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The Mini Missions
A series of mini missions before the season finale.

Mission #36:
Guy's Night Out
It was a typical night back at the house. Almost everyone was bored. Nothing was on TV-at least nothing good. Marty, having gone without food for about 9 hours, suggested they all go out to eat, even though it was nighttime. So Indy, Henry Jones Sr, Han, Shorty,Fred, George, and Brody all hopped in the car, with Marty driving terribly. Things started going wrong once they were given menus-minus 1, leaving someone without a menu. After quite the quarrel, Marty tumbled to the ground. Not long later, they saw the Careers plus Donovan and Vogel entering the restaurant. Cato arrived at their table and started a big fight at the Italian restaurant. Clove and Glimmer were easily defeated by Fred and George, Marty managed to fight off Marvel, and Shorty and Henry Jones Sr took down Cashmere. Vogel tried to brainwash Han, so he would feel like one of Andy's people. Henry Sr came, but was knocked out cold by Vogel, which angered Indy, so he threw a punch, and ended up punching Han, which woke up Han. Han came to his senses, and Henry awakened too. Brody fought Vogel, while Indy and Han had a belligerent brawl with Cato. After a long fight, Cato surprisingly gave up-but reminded them it wasn't over and that they would be back. It was definitely a guy's night out for these tough team members-but suddenly Brody remembered that Wolverine was missing...
Pic 1: A guy's night out-and late night snack at an Italian restaurant.

Quote Time
Quotes from the mission.

"Well, I'm leaving and going to a nice restaurant, because one: I'm bored, and two:nothing good is on, and three: I'm starving." -Marty

Clove: "Eww, Did someone FART?" Marvel: "Er...sorryyy..." Clove: "Seriously? Have you been eating beans again?" Marvel: "Well, no..."

"Oh guys are back." -Brody

"Hey, either beat it, or you'll learn what my knuckles taste like." -Indy

Mission #37:
While Black Widow and others were spending time at the Florida house, Arwen, Sirius, Pi, Johanna, Aurora, Kevin, Han Solo, and Peter* were at the house, with no hope left of finding Wolverine. But one morning, Pi told the others to come to the computer-because he knew where Wolverine was, obviously. By using one of Petra's complex computer programs, he tracked down Andy's email. Andy had been in contact with an evil ruler named Dark Helmet (from the movie "Spaceballs"). Andy hired Dark Helmet to capture team members (maybe out of sheer laziness). Hence, this was why Wolverine was missing. Luckily, Han and Peter knew two people from the world of Spaceballs-Lone Star and his companion Barf. The team-plus two-set out to the galaxy in a flying RV, which took awhile to start up, but finally got working. Han and Pi managed to get Barf and Lone Star to take them to Dark Helmet's ship, where they would rescue Wolverine once and for all. Of course, they were spotted by Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz, who tried to shoot them down with lazers. They finally made it to the ship, and set out to find Wolverine. They entered the dungeons and rescued Wolverine, but of course there was a catch: Wolverine was under Andy's control. Fights broke out after this, Wolverine beating up Han badly,and guards sent by Colonel Sandurz. The team had to flee, or else. Lone Star heroically faced Dark Helmet, and Johanna and Sirius attempted to bring Wolverine back to normal, which worked-Sirius knocked Wolverine out cold. When Wolverine woke up, he was back to normal, thankfully. Meanwhile, Lone Star ended the epic battle with Dark Helmet with a bang, pushing him into a trash filled closet and then escaping to the RV. Lone Star and Barf drove the RV back to the house, saying goodbye and then leaving. Wolverine was back, and it was like nothing had happened at all.
Pic 1: Meet Barf and Lone Star. Pic 2: In the flying RV

Quote Time
Quotes from this hilariously epic mission

"Hey, what's all this about a dark helmet or somethin'?" -Johanna

"We can't just leave him there. We have to go up there and save him." -Han Solo

"If he's so strong, what about how smart he is? If he isn't very bright, we could outsmart him and get Wolverine out of there without taking a single blow." -Pi

