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Mission #55- Sirius, Part 1
The day was off to a good start. Al was watching football and eating junk food, Marion was making nachos, and everyone else was going about their daily business--it was all good. Then, Arwen was getting strange dreams that something was going on with Sirius, a former team member who somehow disappeared. Hermione concluded that everyone go to 12 Grimmauld Place, where Sirius had been hiding out for around 3 to 4 months. So Hermione, Cherry, Harry, Arwen, and a few others went to fetch him. Once they returned home, Arwen prepared Sirius some soup. Sirius was in a really bad mood, yelling at other team members except Arwen, oddly enough. Cherry suggested they go to the fall festival in town, in hopes of cheering Sirius up. So, Maria, Ginny, Ron, Harry, Fred, George, Cherry, Arwen, Hermione, and Sirius headed to the fall festival. On the way there, Sirius randomly opened up the trunk where he, Fred, George, and Harry were sitting. Maria, who was driving, had to quickly pull over to a Walgreens nearby. She threatened to put Sirius in a carseat, but he sat near Arwen, who was in the front. Maria resumed the drive to the fall festival. Once they arrived, everyone went off and had some fun, but Sirius stayed with Harry. They went in line for some hot dogs, and Sirius punched a teen because, quote, "he was irritating him". After that fiasco, the team rounded up and ate together. Maria commented that Sirius had some horrible table manners, and Harry, who wanted to stop Sirius from flipping out, stated that it was his nature to eat like that. Nevertheless, Sirius ran off. The team split up again, knowing that Sirius would eventually show up. Besides, Arwen and Harry were out looking for him. Meanwhile, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Cherry were in line for the Ferris wheel, when it suddenly started to tip over (kudos to Sirius). Arwen was heard screaming Sirius' name, but it was too late--Sirius had turned into a wolf and ran into the nearby forest. Arwen had already gotten a headstart, and Ron, Hermione, and Ginny ran after Harry, who had also started running into the forest...

Pic- the fall festival at night.
Mission #56- Sirius, Part 2
Bringing Sirius along to the fall festival wasn't supposed to end out like it had. It was supposed to lighten his mood, which obviously didn't work. Previously in Part 1, Sirius had knocked down a Ferris wheel, even killing a few innocent people. Hermione, Ron, Harry, and Ginny were after both Sirius and Arwen, since they had both ran into the forest. They needed to figure out what was going on, because something unusual was going on between the two. Meanwhile, during all of the chaos, Cherry found Maria and told her what Sirius did and that he ran into the forest, as well as Arwen. Maria, Cherry, and the remainder of the team ran into the forest in search of the others. Back in the forest, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Harry finally managed to catch up with Arwen and demanded to know what was going on. Arwen tried to run, but Ginny twisted her arm around her back and Hermione pinned her against the tree. Ron took out his wand and put it to Arwen's neck. That didn't stop Arwen, though--she made a run when the time was right. After what seemed like forever, Hermione and everyone else caught up to Sirius and Arwen, Sirius in human form. Sirius was also on a stone platform, and Andy and Pam, a new baddie from the mission at Camp Crystal Lake were there too. Andy challenged Sirius what side he was on--his side, or Black Widow's. Sirius couldn't choose--he was loyal to both. Andy pulled down a lever, and the platform went down--as did Sirius, who put his hand behind his back like a true gentleman. A heartbroken Arwen ran into the Sirius. Hermione, Ron, Harry, and Ginny met up with the others and explained what happened. Maria looked pretty sad/guilty, and they retreated to the van. Maria and everyone else sat in the car for a few minutes more, feeling sad and remembering Sirius. When they entered the house, Harry had a complete tantrum, being really angry over the whole situation. Black Widow asked what had happened, and everyone explained. Black Widow said that the platform, one of Andy's weapons, was back. Hermione broke down, and nobody knew if Sirius was dead or alive--only that there was work to do.

Pic 1: Harry, Hermione, and Ron run through the forest.

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