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Mission #74:Chosen Ones or Captured

It was about noon when Black Widow was doing research on Andy. As usual, the team was hanging around the house; Captain America was mixing a stir fry, Han, Tris, and Brody were repairing a new boat that they just bought, Aurora was cooking soup, Harry was talking with Ginny, and Katniss was just hanging around and watching. BW noticed that the computer was acting weird (it was too slow, and different files popped up at random). A big icon appeared on the screen suddenly; when Black Widow's clicked it, her computer froze and a message was displayed. On the screen, a skull icon appeared that turned into BW's face and laughed creepily. BW, CA, and Katniss watched as the screen then went black and the white words "NOT SUCH A CLEVER LITTLE NATASHA, EH?" popped up on the screen. Then...KABOOOM!!!!! All of the team except Tris, Han, and Brody (who were outside) fell down when the computer-and part of the house-exploded. A helicopter came down out of nowhere, and Andy and some of his soldiers arrived. Andy's soldiers then captured all the Chosen Ones, and Andy, his soldiers, and the Chosen Ones went to the Warehouse via some of Andy's Jeeps (which just arrived, of course). The rest of the team was left devastated.
Upon reaching the Warehouse, the Chosen Ones were taken out of the Jeeps and forced to follow Andy through some corridors of the giant building. Katniss demanded to know who hacked into BW's computer; Andy showed her the answer by taking her and the rest of the Chosen Ones into a room full of computers and electronics. Andy introduced the Chosen Ones to his newest Baddie, Silva, the villain from the James Bond movie Skyfall. Katniss quickly recognized Silva and whispered to the Chosen Ones about how she knew about him during the dawn of the Movie Alliance.
Agatha and Dante arrived and shoved all the Chosen Ones into dentist chairs just like the ones from the apartment. Andy ordered Silva to run some tests on the Chosen Ones, and Silva consented, quickly getting to work on his computers while Agatha and Dante plunged syringes into the Chosen Ones' necks. Andy told Silva that he planned to make the landscape in the simulation so difficult that it'll drive the Chosen Ones insane and turn them evil. Then Ender, Rudy, Valentine, Harry, Ginny, Aurora, Katniss, Prim, Han, Brody, Jonas, and Cherry's minds were whisked away into another world...
The Chosen Ones found themselves staring at the aftermath of Mission #30:Conspiracy. They trudged through the ashes of the original Warehouse and saw their fellow team members struggling to recover from everything; however, unlike in Mission #30, the team rejected the Chosen Ones for unknown reasons and treated them with hate. Feeling betrayed, the Chosen Ones began to indeed lose their sanity. Harry was rejected by Ron, Bilbo was ignored by Frodo, and Tris treated Brody very coldly. At one point, Katniss tried to help the simulation version of Peeta recover, but he brutally attacked her and the other Chosen Ones had to save her. Katniss tried to ask why Peeta hurt her, but Prim, realizing something, came over and advised Katniss to let Peeta go, for none of this was real. Then all the Chosen Ones gained awareness and realized that they were in a simulation-they did something normal members of Black Widow's Army could never do. Due to their awareness, all the Chosen Ones used their willpower to wake up from the simulation.
As soon as they woke up, Andy gave them a message. He told them that Black Widow was going to betray the team shortly. The Chosen Ones stubbornly refused to believe that would happen. Andy's minions then dragged the Chosen Ones into the dungeons; while staying there, they heard some of the dumber Baddies arguing upstairs and couldn't help but laugh at the disputes. Eventually, Bilbo explained to the rest of the Chosen Ones that some of them had to escape, but not all of them could come-that would be too obvious. The Chosen Ones then plotted among each other, choosing who will go and who will stay.
Later, at night, it was time for some of the Chosen Ones to leave. As the ones who were going to leave (Bilbo, Harry, Ginny, and Prim) attempted to escape, a mysterious figure crept into the dungeons and helped them exit the dungeons. She revealed herself to be Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, a superheroine from The Avengers: Age of Ultron as well as a new member of Black Widow's Army. With the help of Scarlet Witch, the four Chosen Ones made it safely back to the house. It was still night; a wide awake Black Widow and a half asleep Captain America greeted the five team members and let them into the house. Just then, some team members (Fred, George, Luna, Petra, Spock, and Christina) came out of nowhere and reported that they had to leave the team. Black Widow emotionlessly said goodbye and let the former team members go. Captain America demanded to know why Black Widow was being so cold...but the only reply he got was a dark stare from Black Widow.

Pic 1: Meet Silva, Andy's newest ally.
Pic 2: Prim in the jail cell.
Pic 3: Bilbo, determined to come up with a game plan.