"This is ridiculous..." -Sirius

"Whoa...this place seems to go on forever!" -Kevin

"Of course this couldn't be easy for once." -Sirius

Mission #38: You Have an Inner Andy Too!
Black Widow and others were still at the Florida house. Frodo, Bilbo, Erica, Rue, Colonel Graff, Han Solo, Fred, and George were left at home. Things were pretty normal with everyone-except for Erica, who was hiding out in dark corners, reading, reading, reading.This wasn't exactly normal for Erica, and people like Frodo and Colonel Graff were noticing. One night, Erica was at her strangest. She was walking around in a ghostly manner, and when Frodo went over to her, Erica slowly turned around, candlestick in hand...and eyes glowing red. It was a nightmare come true. As Erica was about to strike Frodo with the candlestick, he called out her name, bringing Erica back to normal. Ashamed, Erica ran away to the backyard. Graff offered to help her, but Erica told him to go away. As everyone was going to bed, Rue pointed out that Erica hadn't been in sight since the backyard. Fred offered to help, and trekked out into the backyard, a thunderstorm raging. Minutes passed, and Fred hadn't come back. Typically, the team was worried, and ventured outside. George discovered Fred, unconscious with a big bump on his head. Just as they were taking Fred inside, there was a crash upstairs. Rue, George, and Han went to go check things out, and George disappeared into the darkness. Shortly thereafter, a shriek from Rue. Han, standing alone and scared in the middle of the room, was frozen in shock until Bilbo came. Han explained what happened, and Bilbo came back with a lamp. They searched the room, and with a flick of the lamp, they saw Erica, eyes glowing, weapon in hand. Terrified, they headed back downstairs, warning the others. They decided to escape, and as they were deciding to haul Fred with them or not, Erica appeared, back and better than ever. They ran outdoors, followed by Erica, who stabbed Han. Frodo and Graff ran away into the darkness of the neighborhood and rested. Frodo ended up in a briar patch and woke up at dawn. Looking up at the beautiful sunrise, he also heard Erica crying. Carefully getting up, he watched as Erica cried, eyes flickering while she struggled to win a mental battle with Andy. At the sight of Frodo, Erica rose, clutching her knife. Frodo tried to calm Erica and dropped his sword, signaling he was unarmed. Still, this wouldn't stop Erica, who pinned him against thorns. Frodo wouldn't stop there, and assured her they were both in love. At the mention of this, Erica was freed of the mental battle. They gathered at the house, where everyone was helping each other out. Frodo asked Rue where Erica was, and Rue told him. Frodo went upstairs to talk, but Graff told him it was better to stay away. Frodo reluctantly left. Erica overheard, and was crying-almost. Erica told herself that Andy couldn't change who she was, that she was proud of herself, and that in the end she was truly freed from Andy's grasp-for awhile, at least.

Quote Time
Quotes from this thriller of a mission.

"I've never really-er-played "video games" before..." -Bilbo

"I'm fine, ok?! I just need to be alone!! Then I can...well...calm down!" -Erica

"Oh no...I'm all alone...why me..." -Han

Han: "What about Fred? We can't just leave him here!" Bilbo: "I don't think Erica would mess with him, since he at least LOOKS like he's dead!"

