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Mission #60- Season Finale- Bridge
In Mission #58, the clue Andy gave Rudy was "bridge", and after seeing some breaking news on the TV about Andy's rebellion, the team knew they had to get out fast. After many tearful/heartbreaking goodbyes, some of the team had left, except Black Widow, Captain America, Katniss, Prim, Erica, Christina, Tris, Elsa, Han, Brody, Graff, Ender, Brigitta, Buttercup, Lavender, Harry, Richie, Caleb, Rudy, Frodo, Hawkeye, Aurora, Amy and Ashton, the new recruits, and returning team members, Albert and Clinch. Meanwhile, the remainder of the team was sent off to Honolulu, Hawaii (it was later revealed that Dorothy, Charlie, and Yoda didn't make it and left). The team was planning on driving to Black Widow's northern resort in Michigan, where safety was guaranteed. After packing up supplies and everything that was needed for the long haul, the team headed for Michigan. While driving through Chicago that morning, everyone noticed that it was completely shut down. The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful, and they decided to stop in Detroit to get some rest in the Marriot hotel. After all, it was their chance to pick up some more supplies. Christina, Ender, Johanna, Captain America, and Aurora grabbed some weapons and raided a vending machine, having a surplus of great food for the rest of the trip. Night was falling, and the team started to crash. It was a very uncomfortable night- Steve kept turning the heat/fan on and off, and eventually turned it on cold, sending an artic blast throughout the room. Amy and Caleb, who were together, were kissing and Amy kicked Brody in the face. Aurora was bothered by the kissing, Ender didn't have enough covers, and Andy found his time to target people. Black Widow arose at 4 AM, bright and early, the rest of the team following suit. Black Widow looked out the window and saw some plain white semis, where the followers were in. They made a narrow escape from the hotel, but weren't on the road yet- Steve got them lost in Corktown, a nearby town, before getting on the road. After 15 minutes, the team spotted the followers, who were already going to work. A nearby mall exploded. 20 minutes later, new characters, Anna, Jonas, Brand, and Raven/Mystique entered the van. Brand was safely strapped to the back of the van, and right after that, a baseball Ferris wheel from Comerica Park soared through the sky and right down in front of the van. That wasn't all- a theater/mall close by blew up, sending debris everywhere. Captain America managed to steer the car away from the mess. Later on that night, while everyone was asleep, Black Widow was driving. Looking in the rearview mirror, she saw something horrifying- a white semi truck filled with followers. Black Widow swerved the car off-road, driving recklessly through a forest. Everyone was surprised and scared, and Black Widow explained everything. After getting back on the road, they finally arrived at the northern resort in the early hours of the morning. After 1 1/2 days later, everyone woke up. Frodo and Elsa made everyone a dinner of rice and macaroni and cheese, and everyone played Twister afterwards. Before going to bed, Amy asked Aurora if they could be friends- they had been pretty wary of each other since last mission's happenings. Aurora agreed, but hesitantly. The next morning, Black Widow and the rest were off to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, certain that refuge would be in store for them. Black Widow soon encountered a sudden traffic jam, which didn't seem too major- until Captain America witnessed a car being picked up by a crane and tossed into the lake. There was no way out. Traffic was backed up for miles, and semi trucks were in the rear. Everyone grabbed any weapon they could find. After the family right in front of them were gunned down, Black Widow drove up to the guards, who, without question, opened all car doors open and forced the team out. The team were thrown violently out of the car, and Black Widow screamed for cars behind them to turn around, if at all possible. Most of the team made a run for the Mackinac Bridge in the distance, and Black Widow found Mystique, asking her to find the van and drive it off somewhere. Meanwhile, Prim was in the van, preparing to drive it. Suddenly, Andy approached her, and Prim demanded that he get out, shooting him out of the van. Prim speeded across the bridge, where battling was going on, and picked up team members who were weak, wounded, or not even prepared to fight. Katniss saw Andy, and demanded he tell her where Prim was. Andy gave her a few key clues, and Katniss threatened to kill him, but didn't. Meanwhile, most of the team was separated, but managed to find one of their fellow teammates to battle with. Tris, who was alone, stationed herself at a bridge tower. Black Widow, Captain, Graff, and Han carried an injured Hawkeye to the van. Black Widow noticed her Uncle Peter (fictional character), and they reunited. Later on that day, Richie saw a crane driving around and was determined to get inside. He had a tassle with the driver, and eventually shot him down. Richie and Harry took the truck together, getting rid of many guards. Meanwhile, Ashton was fighting off guards with his martial arts skills and wasn't really paying attention to the truck Richie was driving, which was driving close by. Many team members warned him, but he didn't get the notion in time- to Richie's horror, blood splattered the window. Ashton was crushed dead in seconds. A hysterical Erica grabbed his hand, not ready for him to go. Richie, in a state of trauma, drove away to Castle Rock, located in the Upper Peninsula. Han, who had been contacted by Andy nearly the whole time, threatened to kill himself. Black Widow tried to stop him, reminding him of Leia. After going too crazy, Black Widow held up her gun. It was revealed that Leia was pregnant- with twins and was expecting soon. Han, who wasn't emotionally stable to fight, was carried to the van by Black Widow, Graff, and Brody. Hawkeye, who was wandering around, couldn't stop staring at Black Widow. Captain America, who was pretty jealous, couldn't help but rudely comment. After being badgered by CA, Hawkeye revealed his true feelings for Black Widow. Black Widow, not sure what to do about the situation, ran off to battle, but was shot soon after in the arm. After getting to the car and being cared for by Prim and Elsa, Black Widow insisted that they call Leia via Skype, who wasn't doing so well. Brigitta and Han were affected the most by the call. Meanwhile, Ender had gathered a small team- Aurora, Frodo, and Jonas. They were killing off guards, but they had one problem- Amy, who kept running in their way. When the coast was clear, Ender shot off the gun. Amy had gotten back in the way and was killed by Ender, who felt horrible. He ran to the lake shore and didn't return for the rest of the battle. Black Widow escaped the van, dealt with some more Han drama, and found her uncle. They battled together, and Uncle Peter promised to visit soon on Wednesday- until he was suddenly shot. Black Widow, shocked and saddened, yelled with hysteria for her uncle, but he was dead. Black Widow ran across the bridge, and didn't stop for awhile. Jonas returned to the van, reporting that there weren't many guards left and that Ender had escaped. Ender was actually returning, and was brought back by Graff. Prim rounded everyone into the van (except for Han), and they drove to Castle Rock in search for Richie. Captain America suddenly had a mean streak to him and was insulting Black Widow and Hawkeye all the way to Castle Rock. Upon arrival, Brody gave an inspiring speech about the team, and some team members proceeded to the Rock. When everyone reached the top, they saw an insane Richie, who couldn't seem to heal from the accident. Rudy promised that Richie would heal, and everyone would help him. Han, who was meanwhile being controlled by Andy, was okay- finally. Graff was now being controlled, and shot Hawkeye 2 times. Explosions were heard, and the rock teetered. Black Widow, having enough with the drama, shot Graff. The rock was shaking more violently than ever, and Erica tried to snap Graff out of it. Albert ran out, stopping Graff, and told Erica to go. Graff shot Albert, who fell to his death. A rock boulder split the ramp in half, and everyone made a run for it. Graff wasn't seen again. Black Widow headed back for the bridge, and tried to ignore the dead bodies she was driving over. A final blast sent the car skidding, and Caleb shielded Aurora from the blow. Shortly afterwards, everyone was allowed to get out of the van for a breather, and Caleb told Aurora he was always really her friend but got too caught up with Amy. The two were friends once again. Everyone got back in the van, and they were ready to go home. The battle had been won, but it was only one of many battles that were to come.

