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Mission #57- Rudy's Big Game
One fall morning, everyone was wearing Notre Dame spirit wear, but not for any old reason--they were going to a Notre Dame game, where Rudy would be playing. Marty, Black Widow, Captain America, Cherry, Ender, Valentine, Ferris, Graff, Vera, Samantha, Al, Mary Ann, Hermione, Tris, Erica, Rue, Johanna, Bill, Christina, Han, Brody, and Bill Marks were all at the table, ready to go. Marty gave Rudy some "encouragements" before they left, but Rudy didn't feel too well. He threw up in the sink, and Cherry didn't think it would be a good idea to play. Rudy said he needed to "prove himself" to everyone else, and Captain America/Steve agreed. Shortly after, everyone went into the overheated bus, Mary Ann at the wheel. They got caught in a traffic jam, and that's when everyone traditionally started to accuse Rudy of not cleaning the bus. Rudy made up an excuse that he was busy, which nobody believed, of course. The team finally arrived at the South Bend exit, but the traffic was endless. Finally, after around 5 minutes of driving around the parking lot, the team found a place to tailgate. Everyone started spraypainting the bus in blue and gold with Notre Dame stuff, Rudy's name, and Rudy's number. Everyone was starting to get annoyed with Vera because she wouldn't give anyone else a chance with the paints and kept making graffiti art instead of spirit stuff. Steve hauled out the grill so Brody could cook his signature burgers. Brody went around, asking everyone what kind of burgers they wanted, and Vera said she wanted a rare burger. Tris gave Brody the meat and told him to make them well. Vera was starting to embarrass everyone by spraypainting with her feet, and Tris told Brody to burn Vera's burger, which he did, respectively. Steve marched over to Vera, grabbing the spraypaints from her feet. To his horror, he realized she had ruined the bus with her graffiti art. Vera could've cared less and took a bite out of the burnt burger, which was a big disappointment to her because she started whining. Brody wouldn't make her a good one until she acted more mature, and Tris said she deserved it after the screwy job done on the bus. As a punishment, Vera was sent into the bus--right on Rudy, who was changing for the game. Meanwhile, outside of the bus, Captain America was challenged to eat Vera's burger. CA took the challenge, but it wasn't over--would he survive the game without puking? The bet was on, and CA promised Han and Leia a trip to Rome if he did puke. Later, Hawkeye, a new good guy, showed up. Afterwards, the big game was about to begin, Notre Dame against USC--and Vera wasn't allowed out of the bus. Everyone went into the stadium, got tons of stuff from the concessions stand, and went to their seats. The football team ran out, and some of the team cheered for Rudy. A few minutes into the game, some people sitting behind the team were becoming major disturbances. They kept kicking their seats and even kicking some of the team as well. It was getting hard to enjoy the game. Tris, who was eating popcorn and watching the game, was kicked to the ground and her popcorn went flying all the way down to the sidelines. Unfortunately for Tris, she was kicked again in the face by a muddy hiker's boot and got a bloody nose. Ender yelled at the person, defending Tris, and ended up getting kicked pretty hard in the head. Brody got up to get some more food and ended up being kicked down 2 rows. Some cameras zoomed in on Brody, and Rudy, who was on the field, saw it all happening. Tris, who had enough, grabbed Black Widow's tray of nachos and threw it at someone. Black Widow got up to get more nachos and saw some familiar people-former team members Elise and Percy. She reported the news to Steve, and a new TV ally, Elsa from the show Once Upon a Time, arrived. The mystery kicker, who ended up being Marvel, tried to kick Tris again, but she told him to kick Andy instead. Donovan poured scorching nacho cheese sauce down Tris's neck, and Ender defended Tris by splashing piping hot cocoa on some of the baddies. To top it all off, Christina chucked a popcorn tub at Donovan, but ended up getting nacho cheese in her hair. Steve, who had had enough, told everyone, baddies included that they had come to watch Rudy play, and Elsa agreed. It was getting extremely hard to watch the game, and USC was beating Notre Dame by 14 points. Steve decided to get a bunch of spirit stuff to get people back in focus, which worked. Notre Dame got a touchdown, and Notre Dame team members could be heard chanting Rudy's name, slowly but surely. Pretty soon, the entire stands were chanting his name, some people not sure who or what they were chanting for, but doing it anyways. A Notre Dame football player was heading for the end zone, but dropped the ball right there. It was Rudy's chance. He ran to the end zone, grabbed the ball, and got a touchdown, giving Notre Dame the points they needed to win. Rudy's teammates ran over and picked him up, carrying him off the field. It was definitely a victory he wouldn't forget.

