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Mission #62:Mockingjay

The team was in the mood for a nice day trip to Chicago, and decided to go there to take advantage of the fantastic weather. Black Widow, Captain America, Spock, Katniss, Han, Rudy, Graff, Elsa, Anna, Aurora, Caleb, Erica, Pi, Tony, Kirk, Thor, Peeta, Brand, Rue, Jonas, Cherry, Indiana Jones, Henry Sr., Hawkeye, Tris, Christina, Raven, Fred, George, Johanna, Ender, and Prim drove out to Chicago. The team enjoyed walking around through Millennium Park, and Rudy took some photos, for all to enjoy, with a camera he had gotten for Christmas. Near the end of the day, the team headed over to the Willis/Sears Tower, to enjoy some time on the Skydeck. After stopping at a hotel for the day, the most unexpected happened. In the middle of the night, Andy's trained soldiers attacked the very hotel the team was at. Many soldier-like guards herded the team and many panicking citizens and tourists of Chicago out into the streets, where they were rounded up together and led away as prisoners. The streets were in mayhem, but the team didn't have to worry-Spock had some maps stored on his iPad, and the team traveled together through Chicago, in search of a hideout. Prim, being Prim, noticed all those in need and ventured off to help them, not to be seen until hours later. They stopped at the Water Tower Place to rest and train for combat, using the Lego store and American Girl store for their practice. Spock took out his laptop and, pulling up more maps that he had created on it, explained that Andy was taking over Chicago and holding hostages in various buildings, including the Sears/Willis Tower (for prisoners ages 16 and up) the Trump Tower (for seniors) and the John Hancock building (for prisoners ages 15 and under). Spock also added that the Sears Tower was where Andy was hiding out. After getting their weapons ready, the team headed for the John Hancock building to save Prim. They were bombarded with Andy's soldiers, and Ender was quickly captured. The team managed to eventually get in the building, but after Christina, Fred, George, and Jonas were also captured, they had to flee. They went back to the Water Tower Place and spent some time there before setting out again. Meanwhile, Ender reunited with Prim in the John Hancock building, and Jonas, Fred, George, and Christina drank some butterbeers Fred and George created with their magic wands during their stay in the Sears/Willis Tower. Back with the team, Aurora and Caleb were told to hide at the Navy Pier where they would be safe for at least a while, and they did so. The remaining team continued their trek through Chicago, but soon planes came and began to bomb the area they were in. Everyone quickly took cover except Katniss, who bravely climbed up on a roof and began to launch special explosive arrows at the planes. The planes caused destruction all over the city, causing buildings to crumble. Eventually, the bombings stopped, and the team, lead by Katniss, ran over to where the some of the planes had crashed to find that they had landed in an inferno that was once the Northwestern hospital filled with innocent, helpless people. Captain America took out a camera and filmed an enraged Katniss, who shouted a message to Andy. Meanwhile, Andy, who had seen everything through security cameras, was enraged himself. He sent tons of his soldiers to attack the team. Soon, the team were overwhelmed by a countless number of soldiers driving in Jeeps. Raven noticed this and started running away to save her own skin. It was useless, and Raven was taken captive, along with Black Widow, Captain America, Spock, Erica, Elsa, Cherry, Hawkeye, and Tris, who were pulled into the Jeeps. Indy and his dad tried to fight off some of the soldiers, but were also captured. While Black Widow was being captured, Katniss tried to save her, but it was in vain. The last words Katniss heard come out of Black Widow's mouth before she was dragged into a Jeep were that she would lead the team now. The remaining team members then ran away and escaped the soldiers, taking cover in a rather strange shop. Katniss, now team leader, assigned Kirk and Thor as co-leaders. Safe inside the shop, Katniss did some research on Spock's iPad and saw that Andy had set up various traps-or pods-in and around the city. Wanting to escape the rubble, but also wanting revenge on Andy, Katniss and the remaining team members took off for the Sears/Willis Tower the next morning. The first pod they encountered was the Bullet Sprayer, which was a mass of guns that came out of an intersection and sprayed bullets everywhere. Katniss used one of her explosive arrows to blow it up, and then the team continued. Next, they ended up at a pod called the Bomb, which was located in the middle of the street they were on. The team slowly began to edge their way around the Bomb on the sidewalk when a pod that wasn't marked by Spock was activated. The sidewalk began to cave in and soldiers came out of nowhere, and while the team ran away from it the Bomb was activated. The explosion killed most of the soldiers, but at the same time injured Johanna's leg badly, forcing the team to abandon her. Katniss and her remaining team members continued running when they arrived at and activated a pod called the Black Wave. A huge wave of black gel rose up out of nowhere, engulfing the whole street. The team tried to outrun it, but Anna soon disappeared under the gel while the rest of the team ran away into various buildings. Once the wave passed, the team exited the buildings they were hiding in. The last of the soldiers plus Anna had been submerged in the gel. Anna, being presumed dead, was abandoned, and the team walked out of the street and continued their journey. Meanwhile, in the Sears/Willis Tower, Raven met up with Tris. The two made a daring escape by jumping right off the glass ledge in the Skydeck. Tris was saved from falling to her death by Raven, and the two hid out in a nearby alley. Back in the tower, Black Widow was called to meet with Andy-face-to-face. Andy argued that there was no hope left for the team, but BW was still not ready to give in. When Andy pointed out that the team had no leader, Black Widow contradicted him, revealing that Katniss was the new team leader