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Mission #70: On a Slightly Different Note
It was a regular, peaceful day at the house. Beethoven was playing the piano, Prim and Aurora were sewing, the kids were playing, and Black Widow was looking out the window, snooping on the neighborhood. No worries were to be had, for Andy was presumed dead. However, Black Widow had been noticing a familiar car that had driven around the house almost 10 times over. Then, she noticed a familiar silhouette: that belonging to Justin. Nobody was really concerned, since Andy's reign had declined since Erica's death. Beethoven pointed out that Bieber had parked the car in their driveway, making a dent in the team van- fabulous! The obnoxious baddies, backed up by soldiers, busted in and seized Black Widow, Ender, Liesel, Prim, Aurora, Indiana Jones, Shorty, Cosette, Klaus, Maria, Fagin, Henry Sr., Beethoven, the Dodge, Bill, and Brody. Consequently, the team was smashed in the car with the Careers and popstar baddies. Soon, everyone arrived at the apartment to realize that Andy was back, and they were sent away into one of his specially crafted tests...
The team found themselves standing around in Salzburg, Austria sometime in the late 1930s. Standing around for awhile, they weren't sure what to do, until Maria led everyone to the VonTrapp residence. Once given permission, Captain VonTrapp allowed everyone to stay at his house. Beethoven could see that Maria and Captain were fond of each other, and began to feel jealous. During the period of time they were staying with the VonTrapps, Maria entertained the children with fun activities, however, it was getting more and more obvious that the Captain favored Maria. One night, Beethoven accidently saw Maria and Captain VonTrapp share a kiss, and was infuriated. His fit of rage caused many team members a sleepless night. A day or so later, Beethoven was still angry, but there was worse news: the Captain was asked to join the German Navy, and Austria had been taken over by Germany. The VonTrapps and everyone else had to escape quickly to avoid being caught. After performing at the Salzburg Festival, the team was ready to begin their escape. They hid out at a cemetery in the abbey, trying to remain quiet. Unfortunately, everyone was caught red-handed and forced to stay in a concentration camp. Everyone knew that they were doomed. Slowly but surely, almost everyone was eliminated from the test except for Beethoven, Maria, and the Captain. A Nazi was beating Maria to death, until Beethoven squirted him in the face with his ink pen. Beethoven kissed Maria and directed her to run while she had the chance. Maria, not daring to look back, ran off. Eventually, she and the rest of the VonTrapps were walking towards freedom to the Alps.
While everyone else was waiting outside of the apartment, Maria and Beethoven had just escaped the test. Maria had finished the entire test, which was truly something to be proud of. Moreover, Maria had become more appreciative of Beethoven, who asked for her hand in marriage, and she agreed. Weeks later, Beethoven and Maria's wedding had taken place and happy times were back once again. After some cherished moments with the team, Maria and Beethoven entered a car with "Just Married" spraypainted on the back. During the drive, the car had gotten some flat tires. The rest of the team offered to help, but Beethoven volunteered to check things out. While doing so, Justin's Lamborghini drove by, a huge gun sticking out of the window. The car - with Maria inside - was shot at many times. Beethoven figured everything was okay, and went back into the car to discover that Maria had been shot in the head. Devastated, Beethoven held Maria close as she died. Yet, she wasn't truly dead. The memory of Beethoven's Immortal Beloved would live on through everything she had loved.

Pic 1: Welcome to Salzburg Pic 2: Liesel listens to an enraged Beethoven. Pic 3: Beethoven wonders why Maria doesn't love him.
Pic 4: Maria in her wedding gown. Pic 5: The hills are alive: RIP Maria.

Quote Time
Quotes from this musical mission
"I swear, one more time and I'll face him myself..." -Aurora

"I got 99 problems and you guys are ALL of them!" -Ariana Grande

"Ugh...I'm surrounded by BUTTHEADS!" -Artful Dodger

"It's rainin' Funyuns!" -Marvel

"Rap rap rip pity rip rap rappity rip rip rappity rap rap rappy. Rap is cool. Rap is life. I need to get Andy more knives. Oh, rap, rap, rappity rap. It can be about some things, it can be about nothin'! Oh rap, rap, I love you so. Rap, rap...guys, I need to GO..." -Justin

"You should be excited...because I'M BACK!!" -Andy

"You limacious Neanderthal!" -Beethoven

"...When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling's good to remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad!" -Maria

"So it's you and Captain then? Figures. Of course, Beethoven, who has shown you great support through the years, isn't good enough for he?" -Beethoven

"We're doomed!" -Shorty

"In this life, one thing the bank, large amounts!" -Fagin

"Maria, my Immortal Beloved...will you marry me?" -Beethoven

"No, no...she still lives. She still lives where she is loved...she still lives in our hearts, our souls...she still lives in the Abbey, where the nuns sing their hymns...she still lives with the VonTrapp family, where the children practice their music every day...she still lives in the hills of Austria...she is alive whenever the hills are alive with the sound of music." -Beethoven

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