"I'm your friend...and we...we...we love each other, Erica." -Frodo

"There are just things people need to get over by themselves." -Colonel Graff

Mission #39 : The DOG
Forrest was mowing the lawn. Bill Marks was flipping through channels. Just an ordinary day back at the house. Little did they know that when Black Widow pulled in, she had a dangerous dog that was about to ruin everything.
Black Widow introduced everyone to the dog, whose name was Buddy.: Forrest, Bill Marks, Liesel, Caleb, Tris, Rudy, Steve, Pi, Rue, Johanna, Brody, Han, and Maleficent-who was mysteriously already familiar with Buddy. Forrest came to the conclusion that Buddy wasn't so nice. Steve was the first runner up and got his pant leg torn right off. Then, Liesel was rammed over by Buddy. Buddy soon bounded off to the piano, and Liesel could hear the sound of random piano keys, and could just imagine Beethoven screaming in rage. Aurora hadn't seen Buddy yet since she was outside, gardening. Bill Marks got his pants ripped off, and Buddy made his way to Caleb, who was reading. Caleb then heard the sound of someone screaming in pain and ran to the rescue. Come to find out, Forrest was bit right in the butt by Buddy. Guess who else got bit? Caleb, who limped away to the bathroom in pure pain. Steve watched in disgust as Buddy innocently-yet grossly-made a mess of his kibble and water. Rudy and Tris hid out in a closet. A new team member arrived, Tad Trenton, from "Cujo". Buddy trotted over to the piano and walked all over it. Liesel angrily threw a pen at Buddy, who trotted over to her and Rue. Buddy literally hissed at them, and then clawed at Rue, who screamed. The others "ganged up" on Buddy, calling him a bully. Black Widow, feeling extra nice, treated them all to a bonfire, and unfortunately, Buddy was invited. Aurora was introduced to Buddy, and was also tricked into thinking he was a nice dog. Things were going ok, and Bill told everyone a story about an evil dog who killed everyone. While Liesel was going inside to get a snack, Buddy followed her and bit her leg. Maleficent made Buddy go into super mean mode, and everyone ran for the house. Caleb threw a stick at it to distract it, then get safely into the house. Forrest threw a bucket at Buddy and escaped. Steve tried to shoot Buddy with Bill's gun, but Buddy had injured Natasha so Steve ran inside, carrying Natasha. Aurora was left outside, hiding from Buddy. Everyone was desperately trying to find an Animal Control place, until Bill suggested a pound called "Terrible Dog". Tris revealed that she had once seen Terrible Dog, and that it was smelly, full of loud barking, even on the outside, that it had friendly dog pictures in the windows, and that it was located on the worst side of town. Caleb dialed in the hotline: 505-696-9995 (This is NOT a real number, so DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CALL). Terrible Dog was on its way, and finally picked up Buddy. Aurora was taken inside and was treated by none other than Caleb. Pi was scared he would have nightmares, but Tris assured him it was ok and that Buddy was gone.

Pic: The Terrible Dog truck coming to take Buddy.

Quote Time
Quotes from this bark-licious mission.

"It ain't a very nice dog..." -Forrest

"I hate dogs...I despise them. I just always hated them." -Bill Marks

"You never know with dogs." -Rudy

"This dog is a bundle of trouble." -Tris


"This dog ain't nice...he's bitin' everyone!" -Forrest

"I don't think a dog just goes around and bites people." -Tad

"Either this dog leaves or I will get rid of it my way..." -Bill Marks

"Guys, not to worry! Buddy is just getting used to the family." -Black Widow/Natasha

"If you ask ME he's more of a BULLY than a BUDDY." -Steve/Captain America

"Let's call him BULLY from now on." -Caleb

"If Buddy's gonna hang around here, I'm gonna sleep on the roof from now on." -Johanna

"Of all my years of knowing dogs, never once has one bitten this many people just to get to know them." -Bill Marks

"I don't think a dog who bites people is harmless." -Caleb

"I guess we can go back to our daily business- (crashing of fence) well, sort of..." -Caleb

"I just want to go to sleep...but I'm afraid I'll have nightmares..." -Pi

"Buddy's gone. Forever." -Tris

Mission #40- Tornado Alley
Black Widow was driving through the Midwest, ready to do some touring in the prairies. Tris, Aurora, Charlie, Harry, Luna, Dorothy* and Caleb had came along too. While driving, Tris noticed the clouds getting dark and suggested a thunderstorm, but Natasha thought it would just be a mere sprinkle. Dorothy was getting slightly nervous, so she held on tight to her dog, Toto. Along the road, Natasha noticed a sign for a camp and jokingly asked everyone if they wanted to return to summer camp, which Tris politely passed. Charlie was not in the mood for jokes- he was getting really nervous, because the sky looked pretty dark. Natasha, who was sort of worried, said it would probably end up being rain. Aurora asked if Black Widow could turn on the radio. Black Widow turned on the radio-not the news, though. Caleb had to remind her to turn on the news, so she tuned in. The weather forecaster said a tornado was ripping through a county and that anyone on the road had to drive to the nearest ditch. After paying attention to the radio-not the weather- Charlie noticed the sky had gotten darker and it had gotten windier. The car took a violent swerve, and they had to drive into flat land because there wasn't any low land in sight. Black Widow told everyone to remain calm. After moments of just waiting, Caleb saw a funnel forming in the sky. The wind started to get violent, making the car shake. Toto, who was nervous, jumped on Caleb. Meanwhile, some people tried to get on the car floor. Caleb tried to grab Toto until he saw the tornado whizzing towards the car-full speed ahead. Tris noticed Charlie and told him he could have her spot on the floor, exiting the car. There wasn't much time before the tornado finally did blast the car-glass shattering everywhere, doors being flung open-Black Widow was pulled into the tornado and launched out of sight. Dorothy screamed, Harry tried to get out of the car, but the wind was too strong, and Aurora was cut by the glass. A nearby tree fell over, blocking any way out. Caleb was carried away by the tornado and landed across the road. Meanwhile, Tris grabbed onto a windmill for life and witnessed Luna being carried away. Luckily, Tris resisted and the tornado passed. Hours later, Tris woke up in a pile of debris, some of it being the car. She also saw something quite strange-an Andy-like figure standing across the road. It disappeared, and a truck came to everyone's rescue, taking them away from the terrible wreckage and debris.
Quote Time
Some of the best quotes from this windswept mission

