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Mission #48: Mission to the TV Worlds
Part 1: the Leave it to Beaver world- The Carnival
As the team started to see the last days of summer near, Black Widow, Ender, Liesel, Caleb, Aurora, Charlie, Gabriel, Prim, Steve, Pi, Johanna, Indy, Han, Brody, Wolverine, Graff,Parvati, Lavender, Brigitta, Indy and Henry Jones Sr decided to take a vacation of sorts-they would be traveling to each of the TV allies (Al, Bill, Ginger, Mary Ann, Gilligan, Marion, Richie, Rick, Felix and Beaver) worlds. It all started in the classic, black & white Leave it to Beaver world. They arrived at Beaver's house, where they met his parents, Ward and June. The members would all be going to a local carnival (which included rides such as the "Pirate Ship of Doom" and the "Roller Coaster of Terror") with Beaver's brother Wally and his troublemaker of a friend, Eddie. Marion drove them all to the carnival and they got there in no time. As soon as everyone got there, they got on rides. Aurora, Caleb, Richie, Gabe, and Ender just hung around the table most of the adults were sitting at until they decided to try out the Pirate Ship of Doom. To their terror, some really cool guys were there too, and teasing them. Luckily, Bill, Indy, and Henry were there. The ship started to swing back and forth violently, and everything went chaotic. Ender fell to the ground, Aurora was trapped on the other side with the guys, Bill was tossed from side to side, and the guys would not stop messing with Indy's hat. Everyone was happy when the ride finally ended. Meanwhile, Han, Brody, Wolverine, Gilligan, and Graff were trying out the Roller Coaster of Terror. Han was terrified and wanted to get out, Wolverine was enjoying it, and the rest were just a little nervous. Eddie was gathering up some of the team members to the Roller Coaster of Terror, just so they could prove that they were all chickens. Al, Johanna, Rue, Ender, Richie, Gabe, Mary Ann, Caleb, Aurora, Lisel, Prim, and Charlie were all up for Eddie's challenge, and they were just a bit hesitant when Gilligan, Han, and Graff stumbled out, sick as ever. Everyone was starting to feel a little nervous, especially a constipated Al, Rue, and Richie. Once the ride started though, everyone began to have fun....all except Eddie, surprisingly, who totally freaked out during the middle of the ride. Indy and Henry Sr were enjoying some carnival games, and who else appeared but Donovan and Vogel, ready to challenge them. Once the Roller Coaster of Terror ended, everyone except for Eddie and Al were in good spirits. Marion bought everyone cotton candy as a reward. After all the festivities ended, the team headed to Al's place.

Eddie clings onto Wally for dear life on the Roller Coaster of Terror.

Quote Time
Quotes from this roller coaster ride of a mission

"I love carnivals! I love the rides, the food...I just love it!" -Mary Ann

"Just mind your own business, meatheads." -Eddie

"You're a big hairy ape, Eddie!" -Beaver

"I think the Pirate Ship of Doom lived up to its title!" -Aurora

"We have a mama's man, a square, a guy in love with his hat, and a cutiepie!" -Guy3

"Remember this: not the hat. Never the hat. Ok?" -Indy

"Just...just cut it out, you-you nerd!" -Richie

"Enjoy the ride..." -Graff

"I've been tortured enough for one day." -Gabe

"I didn't expect this roller coaster to be that fun! But here I am!" -Mary Ann

Part 2- Married with Children: A Dump of My Own
Once everyone arrived at Al's house, nothing much happened. The team was introduced to the family: Al's wife Peggy, kids Bud and Kelly, a the family dog, and then stood around, watching everyone do their daily business. They were also introduced to Al's neighbors who were also his enemies-Marcy, a banker, and her husband Steve. Al directed some fat chicken jokes towards Marcy, with Steve defending her of course. After more standing around, the team was entertained by an argument between Al and his wife Peggy, who made a really bad chicken. Suddenly, the toilet started flooding after a major dump, resulting in toilet water containing waste falling like a waterfall down the stairs. The team made a weak effect to stop the mess-Steve collecting as much as he could in a bucket, Felix running up the stairs to the bathroom, and Isabelle calling up a plumber. When everything failed, Al came up with a plan: after much family bickering, Al decided it was time to build his own toilet, which was a Ferguson toilet, the finest quality toilets around. Al told the team about a trip to the Ferguson company in Maine, and even got a little teary reminiscing. Once everything was ready, Al got to work on the bathroom, with some team members occasionally watching the long process. On a free day, the team went to a 90's style McDonalds, where a fat lady bothered Steve. When they got back, it was back to work. Marcy and Steve came to check it all out, not impressed. Gilligan, Steve, Aurora, Al, and the other Steve went out to the garage to get to work. Meanwhile, Marcy and Peggy had a little conversation in the kitchen. Peggy tried to convince Marcy to lend her $70 for a lottery game, but Marcy wouldn't agree, saying that a "certain person" never paid her back once before. Later that night, the electricity was turned off-not by storms, but by Al, who was working on the bathroom. Everyone was freezing, and trying to keep warm with toilet paper. Things started disappearing, so one night, Parvati, Marion, Beaver, and Rue spied on her as she stole bathroom tiles. Al was quick to notice her, and it was revealed Peggy was looking for Al's wallet to get some lottery cash, as well as stealing bathroom tiles. Al was smart enough to hide it, and told Peggy that their marriage was more important with the lottery, but unfortunately, Peggy didn't agree. They had a little talk, and Peggy agreed that there were more important things than the lottery. A few mornings later, the lottery winner was announced. Peggy was angry, since she sold everything and got the money for nothing. The team left shortly after, due for a 3 hour tour near Hawaii....

