack, Cherry was slashed by the machete again. Erica was nearby, looking in cabins, until Pam came over and attacked her. Ferris announced that the Pambusters were coming, and Pam was really mad about that. Erica took a chance to flip Pam over. Pam, now even more furious, ran after Erica. Ferris hit Pam in the neck with his baseball bat when Pam ran by, but that didn't stop Pam. Pam stabbed Erica with the machete, bringing her down by knife. Hermione and Linden came together to try and attack Pam, allowing Drake to run and find Tris. Drake found Tris, and assured her everything would be okay, that they would find safety. While Tris and Drake were ready to have a final facedown with Pam, the rest of the team were leaving in the Jeep to find help, Hermione at the wheel. Tris and Drake ran to the docks, but were stopped short by Pam. Drake hit Pam in the stomach hard, but Pam banged Tris' head hard against the sand many times. Drake demanded that Tris get in the boat, and she finally stumbled inside. Tris, who was crying, was rowing away into the darkness, watching Drake run back into the camp. Tris woke up later, only to be pulled to shore by the police. She was also in a state of hysteria. Tris screamed in their face and was comforted by her brother Caleb. Captain America was almost certain that Pam was with Andy and his followers- right where she belonged.

Pic 1: Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake. Pic 2: Pam coming for Tris, in the closet. Pic 3: Tris in the boat the next morning, left devastated.

Quote Time
Quotes from this chilling mission.
"I don't know, but this camp is already weird." -Linden

"Hey, is there a party going on or something? What's that screaming?" -Hermione

"It...might not be safe to go out in the dark..." -Erica

"I suddenly want to leave...badly." -Ferris

"If we don't jump into action, we're gonna get killed." -Annie

"Come out, dearie!!!" -Pam

"It's like a graveyard here." -Hermione

"Who ya gonna call? PAMBUSTERS!!!" -Ferris

"Yeah! Go Pambusters!" -Pi

"Bustin' makes me feel good." -Ferris


"This is one Halloween trick we'll never forget." -Captain America/Steve

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