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Erica's End Part 1-Mission #68:A Terrible Vengeance

In the Warehouse, Andy was seen screaming in rage at the baddies for failing yet another one of his missions. Taking out a disguise, Andy then explained to his minions that for once he will go on a mission and complete it himself. Putting on the disguise, he walked out of the Warehouse into the night...
Meanwhile, at the team's house, it was raining hard and the power went out. The team (Note:While the rest of the team was away, the following team members were still at the house:Erica, Black Widow, Pi, Spock, Han, Bill Marks, Brody, Albert, Rudy, Samantha, Aurora, Raven, Tris, and Frodo.) was resorting to using flashlights and candles to see. While most of the team was eating pumpernickel bread and pizza, Erica was reading the Aeneid, which was a perfectly normal and reasonable thing for her to do-until she suddenly got rather moody and angry. Announcing that she was going to buy grocheries, she left in Black Widow's sports car without even saying goodbye. Soon, the lights in Chicago were back on and Erica arrived at a nearby Walmart. While shopping, she was thinking about a recruit named Noah she once was in love with in the early days of Black Widow's Army. However, she soon bumped into a teenager named Nate, who deeply resembled Noah. The two became fast friends and decided to meet tomorrow at a Whataburger for lunch. Erica and Nate put the grocheries in Black Widow's car. Erica drove Nate back to his home-which was an apartment right next to the one Andy used for testing the team members and putting them under simulations. The District 6 teen then got back home, excited about meeting Nate tomorrow.
The next day, Erica spent most of her time with Nate. They walked out into some cornfields just outside Chicago, where Erica told Nate about Andy. While explaining how much she and the team hated Andy, Nate suddenly got angry, but quickly hid it. Later, Erica and Nate went back to their homes. Meanwhile, Frodo was being completely ignored by Erica and felt rather heartbroken.
Tomorrow, at night, Erica announced that she was going on a date with Nate at an Italian restaurant. Tris and Brody volunteered to go with Erica, claiming that they were going to go on a date too and that they wanted to make it more of a double date. So, Erica, Tris, and Brody got in BW's car. Soon Erica picked Nate up at his apartment, and all of them got to the restaurant. Mostly they were silent, although during one part of the double date Nate told Tris and Brody his story-he basically grew up as the average teen in Chicago, and was living a normal life until he met Erica. While Nate wasn't looking, however, Brody secretly took a strand of Nate's hair. Later, everyone went back home, and Brody gave Spock the hair so he could test it.
The next day, Nate and Erica were walking in Millenium Park. At one point, they stopped and were about to kiss when an enraged Frodo, who was walking nearby, threw a rock at them. The rock hit Nate right in the head, making him really angry and causing him to run after Frodo. Nate was about to catch and hurt Frodo when Erica managed to grab and calm down Nate, letting Frodo escape. Erica and Nate then continued strolling through the park.
Days passed, and Erica grew more and more fond of Nate. One day, Erica was sitting in the house alone, for the rest of the team had gone out to run some errands. Nate drove up in what appeared to be a Lamborghini similar to Justin Bieber's and told Erica that he wanted to show her something. Erica eagerly got in the car, and Nate drove far away into the woods outside Chicago. Parking the car in the middle of the forest, Nate pulled off a skin-like mask, revealing his true identity-he was Andy. Nate/Andy then took away the sun pin Noah gave Erica long ago and then left Erica in the car, locking it to make sure she could not escape.
Meanwhile, the rest of the team got home and looked for Erica. Once they were sure she was gone, Spock booted his laptop and revealed that he had done DNA tests on the strand of hair Brody gave him, and the tests showed that Nate was Andy. Spock also revealed that he had secretly put a tracking device on Erica's clothes to make sure she would stay safe, and using the device Spock located Erica. The team then set out in their van to find Erica.
Back in Andy's Lamborghini, Erica kicked the car window until it broke and escaped. She ran epicly ran after Andy in a full-out pursuit.
Black Widow drove the van through the forest rather wildly and soon sent it flying after driving it up some ramp-like rocks. The van then crash-landed in a ditch and stopped working, forcing the team to get out and look for Erica on foot. Soon they found Erica and Andy's tracks in a muddy road and followed them to a clearing, where Erica had a one-on-one battle with Andy and defeated him, taking back her sun pin. Andy ran away back towards the Warehouse, and while most of the team went back to the van to see if they could fix it, Erica chose to walk home. However, she was not alone. Frodo chose to go with Erica. He walked over to her. The two looked at each other for a moment, hugged, and then walked back down the muddy road in silence, holding hands.

Pic 1: Millennium Park: a great place to be. Pic 2: The "dreamy" cornfield.
Pic 3: Plotting at the park. Pic 4: Where did Andy go? Pic 5:Erica races through the forest in search of Andy.