and was out to get him. Back with Katniss and Co., the team had decided to go down into some sewers and continue their journey there, since there were fewer pods and soldiers-as well as something else that was unidentifiable, but definitely present in the sewers (according to the maps on Spock's iPad, of course). They eventually stopped in a room filled with various tubes and machinery and began to sleep. However, Katniss woke up suddenly when she heard Han-as well as something else at a distance-whispering her name creepily. The rest of the name slowly began to awaken at the sound of Han, whose eyes were glowing red. Han, who had gone totally insane, got up and yelled at Katniss that "they" were coming to kill her. Han, being controlled by his Inner Andy, then attacked Tony and tried to strangle him. Katniss, Thor, and Peeta tried to stop him, but Han then let go of Tony and tried to strangle Katniss in a much more vicious fashion. Katniss was near death by the time Thor knocked Han out cold with his hammer, and Katniss blacked out. After waking up, Katniss and the team abandoned Han, deciding he was too crazy to come along, and continued their journey through the sewers. The mysterious distant (and creepy) whispers that repeated Katniss' name over and over again grew louder by the minute, and Katniss, Peeta, Tony, Thor, Kirk, Pi, Rue, Brand, and Graff broke into a run. They eventually arrived in a room with a rusty, old, narrow, metal bridge that went over a pool of...well...crap. Everyone began to run across the bridge except a horrified Katniss, who spotted "them" (or the things that kept following the team and whispering her name). "They" were really terrifying, vicious half human, half reptile/lizard mutants that had been created and sent by Andy to track down and kill Katniss. The rest of the team spotted the mutants just as Katniss ran across the bridge with them and screamed "RUN!!!" All of the team, pursued by the lizard-human mutants, managed to get to the ladder at the end of the bridge and climb up and out of the sewers into the streets. They shut the mutants in the sewers, only to realize they were standing right over a pod labeled "Meat Grinder." The team barely managed to escape falling into a pit filled with blades and grinders as it opened up, and, even worse, the creatures had escaped the sewers and came after the team, thirsty for human blood. Peeta, Brand, Pi, Kirk, Tony, and a terrified Katniss began to flee towards an empty alley. Graff, too tired to keep up, was soon overwhelmed and taken down by the mutants, and Thor, who attempted to open up another sewer cap with his hammer and escape underground, ended up with mutants jumping out of the hole he created right into his face. Meanwhile, Katniss suddenly heard a familiar bloodcurdling scream and ran back to the Meat Grinder to find that Rue was being pinned down by a mutant, her stomach ripped up and covered in her own blood. Katniss killed the mutant and carried Rue away into the alley, where the others were waiting. After a while of running, the last seven team members (Katniss, Rue, Peeta, Brand, Kirk, and Tony) stopped in a street. Katniss set a dying Rue down and kneeled by her, sobbing. Soldiers and mutants poured into the street but were all killed by the other five remaining team members. The five watched sadly as Rue whispered her last wish to Katniss, and Katniss carried out the wish-she sang a lullaby to her. Rue died at the very end of the lullaby, and Katniss stood up and, defying Andy, made the four note whistle Rue was famous for. The rest of the team raised their fingers into the iconic three-finger salute in remembrance of Rue , and then they were off to the Sears/Willis Tower. Through it all, the John Hancock building was being bombed. Many children were killed, and Ender and Prim barely survived. Tris and Raven, still safe in their alley, watched the John Hancock roof slowly cave in. Back with Katniss and Co., the six team members had been chased up onto a rooftop by a countless number of lizard-human mutants. Katniss pressed a self-destruct button on Spock's iPad and threw it at the mutants, killing all of them and causing the roof to cave in. Everyone fell down onto the floor of the building, covered in the mutants' blood and gore. The six then fled to a building next to the Sears/Willis Tower and spent the night there, resting in preparation for the next day. After waking up, Katniss, Peeta, Pi, Kirk, Tony, and Brand got their weapons ready and stormed the Sears/Willis Tower. Peeta got shot in the leg during one of the battles, and Tony stayed behind to protect him. During another battle on a higher floor, Pi was shot in the shoulder and also had to be left behind. In the end, Katniss, Kirk, and Brand made it to the top floor but were captured by Agatha and some of Andy's soldiers. They did escape though, and while Brand and Kirk stayed behind to fight off the remaining soldiers, Katniss made it to another room, where Andy was waiting for her. The two had a chat, then the battle begun. Katniss had four arrows left, one of them being an explosive one. After using up her first three to knock weapons out of Andy's hands, she used the final out to give Andy a final blow. It hit his bullet/arrow proof vest, but that didn't change anything. Andy was soon on fire, but he was saved by one of his helicopters. Andy was carried into the helicopter and escaped on it. The Sears/Willis Tower was then bombed and close to collapsing. The room the captives were in started to cave in, and Black Widow fell out of the building, clutching onto a desk for her life. Katniss found and helped her captured team members by giving them parachutes as they began to leap out the window to safety. Everyone had escaped death again, and an angered Cherry, after making it to the ground safely, turned to one of Andy's security cameras and gave him a rebellious message. The city was in ruins. Buildings had been reduced to rubble, and dead bodies and debris were laying in the streets, smoking. Everyone except for Rue reunited, injured in one way or another, but alive, once again. As Andy was carried away in his helicopter, he looked at the reunited friends in anger. The battle might have been over, but not for Andy. he would make sure to ruin them again soon.