Quote Time
Quotes from this winner of a mission.
"Did somebody say "game day"?" -Ferris

"You know, I wanted to sleep in this morning, but I felt like supporting my ol' pal Rudy on his big day." -Marty

"I have to win this. I have to prove myself. To my team, my friends, Andy, even. That I'm not a wimp. That I shouldn't be ignored." -Rudy

"Let's deck out this bus with Fighting Irish spirit." -Captain America/Steve

"Let him cook his meat well." -Han

"I like my meat nice 'n RARE!!!" -Vera

"I know my burgers." -Brody

"Hey, if you want to kick someone, go kick Andy in the nuts for me." -Tris

"Hey! Why did you throw a hot chocolate top at my Marvy-poo?" -Glimmer

"We paid money to watch Rudy play, not kick people off their seats and throw food around. So here's some sage advice: Keep your hands and feet to yourselves, eat your dang food, and watch the game. Or else, you're going in the bus with Vera. And it isn't toasty." -Captain America/Steve

"If you want your butts frozen to the bleachers, I can make that happen." -Elsa

"If Notre Dame loses this game, we won't be seeing Rudy for another month." -Captain America/Steve

Mission #58: Clues

Good times were back again after Rudy's big victory in the last mission. Everything was pretty much normal. Rudy went to the local Walmart to get some groceries, feeling pretty certain that nothing would happen. Han treated Samantha, Leia, Ender, Valentine, Brody, Wolverine, and Erica to a trip to Friendly's, feeling friendly himself. Everyone got in Han's truck, Leia in shotgun, Brody and Wolverine on the car roof, and the rest in the back.
Rudy turned into the local gas station that was close to the house. That gas station held some bad memories, but Rudy could care less. After filling up the car and paying for it, Rudy headed back into the car, but was suddenly pulled into a sleek station wagon. Rudy then felt himself sitting in the backseat of the station wagon and found out that he was in Andy's car. Andy told Justin to take Rudy's car, and they were off to Andy's new and improved Warehouse.
For the most part, the drive was uneventful. Andy talked to random people on his walkie-talkie, and Rudy took a nap at his own risk. But once the Warehouse came into view, Andy started to talk to Rudy. Andy told Rudy that he was going to interrogate Rudy and reveal to him some secrets that were to be kept a secret from everyone, or else. Andy also promised Rudy VIP treatment and a friendship of sorts, a first for Rudy.
Back at the house, people were starting to worry. Rudy had been gone for around 5 hours, and he was only going to Walmart and getting gas, or so he said. It was getting late, and it was getting dark. The team members could only hope for Rudy to return at this rate.
Andy and Rudy were having a one-on-one conversation. Andy revealed his secret to Rudy, mostly complaining about how people hated him, that they were "rebelling against him", and all that stuff. So Andy had a plan. He was going to rebel against those who were "rebelling" against him (or people who didn't follow him). This would include the entire team, even Rudy. The last thing Andy revealed was that it would effect everyone, and that a major clue to it all would be "bridge".
Rudy was confused about the whole thing. It didn't make sense, it wasn't fair, and bridge didn't mean anything, at least not to him. Rudy would worry about that later though. At that moment, it was time to escape. Grabbing a crowbar, Rudy cracked the window open and freed himself. Rudy fled into the forest, and alarms rang throughout-a new and improved security system. Guards ran after Rudy, but were unsuccessful in finding him. As they were turning back to go to the Warehouse, Rudy knocked them out and put on security gear. He grabbed their keys, and then escaped with one of the Warehouse Jeeps. Rudy had made it home safely, but he wasn't sure if he should tell Black Widow about the plan. Andy had told him to keep it a secret, but it couldn't be kept a secret once he stepped inside of the house. And he was right. Black Widow made him tell, or else they couldn't accept him as a team member. And Rudy was fine with telling them. It was a good thing all around. It wasn't too late to find out what "bridge" really meant...

Quote Time
Quotes from this mystery mission.

"Hey, who wants to go to Friendly's? My treat!" -Han

"Well, we're in for a Rudy free night, I guess. Let's celebrate." -Marty

"We've got our weapons loaded and our trucks ready to go, to invade. It's gonna be a national problem. You'll soon find out, Rudy. One last word: bridge."-Andy

Clouseau: "But the Warehouse was blun up!" Cato: "Blun up??" Clouseau: "BLUN!! I SAID BLUN!!" Cato: "Ohhh, blun!" Spock: "You mean blown-" Clouseau:"THAT IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING!!"