Quote Time
Here are the best quotes from this "revengeful" mission.

"Just have some pizza. I got it for a reason." -Bill Marks

"It's time I get someone responsible to fulfill my tasks...someone trustworthy and ME. I'm the only one who can follow my own plans correctly." -Andy

Nate/Andy:"Who's Andy?" Erica:"A rival of the team. A TERRIBLE-I repeat, TERRIBLE-person. He's been tormenting Black Widow's Army for ages. I'm stuck being one of his most targeted team members, and I admit sometimes I get...well...sick of it. Remember how Chicago was recently taken over and almost completely destroyed until Katniss came along and stopped everything?" Nate/Andy:"Yeah, I heard about that..." Erica:"Andy was behind all that. It was just terrible. Innocent families and people were being shot down by the dozen...the John Hancock Center-destroyed...the Sears Tower, Andy's was one of the worst things I had ever seen. And it never ended until the Girl on Fire came along, confronted Andy, and drove him away herself. But at the same time...all this will never end. Not until Andy takes his last will never end. I'm sorry...I just...I just can't take it anymore...I would do anything I could...even give up my stop Andy. But I can't. Not right now, at least. But when the time may happen. I may stop Andy. Somehow."

"Love is a powerful thing." -Bill Marks

"Nate's not dramatic right?" -Brody

"If he was your friend...why did he just throw something at me? Can't he handle anything?!" -Nate/Andy (in reference to Frodo after he threw a rock at Nate)

Nate/Andy (after revealing his true identity):"Hey, sweetie. Did you enjoy the ride?" Erica:"" Andy:"What? Nothing to say? That's good, because I didn't want any interruptions." Erica:"Why...?" Andy:"Why did I do this? Well, you see, the baddies were having trouble completing missions lately, so I decided to start eliminating some of Black Widow's Army by myself. And I chose you as my first target. Congratulations." Erica:"Thanks, but I'm in no mood to be 'eliminated.'" Andy:"Too bad. You have no choice."

Erica:"You...MONSTER." Andy:"Never...I repeat, me a monster. If you want to see what a monster is, look at your pathetic team. Or perhaps even look at yourself. I'm giving you one last chance. Submit to me or die in this car." Erica:"I'd rather die than join your side, Andy." Andy:"Alright, if you say so. Goodbye, Erica."

Raven:"Hey, what's going on?" Rudy:"You're not aware of what's going on?" Raven:"No, not really." Rudy:"For a person like you, I'd think you'd be up-to-date on the latest." Raven:"Listen, just give me the facts and only the facts. I don't feel like fighting." Rudy:"OK. In a nutshell, Erica's gone missing. And we're going to have to find her, or we're going to be in deep poop." Raven:"I bet it has something to do with that boyfriend. Erica, Erica, Erica. What are we going to do with her?"

Brody:"I knew that boy was up to no good." Rudy:"I had a feeling myself."

Katniss:"Nate is Andy! He tricked Erica!" Pi:"He tricked us..."

Black Widow (after the wild ride through the forest):"[BLEEP]'s dead." Pi:"Thank goodness..." Spock:"Perhaps I should've driven."

Andy:"I assure you...I assure you that you will NEVER win. Your end is coming. Your team's end is coming. And no matter how much you try to defy much you are much you is INEVITABLE." Erica:"If my end is inevitable, Andy...then YOURS is inevitable. Sparks are flying. Flames are igniting. And if we burn WITH US!!!"

"You can knock me out cold once I'm done, but I just wish to say something. There's going to be a time when we're all gone. When everything will be wiped off the face of the Earth. And Andy-I'm sorry to say-but you're included in the package." -Raven

Erica:"Raven is right. The Earth doesn't need us. The Earth can somehow get rid of us any way, any time-wars, plagues, predators, and more. Our chances of survival are low. But if there are any survivors...if there is any hope...then sorry, but you will not be part of it. You will fall quickly. And hard. I promise you that." Andy:"You...will never win." Erica:"Perhaps. But if that's true, we'll all be losers." Andy:"No..." Erica:"You never really understood, did you? You often send me and the rest of the team messages-we often listen to them. But we have been sending you messages back. And, you haven't been listening. Well...I have a message for you. And you had better open your ears. All of us are going to die in one way or the other. Everything is going to die in some way and at sometime, whether it is from natural causes or unnatural causes, and whether it takes one millisecond or millions of years. You tell us to beware of death. You tell us to watch our backs. But've been forgetting to watch your own. Be careful, Andy. Be alert. Because we are going to strike. We're not going to stop fighting in this war until you fall."

