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Mission #65- Lies, Lies, Lies
One regular old night at the house- Wolverine, Johanna, and Han were playing video games, Hank was watching them play video games, Captain America was making stir fry, and Cosette was doing laundry. Black Widow announced that she was going to take care of business at the Movie Alliance Building. Not that unusual, right? When Cosette went to put some stuff away in the linen closet (which was located by Black Widow's room), she saw her putting on some very expensive looking jewelry- Rose's jewelry, to be exact. Shrugging it off, Cosette figured that Black Widow had asked Rose and would return them soon. When Black Widow went out the door, Raven witnessed something fall out of her pocket. Raven picked it up quickly and uncovered that the wallet actually belonged to Marty. Raven didn't seem to think Black Widow was trustworthy, and Wolverine agreed. Captain America didn't, though- he was all for giving Black Widow a second chance. Cosette, overhearing everything, spoke up and told everyone about the incident earlier that evening. Eventually, more team members began to confess about items that had been missing recently- some $200 taken from Tony, and Katniss' mockingjay pin, to name a few. Steve still wasn't convinced. Raven, who wasn't convinced about a few things, shapeshifted into Black Widow, who was actually at a rockin' party at Pepper Potts' mansion. Raven shapeshifted back into herself at the house and proved that Black Widow wasn't doing her job. Bill, who wanted Coke, stole Han's truck and drove to the store. Han, angered, was off to get his truck, with Raven, Johanna, Erica, and Hank. After arriving at the store, they found Bill, who was chilling in the store parking lot with the truck. In the truck was Bill's sister Bridget. Johanna was pretty mad at Bill for not telling anyone where he was, so Bill ended up getting punched in the face. The rest of the team left Bill in the truck, assured that he would come back later. After 2 hours, there was no sign of Bill or Natasha. Han turned on the news, and there had been a pretty nasty accident nearby. Han noticed that it was his truck, and that Bill had gotten into the accident. Captain America jumped into action and grabbed the car keys, and Johanna, Raven, Tony, and Han tagged along. Steve drove over the speed limit and thought of the perfect detour to get to the scene of the accident- Pepper's street. After driving down it, he cruised down the street and saw Pepper's house, as well as Black Widow's car. Suddenly, Han got a call from Bridget, who said that Bill needed a ride to the hospital. Moreover, Han's truck was completely busted. Captain America, who "had too much on his mind", was brought home by Tony, as well as Raven. After settling in, the door was opened and Black Widow entered. Throwing her stuff down in the middle of the floor, Black Widow rushed to Bill's refreshments, which had been prohibited from the team. Raven was thoroughly annoyed, and tried grabbing the drinks away, but Black Widow wouldn't budge. One thing was for sure- Black Widow was totally intoxicated. Thankfully, it was the perfect time to go through Black Widow's stuff and see what stolen goods had been taken. Hank and a few others uncovered Katniss' pin, Harry's wand, and some jewelry and a ruby belonging to Rose. Hank, reading some texts on Black Widow's phone, revealed that Black Widow was giving some of Tony's cash away to Pepper, who, quote "wanted his money in small batches". Everyone agreed on the fact that Black Widow was trying to barter off their possessions one way or the other. The next morning, Black Widow was off to the Warehouse to get a new team member: Cinderella, from Into the Woods. After she rescued her, some alarms in the Warehouse started going off. Acting quickly, Black Widow flicked off a switch that shut down the Warehouse's power, and it, in fact, did shut down. Later that night at the house, while CA was preparing his "famous" chicken, Justin Bieber came to the door, demanding to know who shut down the Warehouse. Black Widow, afraid to take the blame, said that Erica, Bill, Leia, and Sharon had done it. The next day was Brody's birthday, and certain team members were not going to let Black Widow ruin it for him. Later that night, everyone- even Black Widow- was gathered around the table. Jen Summers from Non-Stop came to join everyone in the celebration. Black Widow left the table abruptly, and at that moment, the TV went crazy until Andy's face appeared on the screen. Andy came to say that Erica, Bill, Leia, and Sharon would pay the penalty for shutting down the Warehouse. Captain America knew for a fact almost all of the people listed weren't at the Warehouse, and the blame was on Black Widow. Leia had truly had enough, and yelled at the team- literally spitting her venom out at everyone, and chopped up some team pictures. Things started to get out of hand. Hank held up a frying pan, and Bill started to drink again. Leia threw down her wedding ring, ready for more fighting, until Sharon told her to get out, gun in hand. Leia got out, breaking her vows with Han and never to be seen again. Captain America went to hunt down Black Widow, and they had a chat, although Natasha never revealed much. It was official- Brody's birthday had been ruined, and there was nothing much to do except think and eat cake. Raven finally stepped up to the plate and said she forgave Black Widow. Black Widow herself came out and apologized to everyone, saying she would try not to lie again.

Pic: Black Widow- can she really be trusted?

Quote Time.
Quotes from this mystery mission.
"You guys are just having optical illusions." -Captain America/Steve

"We can't trust her." -Raven

"Don't trust anyone..." -Captain America/Steve

"Alright Black Widow, what's going on?" -Katniss

"Someone get me a Yumbo from Burger King...mmm..." -Black Widow/Natasha

"Of course I've only been around for a short time, but she seemed trustable. At least then. Now, I'm not sure if she's that same person anymore." -Hank

"Natasha...this isn't like you at all..." -Iron Man/Tony

"You've been a stuck up princess that started drinking, rebelling against the team, and being a hypocrite. THAT'S not being a team leader." -Bill Marks

"I think a pre-cooked chicken would do. You'd like it much better. Fresh herbs, select oils, premium chicken that comes right off the bone..." -Captain America/Steve

"Yeah, I am leaving. And you want to know why? Well, let's start off with one easy topic: Andy. He's a real nuisance. Second of all, I'm absolutely sick and tired of each and every one of you. There's too much tension, too much secrets, too much special treatment towards certain people, too much lies, and way too much drama. And it's killing me. And let's not forget about Black Widow. The one who NEVER cared about me from the start. Who never cared about ANY OF YOU from the start!" -Princess Leia

"I thought I knew those lies I was telling, but I guess not.'s a good way not to die, but it can hurt your relationship with yourself and others" -Black Widow/Natasha

"Relationships are what hurt most people in the long run. I've been through it all." -Raven

"Actually Black Widow, I forgive you. I understand what you're feeling- the feeling when everyone turns against you, and while it is unbeknownst to them, you're actually sorry. So I'M sorry." -Raven

"Somebody in this room holds the truth to this lie." -Captain America/Steve

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