"Andy told me a secret...and he told me not to tell." -Rudy

"Anything involving Andy has to be revealed to us." -Hermione

"It's weird. A rebellion within a rebellion. It's crafty, I guess. But it's just complicated and weird. After all Andy has done, isn't he satisfied enough?" -Rudy

"I kick out anyone who follows Andy, no matter what." -Black Widow/Natasha

"I know this might sound odd, but while we were at the game, Donovan and Vogel whispered in my ear saying, 'soon everything will go according to the plan'." -Han

"it's up to us to solve this puzzle, before it's too late." -Hermione

"We can't let other people suffer because of us." -Han

"I have to figure out how to stop this before it can begin." -Black Widow/Natasha

"I think we have some time on our hands. It could happen now, but the chances are low. We all know it's coming soon though. We'll have to get out and fight again. But for now, we'll eat, sleep, drink, talk, and laugh just as others are doing. And it's not too late for that." -Hermione

Mission #59:Recruits

The team was in for a night of fun. Al was watching football, Ender, Graff, and Han were gaming on the PS3, Marion was making her famous nachos, and everyone else was just relaxing and having a good time.
...until there was a knock on the door.
Samantha opened the door, just expecting some pranks. But no, they were 2 people who wanted to work for Black Widow. Who were they?
Amy. 16 years old. A cello extrordinare and fanatic.
Ashton. Piano prodigy, Amy's sister, also 16.
Both lived off the streets, playing instruments for money. Both were spies on Black Widow's side. And they just came to help out.
The siblings nervously entered the house. Ashton got along fine with Erica, and joined her and Katniss for a game of Teen Titans on the ancient PS2. During this time, Ashton got to know Erica quite well, and they became friends in no time.
It took Amy longer to make friends, but she still had her trusty cello. Upstairs, Aurora and Caleb were wrapping up a checkers game when Caleb heard the beautiful cello music. Unsure of who was playing the cello, Caleb went to go see who it was, only to meet Amy. Aurora left, not feeling so sure about Amy. Later on, they were heard singing together. Nobody had ever heard Caleb sing. Ever.
In the other room, most everyone was going video game crazy. Ashton obviously needed a break from video games, as he had bloodshot eyes and was getting really zoned out. The team had a delicious dinner of nachos with the new recruits, and they finally felt like part of the team.
The next night, the team threw a party to celebrate their entrance into the team. the new couples seemed to be bonding more than ever. Ashton got to know a little more about Erica's struggles as a Chosen One, and some of her favorite things. Amy and Caleb were already getting too close and shared a kiss, being loud enough for the wrong person to hear: Aurora, who was hiding out in the bathroom the whole time. Aurora was hurt, but most of all mad. Caleb had turned on her, and she thought she could trust in him and that he was a friend or maybe more than that. Caleb was just annoyed and ordered her out, but Aurora wouldn't allow that. She threw a punch at him and ran out of the room. Ender discovered her and comforted her. As he was getting an ice cold glass of water, he noticed Amy playing her dear cello with her heart and soul. Ender got a bit of rage, and he and Aurora got to business. Ender cracked her bow and Aurora threw her to the ground, knocking her stool on her for good measure. For the grand finale, Ender smashed Amy's cello to the ground in pieces. Before they could celebrate in their victory, Caleb was there and bodyslammed Ender. Valentine arrived and tried to get Caleb to stop, and Aurora knocked Caleb out with a spare cane. Ender and Aurora fled upstairs, where Ender had a rage fit. After that fiasco, everyone went into chaos. Johanna was just sick and tired of everyone's drama. Erica, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Tris got in a debate about the new recruits, who were having a bad effect on the team. Graff had problems of his own and was trying to fix the TV, which was close to breaking. This was because Bill Marks had been pushed into the TV.
The following evening, Erica, Caleb, Amy, and Ashton made reservations at a fancy Italian restaurant called "Little Italiano's". They invited some team members along, which included Captain America, Hermione, Samantha, Tris, Leia, Han, Bill Marks, Frodo, Elsa, Johanna, Bill, and Al. Captain America drove everyone to Little Italiano's, and once they got there, they found out that reservations had only been made for the couples, not the rest. Everyone else had to wait for an extra 30 minutes before they were seated. Gollum from Lord of the Rings made a surprise visit, hissing "tricksies!" Once seated, things had gotten off to a bad start. The foursome were trying hard to annoy everyone else, and Ashton got spit on some team members. A loud belch was heard, and Caleb made fun of Elsa by saying her spaghetti was frozen. Han noticed that there were mushrooms on his pizza, much to his distaste. Back at the house, Graff was preparing a delicious feast. Han told Hermione, and soon word spread across the table. Everyone decided they would rather eat Graff's mouthwatering feast than the gross food at Little Italiano's. But the fun wasn't over. Johanna threw a meatball at Caleb for Elsa, and Bill Marks found out that Amy's dandruff was on his pasta. Angered by this, Bill dumped it onto Amy. The other Bill found a year-old sandwich in his overalls and gave it to Johanna to launch at Ashton's face. By this time, Erica had enough. Once Erica was done speaking, her former boyfriend Frodo threw a hunk of blue cheese at her. Erica stormed out of the restaurant, and Ashton, Amy, and Caleb were left at Little Italiano's. They got back to the house, where Graff's feast awaited. Everyone settled in. Erica made her way back to the house on foot. Rudy turned on the TV and an important news report came on. The nation was under attack, and it all started in New York City. Things were about to happen in Chicago that night too, and the team lived near Chicago. Everyone gathered around and had an idea on what was going on-Andy's rebellion that Rudy was told about by Andy himself. Before they could get more information, the TV collapsed and shattered, broken for good. The team had been left to do all the rest by ear. Black Widow quickly made plans to send people off to the army base. It was time for the battle to begin...

