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Mission #66- PART 1 - Pickpockets/The Deal
It was finally time to do something fun for once, so why not go on a vacation? Fagin was planning on taking Nancy, Ginny, Petra, Ron, Bill, Juni and Carmen from Spy Kids, and all of the kids (Artful Dodger, Oliver, Kevin, Prim, Liesel) on a trip to London to his house. Everyone seemed pretty excited, and Fagin had an idea up his sleeve that would be revealed later on. After everyone went to bed before the night of the big trip, someone invaded the house- Bill Sikes, who was looking for a servant. He was actually too lazy to just get one around London, but decided a team member would be more fitting. After making a bunch of racket, Bill traveled upstairs and snatched Cinderella, the newest team member. Since everyone was out cold at this time of the night, no one really noticed. The next day, Fagin and his "guests" boarded the plane and were off to London. After arriving, they went to Fagin's house, which wasn't in the best neighborhood and didn't reach everyone's expectations. It was a family reunion for Fagin, Nancy, Oliver, and Artful Dodger, but not for anyone else. Ron was openly stating how disgusting Fagin's house was, and was forced to shut up by Ginny. A grand "feast" was served shortly after- containing of sausage, gin, and water- and everyone joined in. The next day, Fagin revealed his special secret- how to teach the newcomers how to be pickpockets. Artful Dodger, Nancy, and even Oliver had experience with being pickpockets, but not the rest. After going out to grab random people's wallets, Petra grabbed a wallet from the wrong person- Bill Sikes, who threatened to hit Petra with his deadly cane until she ran away. Meanwhile, Ron, Ginny, Prim, and Liesel were lost and couldn't find Fagin or anyone else. While Ginny and Ron were arguing, Prim discovered a house with it's lights on, and everyone agreed they could trust the house owner to give them directions. Prim knocked on the door, but was greeted by Bill Sikes, who, instead of giving her directions, offered her a whack with the cane. Prim ran out of there as fast as she could, the other 3 following, and thankfully met up with the Artful Dodger soon after. Later on that night, at Fagin's hideout, Petra and Prim seemed to forget about the horrors of earlier that day, and everyone in Fagin's house was celebrating. Prim couldn't help but bring up her encounter with bill, and Fagin suggested that they go to visit him, due to a certain deal he had with Bill. The team entered Bill's house, and couldn't help but notice the strong, unpleasant smell of whiskey. While Bill and Fagin bartered over some goods to seal off the deal, the other Bill snuck through the house and eventually found Cinderella in a closet, explaining to her what was going on. Bill, who was figuring out a deal he made with Fagin, was starting to get violent because Fagin didn't have nearly enough cash to seal the deal. Oliver, as well as some of the others, were getting scared. Bill called Fagin a liar, which ticked Nancy off. Nancy knew that Fagin was not a liar - he was a good person. Nancy attacked Bill Sikes with his own cane, and didn't stop, no matter how hard Oliver or anyone else begged for her to. Of course, Bill Sikes was able to attack Nancy, and banged her hard against the wall. Bill grabbed his cane, and began striking Nancy with it continuously until she died. Everyone was very disturbed and heartbroken, and Oliver, hating to do what he was about to, picked up a pirate-like gun, and shot Bill Sikes dead. It had been a disturbing evening, but the team would never forget about Nancy, who was a kind and gentle team member.

Pic: Bill gets violent with Fagin.

Quote Time
Quotes from this thriller.
Fagin: "I'm planning to get back to my pickpocket gang work. Of course, I owe Bill Sikes some money, and I need more pickpockets, so-" Nancy: "You're not thinking of making the newcomers thieves, are you?"

"Er- I'm not into being a thief..." -Petra

"Yooouuu've got to pick a pocket or two!" -Fagin

" this might actually be fun." -Ron

"So far this has come across as easy to me." -Ginny

"I saw some of the little thieves at my door today. So that must mean Fagin's back in town." -Bill Sikes

"What about my money?! We had a deal." -Bill Sikes

"Patience, Bill. No violence." -Fagin

"Bill, Fagin is NOT a liar! He's a good man with a heart." -Nancy

"You're a total nut..." -Artful Dodger

"Nancy was a great friend, and I think we'll remembering how strong she was for many years to come. She inspired us to keep fighting- whoever the opponent is, don't give up." -Ginny

Mission #66 Part 2- Attack
While the others were in London with Fagin, Black Widow, Fred, George, Marion, Hank, Ferris, Harry, Luna, Hawkeye, Han, Peeta, Anna, Jen, and Bill Marks were off to Chicago to take a tour of what had been fixed since Mission #62, when Andy took complete domination of the city. While driving along the highway, Black Widow picked up two new team members- Rogue, from X-Men and Klaus from A Series of Unfortunate Events. They finally reached Chicago, and reached a bus stop. The bus came around, and the team entered. However, someone else mysterious entered- a dude with bleach blonde hair, who looked pretty close to Miley Cyrus. Everyone came to the conclusion that it was in fact Justin Bieber. The team had a great time bashing him and his new blonde hair. Suddenly, a ball rolled down the aisle of the bus. Nobody really cared about it, but Black Widow recognized it to be a bomb. The bus suddenly blew up, and everyone was sent flying. Rogue, who was trying to save Hank, touched him and then accidently wiped him out due to her powers. Harry, who tried to help Rogue and Hank, was also affected by Rogue's powers and blacked out. Through the chaos, Black Widow managed to reunite with all of the team, and they went inside a restaurant to plan things out. The team decided that Andy was the cause of it all, and had sent Justin to explode the bus. Black Widow led her team to a parking garage, and they managed to steal a black Tahoe to chase Andy down with, who was riding in Justin's yellow Lamborghini. The ride was pretty dangerous due to Black Widow getting some road rage, and after driving around in circles in the city, she finally reached Justin's Lamborghini and gave it a damaging blow. Rogue, who was curious about the team, asked who Andy was and wondered how much of a threat he was. She also told them about Magneto, a powerful mutant who could just have been making plans with Andy...

Pic: The bus takes a turn

Quote Time
Memorable quotes from this mission.
Fred: "Ahhh...smell that, George?" George: Ah, yes...the welcoming aroma of 5 year-old bubblegum and the numerous farts of 12 year-olds!"

"Ahh...sweet home...Chicago." -Peeta

"Man, I remember when all of those paintings were, like, crushed and all those people were hiding out in there..." -Anna

"Well, the city isn't looking the best, but it's definitely been restored to its former glory." -Ferris

"Uh- why don't you go away, grandmas?" -Justin Bieber

"Kid, that hair dye is why Selena left you and those disgusting tattoos." -Bill Marks

"Let's just say Donovan and Vogel are more mature than Justina." -Black Widow/Natasha

"They knocked me out awhile back and I heard Vogel say, 'Black Widow is so much cooler than Andy'." -Han

"You know how to be romantic? I thought you only cared about showing off your stupid blonde hair that makes you look like a hippie." -Bill Marks

"GEEZ, who are you? A grape ape?" -Black Widow/Natasha

"I'm tired of beating around the bush like this. It's not that I'm a quitter, it's just getting too old and predictable." -Marion

"Put your seatbelts on. It's gonna be a crazy ride." -Black Widow/Natasha


"Why don't we all be positive about these things? I mean, really, we've all been as grouchy as a Jumplesnack who has failed to catch a Plimpy!" -Luna

"Just keep your eyes open and your mouths shut while I crash this thing." -Black Widow/Natasha


"Well, serves Justin right. It was time for an update, anyways." -Marion

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