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Movie Roleplay-the Official Mission Blog - Summer Special- Mission #32- Camp Iwannapeepee
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Summer Special- Mission #32: Camp Iwannapeepee

After returning from District 4, everyone wanted to let go of warehouse woes and forget about Georgie's death. So most of them found something to do. However, the ones who didn't have anything to do- Samantha, Kevin, Erica, Pi, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Liesel, Prim, Rue, Artful Dodger, Oliver, Aurora, Valentine, Petra, Ender, Luna, Tris, Juni, and Carmen- were left with Black Widow and Captain. Captain and Black Widow wanted some time to themselves, so Captain signed them up for a "wholesome, fun camp"- also adding Bilbo in as a camp administrator. So as once as it was announced, everyone was horrified. Nobody wanted to go to summer camp. Captain and Black Widow assured them it would be really fun and ordered a pizza to "make things better". The next morning, hardly anyone was in the mood for a hearty breakfast. As soon as the bus arrived, everyone piled on and had to give the exuberant driver a high-five. As Samantha and Tris sat in the back, the annoying band played a bad rendition of "Happy". Some of the team met new people-Sarah and Eugene. They knew it would be a long drive. And of course, it was- complete with traffic and even the bus driver tried jamming along to a band song, which resulted in him starting a traffic jam. They finally reached camp. Once they reached camp, they were pretty surprised by the surroundings- old cabins, old everything. The camp director made a welcome speech and the team received their camp shirts and headed towards the cabins. Kevin got in the top bunk and it collapsed. Kevin was thankfully okay. Later on that day, they went to the Mess Hall and discovered the camp served disgusting gruel. Samantha saw a mysterious jar of pills, and Hermione vowed she would starve if she had to. Eugene assured them it was just vitamins that made the campers healthy. The next day, the team decided to go on the wooden water slide on the lake. So they all went together, patiently waiting in the somewhat long line. When they finally went down, the water slide actually collapsed- to their horror. They fell in the water, unharmed, until Juni nearly got killed by a metal pole. Petra pulled him to safety. The Summer Camp Games were the next day, when Camp Iwannapeepee would verse Camp Superior in a series of summer sports. At first, Camp Iwannapeepee wasn't off to a great start. Ron shot a bow an arrow the wrong way, due to Pi's foot accidentally being in the way, Carson accidentally knocked the athletic star Hugh out with a pole, and Artful Dodger lost the pie-eating contest. Liesel finally brought the victory to Iwannapeepee after winning the foot race. A couple of days later, the final contest was based on singing. So the team got together with their camp friends Eugene, Sarah, and Carson, and made up a song called "The Loser Song". Hermione sang the first few lines and passed the mic onto Kevin, who yelled at Camp Superior. Everyone sang the whole song, while at the same time dancing skillfully. Rue and Pi also performed an impressive tap dance. Artful Dodger, Valentine, Juni, and Aurora also got to scream some sidenotes into the song. Petra did this really fast rap-type thing, and then Carson ended the song with a solo, faithfully raising an "L" with his fingers into the air. The encore was an impressive tap dance, and Iwannapeepee won the Summer Camp Games, thanks to the team! The next day was quite sentimental- leaving day. The director made an end-of-the-camp year speech, and the team said their goodbyes to their friends. After Black Widow, Captain America, and Rudy picked them up, they watched the Summer Camp Games together as a full team.

Pic 1: Welcome to Camp Iwannapeepee.
Pic 2: Eugene has a laugh with the team.

Quote Time
Some of the hilarious quotes from this mission.

"It's not that hot's only 85! -Captain America

"Friends? Activities? No." -Samantha

"Can we have gross pizza now?" -Kevin

"That was gross, and I'm blaming it on Rudy." -Samantha

"I loathe the bus." -Samantha

"Why am I reminded of Dauntless trains?" -Tris

"We're welcomed warmly, I see." -Ender

"HOLY SMOKES!!!" -Shorty

"Hermione, are you slightly mad? Slightly?" -Ron

"Well, on a slightly better note- if we die of hunger, Black Widow and Cap can sue this-this camp. -Artful Dodger

Hermione: "They don't look too menacing. They look...more like stuck-up people who aren't athletic at all!" Ron: "Exactly what you are, Hermione."

"It's a lose-lose all around." -Ender


"Iwannapeepee on you...Iwannapeepee on you...Iwannapeepee on ALLL of you." -Camp Iwannapeepee motto

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