Katniss:"She seems so...alone." Pi:"Yeah...I guess it's mainly because she was the one who was affected the worst by this. She was the one Andy was after. And none of us can truly look at it from her perspective and realize how she really feels. So yes, she's alone." Frodo:"True...but she doesn't have to be."
Erica's End Part 2-Mission #69:There and Back Again

It was a dark and stormy night...and Erica was sleeping peacefully in her little bed in the attic until Andy crept in and took her away.
The next morning, the team woke up to find that Erica was missing, and that there were tornado warnings in the weather channel. Black Widow announced that she and everyone except Tauriel, Frodo, Tris, Hank, Han, Clinch, Brody, Wolverine, Harry, Katniss, Rogue, Pi, Bilbo, and Cinderella were going to leave and head to Fiji, while the rest of the team would set out and look for Erica. Before leaving, Black Widow assigned Bilbo as temporary team leader, and Spock did some research on his laptop and showed Bilbo and Co. that Andy had rebuilt the dreaded castle from Mission #45:Prisoner and was holding Erica captive there. Soon, Black Widow and Co. left to go to BW's Fiji resort, and Bilbo was left in an awkward situation-he had never been the team leader before and didn't know where to begin. Luckily, Harry Potter got things started and lead everyone into the garage, where they got in their newly repaired van, drove to the edge of the deep, thick woods, and started their journey towards the castle on foot.
The first day passed quickly and rather quietly-the team didn't talk much, and clouds covered the sky. The next day, however, was much worse-there was a full-out thunderstorm, and the team found themselves being brutally attacked by Andy's Orc minions. Luckily, Gandalf (who had been a team member during the beginnings of Black Widow's Army and had been presumed dead for a long time), a powerful wizard and one of Bilbo's best friends from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series, came to the rescue and helped drive away the Orcs. He then lead the team to a cave, where they stayed for the rest of the night and let the storms and tornadoes pass. Gandalf explained to Bilbo and Co. that he made the team think he was dead so he could go to Middle Earth and do some work there, as well as protect the team from some of Middle Earth's problems (mainly having to do with the dreaded Ring). Gandalf told the team various tales of his adventures in Middle Earth before all of them went to sleep.
Meanwhile, at the castle, things weren't going too smoothly for Erica. Erica was trapped in her private room in the highest tower of the castle, and Andy had forced her to don her orange-and-yellow princess dress again. Erica was also forced to have daily chats with Andy, in which Andy keeps mentioning something called "the machine." Erica had no idea what Andy was planning, but she had a feeling of impending doom.
Back with Bilbo and Co., the team woke up next morning and embarked yet again on their journey. Five more days passed quite peacefully, making the team's trip have lasted a whole week, and the views of the mountains and forests were fantastic. On the sunset of the seventh day of the journey, the team finally arrived at the tallest mountain, climbed it, and found themselves standing in front of the castle, which was heavily guarded by Orcs. The team found a shed full of Orc armor and disguised themselves as Orcs, soon finding that the Orc clothing was REALLY, hideously stinky. The team successfully made it to the castle doors, but found them locked. Gandalf advised the team to wait a little while and see if Andy would open the doors-but if too much time passed, they would have to break in.
On that same seventh day, Erica was taken from her room and to the spacious throne room by Andy, where she saw a big machine connected to various, complex control panels manned by the baddies. Agatha soon came in, and Andy explained to Erica that Agatha is to put her telekinetic powers into the District 6 tribute, Erica is to be hooked up to the machine, and from there Andy can control Erica's powers through the machine and use them to destroy the world. Erica was then suited up and put into a black bodysuit specifically designed for the machine, complete with silver armor pads and a badge with Andy's logo on it, and then Agatha began the process of siphoning her powers into Erica.
Meanwhile, Bilbo and Co. had waited long enough and revealed their identities by breaking into the castle. They were pursued by Orcs, but luckily escaped deeper into the corridors of the fortress. While Bilbo and Gandalf spotted Andy and went after him to fight him, the rest of the team arrived at the throne room and tried to reach Erica. However, the baddies fought the team and kept them from rescuing Erica from Agatha. At the same time, Gandalf fought Andy in a tough battle but was eventually defeated, and Bilbo saved Gandalf's life by stabbing Andy with his sword before Andy could kill Gandalf. A wounded Andy then fled, running back to the throne room, while Bilbo and Gandalf followed him. After everyone arrived in the throne room, some Orcs burst in and Bilbo and Co. were captured. Being held by the Orcs, they were forced to watch Agatha finish putting her powers in Erica and hook her up to the machine. Andy then gave orders for the baddies to set the machine to target the whole world, and soon chaos spread across the entire Earth. Buildings were destroyed, millions of people died, and lava rose up to the Earth's crust and began to swallow up everything-all due to Andy using Erica's new telekinetic powers. However, the machine malfunctioned and Erica's powers pulled lava up into the castle. All of the baddies and the team managed to escape the castle except Erica, Andy, and Frodo, who were stranded in the lava-filled throne room. Erica broke free from the machine and attacked Andy with all her might, using her powers to disintegrate him. She then met up with Frodo. Frodo insisted that she had to run away with him and escape the turmoil, but Erica replied that it was the end of the world and only she could stop it. After tearfully hugging and saying goodbye, Frodo left the castle to meet up with the others and Erica floated up in the middle of the throne room as more lava poured in. The armor pads fell off her bodysuit, and her bodysuit turned pure white. Erica glowed with white telekinetic energy, and her eyes glowed white, too. Then there was Erica's scream, a flash of pure white light, and...
Bilbo and Co. woke up in front of the castle. It was like nothing had happened-there was no lava, the castle, trees, and mountains were still intact, and the sun was shining brightly in the sky; Erica had given up her life and restored the world. Gandalf explained to the team that he could escort them back home, but after that he would leave and go back to Middle Earth. After looking at the castle one last time, the team turned away and began their long journey back home.
Later, in the castle, a man walked into the throne room, where Andy was laying. The man stated that Andy was still alive, and ordered two of his colleagues, who were apparently named Toad and Sabretooth, to lift up Andy and take him away. The two did so, and the mysterious man followed his comrades. Pieces of metal strangely tilted and moved towards the man as he walked out, as if the man was magnetic...

