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Mission#34: It Feels Like We've Been Here Before

The mission started with a blazing bonfire. Everyone bonded together, and Caleb shared some private time with Aurora, whom he secretly likes. The bonfire was soon ruined with a gunshot, followed by a scream. Steve assured them all that it was just a local criminal-Dante Gomez (No relation to Selena) who had been roaming the other side of town. Everyone had to get inside and into the basement. Black Widow and Erica went to the window to check things out. Steve grabbed Black Widow, who responded "I'm not in the mood". But- it wasn't actually Steve. It was Andy, assisted by Dante Gomez himself. Colnel Sandurz, Colonel Graff, Han, Erica, Spock, Indy and Henry Sr, Pi, Melanie, Steve, Aurora, Caleb, Liesel, and Black Widow were taken to Dante's car and forced to put there seatbelts on...or else. It was a pretty tight squeeze. After Knight Bus quality driving, they reached an old apartment complex that had been vacant for awhile. They entered, and everyone was put in dentist like chairs. Andy jabbed and stabbed everyone in a syringe...

....Everyone found themselves in a Roman party place, wearing Roman clothing such as togas. They spotted Andy sitting down at a table, and were invited to eat grapes with some random people. After politely excusing themselves, they found out where they really were: Pompeii. And the volcano was soon to erupt. Everyone tried to find a way out, Until they were pushed off the balcony by Andy himself. They were forced into Andy's chariot, and Andy drove the chariot recklessly through Pompeii. People told him to turn around as he was heading towards Vesuvius, but Andy wouldn't listen. The team was trapped in a barn with no way out. After hollering, screaming, and banging, a teen girl from the party helped them out.The girl tried to run to the harbors with them, but sadly fell to her death when the sidewalk caved in. It was up to them to get to the harbor. Indy and Henry declared they should run to the countryside, but they were already running across a bridge-until it collapsed, Black Widow holding on for life. Steve pushed his way through the terrified crowd, accidentally pushing a Pompeiian to his death along the way, and rescued Black Widow. The team ran through town, and came across a girl who had no idea where her mama was. Liesel and Aurora put the girl to bed in her house, then a blast went through town, injuring Aurora severely in the arm. Everything got worse as a wall fell on them. Henry Sr begged that they run to the countryside, and to the countryside they ran. They were greeted by tons of running people, covered in ash and even trampling over each other. Steve discovered Natasha through all the chaos, and the rest of the team ran to a nearby hill. Steve begged Natasha to run to the hill, but Natasha wouldn't run. The rest of the team watched as Steve and Natasha shared a final, intimate and emotional moment together before they died. Everyone got truly emotional, not believing what they just saw.Han, getting emotional, screamed a message to Andy. The smoke, debris, fire, and lava came closer to them, and everyone was anxious to run. But Caleb wouldn't allow that. In everyone's last moments, they linked hands and faced everything with bravery. For a split second, Aurora and others could feel their bodies heating up like human torches....

Everyone woke up in Andy's dark lab and ran to the parking lot. Everyone was a bit hysteric, thinking they belonged in Pompeii. Caleb was reminded of Andy's chariot and Mount Vesuvius when he saw a McDonalds and a car in the drive thru. Everyone got home by foot, and Hermione told them that it was just a test, and that there were more tests to come.

Pic 1: Vesuvius explodes

Quote Time
Some of the best quotes from this mission.

"We don't have to worry about nothing, cause we've got this fire and we're burning one heck of a something."-Black Widow

"You think they could see this from outer space? Just a thought. Haha" -Steve/Captain America

"Do you really have to push it? I mean, some of us are fat..." -Indiana Jones

"We need to come up with a game plan. This volcano's gonna erupt, and we might not have any way out." -Black Widow

"This is all Andy's game.This is the gameboard, and we're the pieces." -Captain America/Steve

"This is a game no one can win." -Caleb

"If Andy wanted us to play, don't you think we should try?" -Black Widow

"For a game, we need to come up with a strategy!" -Han Solo

"It would only take a miracle to save us now..." -Henry Jones Sr.

"We have to get out of here before we get covered and driven down by the ash!" -Erica

"We must head for the fields and the countryside! The ports have almost been completely destroyed!" -Henry Jones Sr.

"How can I be an optimist about this..." -Caleb

"It's the end of the world..." -Melanie

"I won't leave you." -Captain America/Steve

" team...mean the world to me...and it's going to end." -Natasha


"Andy may have ruined some of our missions, caused some members deaths and a bunch of other things, but I am not going to stand here and do nothing. We need to be more secretive and maybe even fight back and not let him win!" -Han Solo

"I'm not going to spend my last moments running." -Caleb

"If the leader is gone...we go with her... we need to face this all with bravery." -Liesel

"We weren't really even in Pompeii..." -Melanie

"When I close my feels like nothing's changed at all." -Caleb

"Why should I be shocked? Explosions, feels like I've been in that situation before. It reminded me of the warehouse." -Captain America/Steve

"It's gonna be hard to forget." -Black Widow

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