Quote Time
Quotes from this mysterious mission

"NOT SUCH A CLEVER LITTLE NATASHA, EH?" -Silva's message displayed on Black Widow's computer

"Hello, Natasha. I have spoiled your fun yet again, hahaha...isn't that so?" -Andy

Katniss:"Who hacked into Black Widow's computer? It has some of the best security on it. Hacking it is virtually impossible." Andy:"Oh, you'll see. You'll ALL see who hacked into your computer."

Silva:"So these are who you were after? These? They're only children!" Bilbo:"Er, excuse me?" Andy:"Andy:Yes, but they are very...special children. You'll see, Silva-it'll be worthwhile."

"Back when I first joined the Movie Alliance and the Armies were being formed, Silva was causing a lot of trouble, specifically for a member of another Army called James Bond. I originally trained with James Bond when I signed up to become a member of the Movie Alliance Armies and he taught me about some of his enemies, specifically Silva. After Andy rose into power, Silva vanished, but it looks like Silva has now joined Andy's baddie team." -Katniss' story about Silva

"I'm initializing the simulation...aaand...everyone's connected. Simulation initialized. Boom. Done. Easy." -Silva

"Let's see how they handle betrayal..." -Andy

"I figured if I get Natasha to betray the group, then the entire team will go insane...but in order to carry out my plans, I must see how they face this. Just think...if the leader is gone, then who would lead that puny team?! We'd never have to see them again...they'd be totally lost." -Andy

"Frodo, my boy! Come back!" -Bilbo

Katniss:"Peeta...Peeta, why did...??" Prim:"Katniss...don't." Katniss:"What...why...?" Prim:"Peeta won't listen. We have to get out of this simulation. It's not real." Katniss:"I know..."

"This...this isn't real." -Harry

"You know...there's a time for everything. A time to die, a time to live...a time for the leader to betray her team...well...let's just say that your leader will soon betray you. But there's nothing you can do to stop it." -Andy

Katniss:"Wait! That was a simulation! That can't ever become real!" Andy:"Well, anything can happen, right?"

Dark Helmet:"...BUT WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE NAMED 'A'-HOLE?!?!?!" Colonel Sandurz:"Because they don't have actual names!" Dark Helmet:"Yes they do! Their names are 'A'-Hole, 'A'-Hole, 'A'-Hole, 'A'-Hole, 'A'-Hole, 'A'-Hole, 'A'-Hole, and 'A'-Hole!" Donovan:"OH BE QUIET YOU TWO APE HOLES!" Andy:"SHUT UP!!!" Vogel:"ANDY! STAY OUT OF THIS!" Andy:"Are you kidding me?!" Colonel Sandurz:"ANDY! YOU 'A'-HOLE!" Andy:"MWAAAHHHHH!!!!" Donovan:"BOTH OF YOU ARE BOTHERING MY HEAD! BE QUIET BEFORE YOU RUIN MY BRAIN CELLS LIKE MILEY AND JUSTIN!" Glimmer:"CLOVE STOLE MY LIP GLOSS AND NAIL POLISH!!!!!!!! AAAAUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!!" Dark Helmet:"Uhh...actually, Marv did that..." Glimmer:"AAAAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!" Justin Bieber:"I just can't believe what's going on/it's so bad I can't see the sun/I think it's time for them to be gone/before I grab Andy's trusty gun." Andy:"JUSTIN...DON'T YOU DARE." Vogel:"STOP SINGING BEFORE I WRECK YOUR GUITAR!" JB:"I don't play the guitar, man..." Glimmer:"WHAAAAT????? THAT WAS 'SINGING????'" Dark Helmet:"WE ARE SURROUNDED BY 'A'-HOLES!!!!!!" Donovan and Vogel:"WE ARE OUT!" Glimmer:"OH NO YOU AREN'T!!!! WHO TOOK MY LIP GLOSS AND NAIL POLISH?!?!?! TELL MEEEEE!!!!!" Andy:"EVERYONE...SHUT THE 'H' UP!!! NOW!!!" Harry:"YOU ALREADY KNOW!!!!" Glimmer:"HOW COULD MY MARVIE-POO STEAL MY STUFF?!?!?!" Harry:"WRONG MARV!!! THE OTHER MARV DID-" Marv:"Uhhh...what? I like the smell of Glimmer's stu-" Glimmer:"RAAHH!!!!!" Terence:"Can all of you (BLEEP) (BLEEP) (BLEEP) shut the (BLEEP) (BLEEP) up? Thank you!"

"All of you should escape. Don't leave your loved ones behind." -Han

"Tonight's the night where we break out." -Bilbo

"I am Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch. Come with me, and I can help you escape." -Scarlet Witch

"Well. Never expected to see you guys." -Black Widow/Natasha

"Ahh...might take a snooze on the couch." -Captain America/Steve

"What the h*** is wrong with you, Natasha?!" -Captain America/Steve (in response to BW's cold and dark behavior)

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