Pic 1: Katniss watches the hospital burn. Pic 2: The Trump Tower (at right) and John Hancock Observatory (at left)
Pic 3: Thor takes a swing at the lizard mutants. Pic 4: Andy's hideout- the Willis Tower. Pic 5: A long way down from the top of the Willis Tower.

Quote Time
Here are the best quotes of this epic, rebellious mission.

"I don't take messing around too lightly." -Raven

"I would like to say something to the people of the world. I am Katniss Everdeen, and I am here-right now-in Chicago. Some of Andy's planes have just bombed a hospital filled with innocent, unarmed people. There will be no survivors. Andy thinks he's sending a message, but now I have a message for him. Fire is catching, and if we burn...YOU BURN WITH US!!!" -Katniss

"Katniss, you must become the leader of the team. Only you can do it. Do this for me, Katniss! You're our only hope!" -Black Widow

"They don't know they're bombing their own people." -Raven

Rue:"Katniss..." Katniss:"" Rue:" were my best a big sister...always there for me..." Katniss:"Yes. And I always will be there for you. You'll be alright." Rue: "Katniss...don't try to lie to me...I know what's happening..." Katniss: "No!!" Rue:"Yes...Kat...Katniss..." Katniss:"Yes?" Rue:"S...s...sing..."

"I'm done with Andy. Maybe dying isn't a big deal for you lizard-human monsters, but watching a kid die is never something to witness in life." -Brand

Soldier:"Sir, you might want to see this..." Andy:"It's her, isn't it?" Soldier:"Yes. It is the Girl on Fire." Andy:"One:Never say that name to me. And two:Send some soldiers to finish them off."

Agatha: "You can't escape now. We got you." Katniss:"Actually, Agatha...we got you."

"Well, well, well. I didn't expect you to make it here. It's about time. How was your stroll around Chicago? Enough traps to suit your fancy?" -Andy

"'s nice to see you again. My bad, make that NOT nice. And this time, I'm going to shoot." -Katniss

Defiance. I never liked it. To me, it just makes a person look more weaker. More of a target. Maybe I'm off my engines...but I'm gonna let you go. Only on one condition...if you SWEAR your allegiance to me...and you speak for all. The entire team. However, if you chose not to, then be prepared for a bullet filled fight. -Andy

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but Andy...I will NEVER swear allegiance to you. You torture and destroy people and their lives. You are an evil and ruthless person. And you must be stopped. Do you think I would ever join forces with you? You have just caused the death of many of my friends-Graff, Rue, Anna, Thor, to name a few! You have taken over Han's mind and you constantly aim to take over Erica's! Do you think I wanted to be the Mockingjay because it would be fun? Do you think I wanted to be the Rebel so I could get all the attention? Do you think the others died for me just because I'm their figurehead? Well, if you think any of those things are true, you're wrong. I became the Mockingjay to fight and defy you. I became the Mockingjay to avenge all of those you have dealt great pain. I am the Mockingjay not because I want to be locked up in a cage and submit to you, but because I want to fly free and echo the songs of those who defy you, thus equally defying you. I warned you, Andy. I warned you that if we burn, you burn with us. And you have just walked right into the flames. There's no turning back for either of us. So I am the Mockingjay. And you can't-make that you can NEVER-change that." -Katniss

"You'll never beat understand? You and your little..."friends" can try, but it will be futile. Absolutely futile." -Andy


Tris: "We have to save them!" Raven: "I'm sorry, but we can't. All hope has been lost."

"Andy...I have a message for you. Things are rough all over for everyone, but this has probably been the most terrible thing I have seen in my entire life. You have wiped out an entire city-and you don't even care! You think that other leaders are more powerful than you and that they're too full of themselves. Well, look at yourself. Look at what you've done. Something that will take forever to fix, if that.You were too full of yourself coming up with this plan. You have no remorse for the thousands of innocent people who died. Well, we do. And we're going to get revenge on you. I think a lot of people can agree to that. Watch your back, Andy. You never know what's going to come up and surprise YOU." -Cherry

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