Pic 1: Chicago- shut down. Pic 2: Black Widow surveys the scene after being pulled out of the van
Pic 3: Katniss taking a chance at shooting Andy. Pic 4: Approaching Castle Rock.
Pic 5: The battle is won.

Quote Time
Quotes from this awesome season finale
"Wow...I've never seen anything like this.." -Katniss

"By the way, I claim the bed you're on, so get off." -Johanna

"Step aside, Buttless." -Johanna

"Watch it pal. I trained with Dauntless." -Christina

"Get over yourselves. We're all a team. We should all be friends. If we're going to be enemies, then someone needs to go." -Aurora

"If anyone touches this basket without my or Black Widow's permission, their hand gets chopped off." -Captain America/Steve

"You know, I don't think it would be very smart to go to Dunkin Donuts when Andy and friends are on our tail." -Captain America/Steve

"Oh SHUDDAP!" -Johanna

"I'd rather save someone else's life than my own." -Tris


"I could have shot Andy. I could have. And I let him get away." -Katniss

"This is the end...I guess." -Han

"I like risky." -Black Widow/Natasha

"She's beautiful, talented, wonderful, and one of the best leaders I have ever met." -Hawkeye (referring to Natasha)

"Don't forget- I'm still planning on coming on Wednesday. Mark it down...on your calendar..." -Uncle Peter's last words

"I think I've had my fill of Andy's massacres for awhile, thank you." -Captain America/Steve

"Everyone has a story to tell from today, and they aren't good ones." -Black Widow/Natasha

"I know we've all had our bad days, but it's worse to fall apart." -Hawkeye

"We've experienced everything today. Pain, suffering, loss, love...I could go on forever maybe. It's been an emotional and difficult day. But we'll get through it, as usual. -Brand

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