Quote Time
Quotes from this drama bomb of a mission.

"HUMMA!!!!!" -Al

"I mean, we spy for people, battle for people...y'know, that sort of thing." -Ashton

"Welcome to our group. We could sure use you guys." -Black Widow/Natasha

"You know, I thought I could confide in you. I thought we were friends, maybe more than that. But I guess not." -Aurora

"It's a rough day for some, I've noticed." -Hermione

"You know what? You need to keep to yourself when it comes to other people's friendships." -Ender

"I live off this thing, you jerk!" -Amy

"Don't call Ender a jerk. Don't call ANYONE a jerk." -Aurora

"Here. Try living without this thing." -Ender



"If you want to be in the limelight this bad, you can get out. I don't care about your talents or your skills. It's about how you react with my team. Got that?!" -Black Widow/Natasha

"If you can't handle your relationships, you might as well get out. Just...let it go." -Elsa

"I'm the team leader, and these are my rules. If anyone here can't handle them, they can't handle being apart of my team. And that's final." -Black Widow

"There's more to a relationship than you think." -Tris

"Nobody can control who is together. Just leave the loved ones alone." -Hawkeye

"Stay out of Caleb, Amy, Ashton, and my business." -Erica

"I don't like either of you, Amy or your brother. Just stay out of my way." -Hawkeye

"Well, if you're going to leave someone behind, my advice is to let them know before you do. Because letting them find out for themselves can hurt." -Tris

"This really isn't fair...they tricked us!" -Frodo

"Just ignore them, they're looking for some attention." -Hermione

"HEY!!!!! SAY IT, DON'T SPRAY IT!!!" -Al

"I can't eat this..." -Han

"I think there's dandruff on my pasta..." -Bill Marks

"Hey...I actually like mushrooms...but I'm not eatin' em because you touched them." -Caleb

"I'd much rather Graff prepared a feast for us. Dandruff and spit free." -Tris

"This your dandruff? Take it back." -Bill Marks

"Amy, that pasta's not covered in Parmesan cheese...and it's lookin sort of flaky." -Tris

"I don't know what's wrong with you guys, but didn't you hear what Hawkeye said earlier? We should ignore "the lovers". All I was trying to do was have a good day with the new recruits, but you have been spoiling EVERYTHING. And I thank you so much for trying to ruin our lives." -Erica

"Don't drag Hawkeye into this please. He only said that because it seems like since these two new kids came in, you and Caleb have been nothing but disrespectful. I'm trying to be civil here, but obviously Amy and Ashton are too immature to be in our group and keep their faces out of our business." -Han

"This is why I stay out of relationships." -Bill Marks

"I have a funny feeling about all of this." -Richie

"It all comes together now..." -Erica

"I'm going, and whoever's brave enough to come can come. It's just gonna be risky, and only the bravest can come." -Black Widow/Natasha

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