Quote Time
Quotes from Part 2 of this mission

"Something bad is gonna happen..." -Bill Marks

"She's chicken through and through!" -Ender

"What difference does that fart make? The house already smells of it." -Johanna

"If that's the way the chef cooks around here...I might as well skip breakfast, lunch, and dinner." -Captain America/Steve

Mary Ann: "The bathroom might flood!" Gilligan: "The HOUSE might flood!"

"That's a man's flush." -Al

Part 3-Gilligan's Island: Stranded...On Kupakai Grounds
After leaving Al's house, the team got aboard the S.S. Minnow, which was bound for the island. Skipper and Gilligan drove the boat through a bad thunderstorm, where team members in the lower deck were tossed around. Once they reached the island, it was late. Skipper insisted that they unload the boat, but everyone was too tired for that. Team members separated into different huts and crashed for the night. Gilligan, who had some trouble sleeping, overheard some voices outside of the hut. Gilligan went to the window and saw someone walking inside a hut. Assuming it was just a team member, Gilligan went back to bed.
Charlie tossed and turned for the 50th time that night. He also had trouble sleeping, since he had been thrown around in the boat earlier. Charlie noticed a strange figure entering, babbling in gibberish. Soon enough, a clammy, smelly hand was clamped over his mouth, and he, Prim, Rue, Beaver, and Liesel were all taken away.
The captives woke up in a strange environment. They had no idea where they were, but as soon as they saw one of the tribe members, they got scared. They all screamed for help, hoping they'd be discovered. Aurora was then dropped off at the camp. Luckily, Bill heard the voices and tried to come to their rescue, only to be knocked over by a tribe member. Bill fumbled stupidly for his glasses, found them, and put them on upside down. Getting up, he came face to face with a tribe member. Bill grabbed a chainsaw out of his overalls, turned it on, and tried to scare them off. The chainsaw dropped, almost hitting Bill, who jumped on one foot, screaming. The tribe members followed suit. The chainsaw raced off along the beach, and Bill was captured. Richie, Henry Jones Sr,and Ender were taken captive as well and dragged off.
Later that morning, the team members and islanders alike were trying to figure out where the others could be. The Professor finally came to the conclusion that there was another tribe on the island, called the Kupakai. They also noticed the chainsaw zooming around, which they figured out was Bill's. Team members split up, Mary Ann, Pi, Caleb, and Johanna left with the chainsaw and nothing else. Caleb often stopped to examine exotic wildlife, which annoyed Johanna. But when Caleb discovered footprints, they knew they were on the right path. They went to the clearing and discovered the tribe camp. Pi distracted them with the chainsaw (which they worshipped) while the others went to free the captives. The chainsaw suddenly dropped and zoomed out of sight. They were all captured until the other group came to the rescue. The captives' poles were slowly burning. Gilligan came to the rescue, and participated in a dangerous spear throwing contest. The Kupakais threw spears at Gilligan, and when they missed, they got angry and chased the team away. Everyone ran for their lives until they reached the S.S. Minnow, which everyone climbed up to safety. The boat sped off, and they soon arrived at the dock, saying their farewells to the castaways. Then they departed for Felix's aparetment...
Quote Time
Quotes from Part 3 of this mission.


"Where there's smoke, there's fire...and that just might be a bad thing" -Caleb

"I've never felt more freer!" -Ender



Part 4-The Odd Couple: Clean vs. Messy
The team arrived at Felix's apartment to the messiest kitchen they had ever seen. Felix threw an absolute fit, so everyone slipped on some rubber gloves and helped clean up the not so natural disaster known as the kitchen. Old drumsticks, gunk filled pans, ketchup lined walls, hardened ice cream in a drawer, and even a whole cooked chicken was discovered. About 4 full trash bags in, the kitchen was cleaned to an almost sparkling shine. The next morning was normal almost, until Oscar, Felix's roommate wandered in. Oscar grabbed the blender Felix was making a smoothie in and tossed it down the shoot. Oscar then settled in for a beverage and cookie-a traditional Oscar breakfast. Oscar didn't get too comfy, because Felix started to argue with Oscar. The argument turned into a full out war, clean vs messy. Oscar decided to dump the clean people (which included Steve, Ginger, Caleb, Mary Ann, Gabe, Gilligan, Aurora, Ender, Pi, Marion, and Rue) into the apartment basement. They all tried their best to get out-banging the door and screaming out a window-but it didn't work. Thanks to Gilligan, they discovered a rope that could be lifted through the shoot. Ender was lifted throughout the shoot, but no one would help him. The rope snapped, and Ender started back where he started. It was hopeless-the cleans were stuck in the dark, dusty apartment basement. The only option left was to break the door down. Everyone grabbed what they could find-chairs, a table, and even a hutch cabinet. The items were all lifted up the stairs and the door was broken down. A lesson was learned, but Oscar wouldn't change. The team left the apartment and were Possum Lodge bound...
Quote Time
Quotes from part 4 of this mission.
Ender: "Ketchup on the windowsill?" Felix: "KETCHUP?!?!"

"I didn't know there was a chicken collector in the house." -Marion

"Let's get rid of this crusty ol' pan." -Mary Ann

Felix: "My pan! No!!!" Mary Ann: "I'm sorry. It's been ruined."

"You don't say." -Ender

"It's the first time I've met someone who played hide and seek with a cooked chicken." -Captain America/Steve

"We're back, Oscar and friends!" -Felix

"We're as clean as clean can be, but that doesn't make us stupid!" -Gilligan

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