"Anyone up for more summer camp?" -Black Widow

"I wonder if we'll end up in Oz..." -Dororthy

"Don't worry, it's probably just rain...or something." -Black Widow

"IT'S COMING!" -Caleb

Mission #41- Non-Stop
Some of the team decided to head out to Norway for a week (Natasha, Steve, Han, Shaun*, Wolverine, Bill Marks, Leia, Valentine, Indy, Henry Sr., Katniss, Arwen, Sirius, and the twins), so Natasha booked a non stop flight. The crew headed out for the airport and just waited. It was obvious some of the team was getting a bit restless, because Han pushed Bill randomly. Meanwhile, Maleficent was sitting near the plane, thinking of ways to harm the team so she could safely capture Aurora and take her to the Moors. Soon enough, the flight # was called, and everyone boarded the plane casually. As Valentine settled in for a long ride, she noticed Han rudely asking Leia to move and also shoving her violently. Valentine stood up for Leia and told an angry Han she would gladly switch places- an old guy had just sat next to her. Meanwhile, Sharon, who had been turned evil, was ready to steer the plane to the Saudi Arabian deserts to crash it. While everyone was sitting back in the plane, Bill received a text from someone saying that he/she would kill a member every 20 minutes. Bill showed Valentine, and they both realized there was no way out of the plane. Near the cockpit door, Maleficent was ready to enter, cursing a stewardess so she could get in. After entering, she came face to face with Andy, who was in a merry mood. Andy was excited because he would kill a team member, specifically Shaun, in the next 10 minutes. Andy was unaware of Maleficent's own plans- to harm the team and make sure they crashed in the desert-and make sure it happened fast. So, Maleficent cranked up the speed. Back in the plane, a few team members sensed something fishy was going on with Han, who was acting strange. Han walked right towards the cockpit, and was warmly welcomed by Andy. Andy and Sharon handed Han weapons, because Andy was having him kill Shaun. Han was heading right for Shaun's chest-until Bill jumped on him. Arwen came to the rescue also, aiming her bow at Han. Thankfully, Shaun was still alive. Maleficent meanwhile made the plane speed up, and Andy dramatically entered, announcing that the passengers were in great danger. Andy was pleased to see some passengers dialing their cell phones, ready to call families. The team wasn't worried about getting out alive-they just wanted to bring Han back to his senses. Steve told Han that he couldn't just kill his friend, while Han crazily accused Shaun of being a liar and put a gun to Steve's head. Maleficent and Sharon came out, revealing they were on Andy's side-sort of. Andy then let the fun begin, shooting random passengers and even some of the team. After too much fun, the team started getting a bit scared. Katniss begged Andy to stop, but that didn't change anything. Valentine and Bill managed to sneak into the control room, ready to stop the plane once and for all. Unfortunately, Sharon was in there, ready to get things cookin'. Bill and Valentine fought Sharon, making the plane take a few downfalls. Sharon was able to steer the plane back in the air, though. Han-and Andy-came into the control room and Han tried to turn the plane around, but Maleficent made sure that it would go in it's rightful direction. Han and Andy had a fight, and Han proved he wasn't bad anymore. Han and Bill were able to knock out Andy. Sharon realized what Andy had done to her, and fought Maleficent for the controls, but Maleficent used her magic to knock Sharon out and crash the plane. Everyone wiped out in the desert. Later, Leia and Black Widow awoke in another plane-in hospital beds. Days later, they were back home and Sharon told everyone that Andy had been controlling her and she became part of the team. The good news wouldn't last for long. Petra announced that Andy had a new test in store-and it wouldn't be good.