Pic 1: Gandalf's back! Pic 2: Katniss upon seeing Andy's castle.
Pic 3: Andy's castle itself. Pic 4: Andy's machine has caused this and more.
Pic 5: A sacrifice never to be forgotten.

Quote Time
Here are the best quotes from this intense mission.

"Even though eventually we may not have food, we'll have hope." -Rogue

Pi:"G-G-Gandalf?!" Katniss:" were...dead!!" Gandalf:"Not everything you think happened is true."

Erica:"Why did you take me here?" Andy:"Because..." Erica:"Because what?" Andy:"I have work for you here. I'm building a machine that will-well, I'm not going into the details. You'll see. Well, I have work to do. I'll see you soon...Princess."

Katniss:"Well...all I can say is this is one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen." Harry:"So beautiful that one would think nothing evil could dwell here..." Rogue:"...But Orcs and Andy are around here. That's for sure."

Andy:"Hello Princess...I just want to let you know that the machine is ready. I'll take you to it tonight." Erica:"For the millionth time...WHAT IS THE MACHINE?!?!?!?!" Andy:"Patience, Erica, patience. You'll see. You'll see."

"I don't know about you, but each one of us individually smells like 126 year-old Orc fart." -Katniss (in reference to when the team put on Orc armor)

"Febreeze much?" -Tris (in reference to when the team put on Orc armor)

"I guess it wouldn't mind now if I threw up...the stench wouldn't change a bit." -Cinderella

Harry:"I have a bad feeling about this..." Frodo:"Who doesn't?"

"Don't worry...this will only sting a LOT." -Agatha

"Something's wrong...something's terribly, terribly wrong. Something horrible is about to happen. We must break into the castle immediately." -Gandalf

Gandalf:"Enough of this." Andy:"You really think you can stop me? You may be the strongest wizard in Middle Earth, but I'm not going to let you rule my world." Gandalf:"I am not seeking rule over your world. I am seeking peace over the entire world. And, peace will come once you are defeated."

Bilbo:"Where'd Andy go...?" Gandalf:"I'm not sure...but let's find Erica...oh, and one more thing-thank you, Bilbo..."

Dr. Conner:"What do you want to target?" Andy:" about...the world?"

Cato:"Andy, that's amazing." Tris:"You think THAT'S amazing?! The death of so many people in just a matter of minutes?"

Andy:"No!! Leave me alone!!" Erica:"Then why won't YOU leave me alone? I will not leave you alone...I will not let you rest...I will not let you LIVE as long as you do the same to me." Andy:"I-I'm sorry!! OK? Is that better?" Erica:"Sorry doesn't help. You can't take back everything that you have done. And everything that you have done has made people suffer. Everything that happens is written permanently in time-like words being carved in stone. You cannot erase them. It is time for your reign to END."

Frodo:"Erica!! Erica, we have to get out of here!" Erica:"No...I have to stay here." Frodo:"What...?" Erica:"I have to stop this." Frodo:"'ll probably-" Erica:"I know. It's the end of the world. But this is my chance to make the world better. This is my chance to make everything better for you and everyone else in the entire planet." Frodo:"N-no!!" Erica:"I can save everyone...I can restore everything. But you just have to let me go."

"I love you..." -Erica's last words

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