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Mission #31: Remembering Georgie
After Georgie's tragic death at Andy's warehouse, the team had some respects to pay. First, they went to the Movie Alliance Building (main headquarters of the "good" movie characters) where they had dinner in the dining hall and had a special concert for Georgie. Beethoven, Maria, and Melanie composed a special piece together in remembrance of Georgie. Some of the female/younger team members sang in the choir at one point. Annie played the piano, and Tris sung a special song. Afterwards, Petra told Hermione and Spock she noticed some angry viewers in the crowd, suggesting a rebellion was to happen soon. Spock shrugged it off and they returned to the hotel for the night. The next day, the somewhat melancholy team, all dressed in black, rode the train to D4 for Georgie's funeral. As soon as they got there, the ceremony followed and as soon as Black Widow saw a dead Georgie, she got really emotional. The eulogies followed. Black Widow, Beethoven, Prim, and Han made respectful and touching speeches. Some crowd viewers didn't believe it, though. They yelled at them saying it was all fake and the team didn't really mean what they were saying. While Han was making his speech, a rebel pulled Han down off the stage and a full-scale rebel attack begun. The team members were pulled, dragged, and forced off the stage. Liesel, Prim, Arwen, Erica, Aurora, Caleb, Valentine, Petra, and Ender were taken to a pirate ship and Tris, Rudy, Percy*, and Andy were taken captive in a run down shack. Black Widow, Captain America, and Spock hid out in the Justice Building bungalow for the night, debating on when to rescue the team. Black Widow and Captain America got in an argument, which Spock stopped. The next morning, the trio dressed up like rebels and set out for the debris filled streets in search of the captive team members. Black Widow picked up a wooden plank for self defense. When Black Widow heard some suspicious noises coming from a shack, she lead Spock and Captain America inside. Kicking the door open, she heard the voice of an old man who called her "Pearl". After some brief dialogue, the captive team members motioned for the disguised trio to head for the kitchen. Black Widow knocked the man out cold with her wooden plank and Spock helped the captive team members out. Rudy and Percy had stated that the remainder of the team were taken to a pirate ship, so they headed for the shipyards. Tris couldn't find the pirate ship, but Black Widow found Wendell, a guy from a previous D4 mission. He gladly helped the team find the pirate ship which he said was headed downstream. When they approached the ship, Black Widow coaxed a crew member into throwing a rope down, helping them all up to the deck. At the time, the ship captain was giving the captives a lecture on walking the plank. Aurora was pushed off the plank and Caleb dived in after her to save her. Liesel and Arwen were the last to walk the plank when Percy dived off the ship to save everyone and bring them into Wendell's boat. Meanwhile, the team remaining on the boat jumped off to safety and were rescued by Percy. Black Widow and Captain America took a leap of faith together and were cheered on by the team.

Quote Time
The eulogies that some of the team members gave to Georgie

"M-my name is Natasha Romanoff, and I was a witness of Georgie's death. I watched him die. There was nothing I could do. He died for me...for my team, for everyone he loved, so we might not be in danger anymore... Georgie was too innocent. Too young...Too caring, too loving. Whenever I see my younger team members....the sunset...a never ending ocean or lake...I am... reminded of him...He showed a true sign of leadership. He was so kind and willing....Georgie has left a lasting mark in my heart and everything I do. I couldn't save him....and I'm sorry! -Black Widow's eulogy to Georgie

Georgie was a very good friend. I didn't know him very well, and sometimes I scolded him when he messed with my piano and music sheets, but now I feel great remorse for doing so. I wish I had spent more time with him, but unfortunately, I never got the chance to. He should have never died-I agree with you on that. But he died fighting-fighting for justice, fighting for love, and fighting for happiness. We all owe him very much. -Beethoven's eulogy to Georgie

Georgie....Georgie and I were close friends. Memories were made. We were protective of each other....good qualities in a team member. When Georgie died....I couldn't believe what Andy put in front of me. I couldn't believe Georgie was dead. Georgie said his sacrifice was for us. For Black Widow. For me. That is a price I'll never be able to pay. Every time I see a lake, river, ocean....the sun in the sky, a smile on a child's face....Georgie's unmade bed when I got home....I think of him. It makes me sad to even think about it, but the time I shared with him....The time we shared together, Georgie, even if it was short, was an infinity to me. -Prim's eulogy to Georgie

I'm Han Solo.. I would just like to say I'm sorry that I did not get to witness Georgie's death. I am terribly sorry for what happened. -Han Solo's eulogy to Georgie

Pic 1- Georgie in the sky with diamonds-RIP

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