Quote Time
Some of the best quotes from this thriller of a mission.

"Geez, what's your problem?!? You push yell at wake up on the wrong side of the bed?!?" -Princess Leia

"Who's driving this plane? A college kid?" -Black Widow

"I will protect everyone if it is the last thing I do!" -Bill Marks

"What is the meaning of this?!" -Arwen

"You won't win!" -Bill Marks

"The fun has truly began!" -Andy

"This cannot be happening. Not here. Not now." -Princess Leia

Mission #42-The Rocky Road to Death
The people who were chosen for the test had to drive once again to Andy's apartment building (Black Widow, Melanie, Captain America, Prim, Liesel, Rose, Caleb, Aurora, Albert, Clinch, Fred, George, Wolverine, Harry, Luna Johanna, and some TV allies-Rick, Marion, Bill, Dean, Sam, Castiel, and Al Bundy). Bill randomly started pulling stuff out of his overalls, but most people were ready to get things over with. After seeing Agatha, Andy's assistant Dante Gomez, and Andy himself, Andy gave them a lecture and did the typical test routine. In the test, everyone found themselves in a colonial town. Unsure of where to go, they decided to go to a general store, but they were in luck-the Indians were attacking the town. After finding someplace to find, they waited for the Indians to come--if they even did. Wolverine actually tried leaving the test, but it wasn't the right moment. Black Widow, having a perfect view of the door, saw some Indians enter and kill the store owner-a gruesome sight. Rose was suddenly pulled up and dragged out the door, and Prim screamed-a dead giveaway to everyone else. Al tried to fight, but it was useless. The Indians roughly handled everyone and dragged them out the door, then made them walk a cliffside trail to an Indian camp. Upon arrival, Marion saw some dead, burnt bodies being thrown into a pile. Liesel also saw a guy being burned. Rose, who was watching some Indians in the camp, was pulled towards the stakes to be burned. She tried screaming for life, but all the team could do was watch. Captain America was also pulled to the stake, but Black Widow bravely volunteered to take his place. After Black Widow and Rose burned, Johanna was taken to the stake and screamed for justice until the end. After the burning of 3 brave team members, an Indian was about to throw a tomahawk at Caleb, until Melanie came to the rescue. Melanie tried pushing the Indian away, but to everyone's horror, the Indian threw the tomahawk right into Melanie's chest. Everyone's hands were bound to their backs, and they were pushed along the trail-again. Dean tried to look for his weapons, which were usually in his sleeve, but it wasn't there. The same thing happened to Sam. As Marion walked along the trail, she suddenly slipped. Holding on the edge for life, Fred tried to help, but an Indian kicked her off the cliff to her death. After Wolverine tried fighting an Indian, he was pushed off the cliff but he kept hanging on. Albert helped Wolverine get up in a sneaky manner. Liesel had experienced a horrific moment-a teenage girl jumping off a cliff, leaving her family behind. Wolverine suddenly jumped to his death, and Albert and Clinch decided to follow suit. Caleb was getting concerned, so he tried to untie someone's ropes. Unfortunately for him, a tomahawk was lodged into his neck and he fell to his death. Aurora was being held tightly by an Indian, and Al warned her that an Indian was aiming an arrow at her. It was too late-the arrow already hit Aurora, and both her and Al fell off the cliff, Al trying to save Aurora. Prim decided that it wasn't worth staying around, so she threw herself over the cliff. Most of the other team members had been killed by tomahawk, arrow, or cliff. The only people who were left were Liesel, Steve, and Fred, who decided to run for their lives. After reaching a dead end, they had no choice but to jump. That had been the end of the test. The team woke up, and Steve casually left. He didn't go far, though. Andy wasn't through with the testing yet.
Pic 1: Indians walk the road to death.

Quote Time
Some of the best quotes from this mission

"Hey Agatha! How's your broomstick doing? How about your bubbling cauldron?" -Al

"Death is my middle name." -Rick

"Sorry, my life is already dead so I don't really care." -Al

"Aw, don't tell me we're gonna die AGAIN!" -Johanna

"They can do their best to kill me, but nothing they do can hurt me..." -Wolverine

"All for for all." -Prim

Mission #43-APOCALYPSE
The testing wasn't over yet-the last test did not have good results. Newer team members were brought in for testing (Black Widow, Rose, Caleb, Christina, Harry, Pi, Tris, Erica, Sharon, Sam*, Dean*, Castiel*, Captain America, Aurora, Marion, Han, Brody, Colonel Graff, and Peter*). The regular routine was done, and everyone was whisked to a very strange version of New York. Everything was super futuristic. Rose saw a rocket being launched high into the air and vanishing from sight, which was strange. Han wanted to go find somewhere to eat, but a bus pulled up and Caleb was already getting inside. After everyone was seated, Rose asked the bus driver why she had just seen a space rocket being launched into the sky, and the bus driver explained people were leaving to go to Mars because an apocalypse was to come any time. He also warned them that a siren would go off when it happened and that everyone should prepare. Black Widow asked the guy what the date was, lying that she had a new job and got off to a late start. Apparently the team had ended themselves up in the year 2483, and 97% of the USA had left for Mars already. Although Pi did see a few people walking around- those who simply just didn't believe or were taking their dear time to leave. Captain America looked up to see a red sky, and soon after the sirens were wailing. The driver stopped the bus, telling the team it would be real quick and to stay calm. However, a crazy van stopped right in front of the bus and terrorists piled out and ran into the bus, armed. The bus driver didn't stand a chance-he was shot down as soon as you can say 'apocalypse'. Marion convinced some of the others to get down, and Aurora puked on Caleb because of a putrid odor filling the bus. The terrorist headed for Black Widow, but she faced him and jabbed him with his own gun. The other terrorists managed to try and strangle Tris as the leader called for order. Marion demanded that the terrorist leave, and Black Widow was able to grab his gun again, shooting him down. Thinking that the coast was clear, Black Widow and a few others ran out of the bus-only until Sharon took the wheel and drove recklessly. Black Widow and the others had to get on the bus roof and try to hold on for life, but some were able to climb into the roof emergency exit. Sharon made an epic soar over the Empire State Building, but it all ended there-a building fell down right in front of the bus, crushing some of it. The team ran out of the bus, lucky to be alive, until they realized one person was missing-Sharon. As the bus slowly burned, they realized there was nothing they could do. Black Widow ordered everyone to find somewhere safe, and they ran into an alley. Everyone stayed close together in the literal last moments of life. The time had come-a building crashed down on everyone, but there were a few lone survivors: Castiel, Han, Rose, Erica, and Aurora. Rose shouted for everyone to get away from the buildings, and they all stumbled across the debris into Times Square. The sky was getting a terrible black, and the siren wail was becoming more creepier. What was left of the team got onto the ground, right where they needed to be. Everyone linked arms as a sonar-like sound was ringing through the air, the sky got black, everything went black, and then....they woke up in the test rooms. Everyone left, trying to recover. Aurora was telling Caleb that she wouldn't forget the test, until they both saw Black Widow and Captain America kissing. Caleb decided it was his turn to "round up the troops", and Aurora agreed with a smile. Everything had been forgotten and would be-temporarily.

Quote Time
Some of the quotes from this edge of your seat mission.

"I may be a Chosen One, but that doesn't mean I can't keep fighting you." -Harry

"I could handle 90 years from the 40's...but not this." -Captain America/Steve

"Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning!" -Captain America/Steve

"You can have my name and number, but you cannot have my heart!!" -Black Widow/Natasha

"If you wanna mess around, you'll have debts to pay." -Black Widow/Natasha

"Everyone, stay seated and hold on to your butts." -Sharon

"It's hard to believe all of this is happening!" -Rose

"I can't believe I just drove over the Empire State Building." -Sharon

"It all ends here." -Rose

"We're right where we need to be." -Castiel

Mission #44- Captain America's CRAZY Day

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