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Mission # 50 -2nd Annual Titanic Mission- Back to Titanic

It was a fall day at the house. Marion was making hot chocolate with Cosette. Rose, Caleb, Ender, Aurora, and Richie were raking leaves. It was a perfect day. Until Cosette spotted Andy's car driving into view, only to park in front of the house. The rakers, Marion, Cosette, Bill Marks, Brody, Han, Buttercup, Pi, Erica, Captain America, Black Widow, and a new character, Zoey, from the movie Zapped were taken into the car and driven to Andy's testing apartment. Agatha and Dante Gomez, Andy's assistant, plunged syringes into everyone's necks. The trip to the "Unsinkable Ship" was about to begin...

The team found themselves standing on the deck of the Titanic, wearing 1912 style clothing. The ship was about to take off, so they waved to everyone on land. After most of the other passengers had settled in, the team strolled on deck. Ender went to the bow of the ship, climbed the rail, and yelled with excitement. Meanwhile, a guy who looked strangely like Justin Bieber (except with a ridiculous doorknob mustache and terrible British accent) took their luggage. CA had a good laugh with Natasha over it, as well as Caleb and Pi. A few days later, the team was ready for a genuine first class dinner. In order to arrive, they had to make fake family connections to make things more scandalous. Some women who lacked manners came over to sit at their table, and everyone was engaged in a somewhat awkward conversation. After everyone had eaten a (disgusting) dinner, Rose took everyone to a wild party in 3rd class. Ender stole the dancing stage, surprisingly. Another mysterious guy named Noah was also there. After time passed, the mysterious- but not so mysterious Bieber guy discovered the team. Rose and Pi said some bad but well-deserved stuff about Andy in front of him, which didn't come off well, because Andy warned Rose the next morning. Filled with anger, Andy even flipped a table over.

It was the night of the sinking. Black Widow, Richie, Caleb, Erica, Cosette, Ender, and Marion were on deck, waiting for the iceberg. Iceberg soon met ship, and just at that moment Captain America had gone into the 1st class room to get something. After arriving, Miley Cyrus busted into their room, dangling some keys. She told everyone that the team had been captured and trapped in 3rd class. Rose, Pi, Aurora, and Steve tried to get out until a steward told them to "get their lifebelts on!" Finally, the quartet was off. Rose asked Mr. Andrews, a ship coordinator how to get to E Deck. It was a pretty tedious journey down- the elevator guy was reluctant, and there was freezing cold water already down there. Determined, they headed for the others. Rose and Pi discovered an axe, and then the trapped team members screamed for help. Rose found the door and took a few swings at the door, and Pi finished it off. Everyone reunited- but not for long. They had to get out of E deck. They made a narrow escape to the main deck, and Marion, Aurora, and Erica were encouraged to get in a lifeboat. Aurora refused to- she jumped out and met everyone at the Grand Staircase. Andy, angered at the team, tried to shoot them, but they escaped- down to the water filled decks. Ender spotted a kid, and the team debated on rescuing him. The kid was unfortunately swept away by rushing water, as was the team. They slammed into a gate, and all hope was lost- they would surely die. Pi went underwater and groped around for a key and unlocked the door. The amount of water swept the team into the Grand Staircase, which was quickly filling up. the team was completely separated. The Grand Staircase dome broke, and the team was pulled out of a window by force. They tried to rest briefly, and while doing so, the orchestra played a heartbreaking tune. It was time to race towards the stern of the ship while they could. After making it to the top, the helped each other climb over the rails. The lights blinked out forever, and the ship took a violent fall, then went up again. It slowly sunk, and it was every man for himself in the ocean. Luckily, most of the team members were able to find a wooden plank or raft. Team members such as Ender and Rose murmured stuff to themselves to sleep.

Rose woke up later, only to see a lot of dead, frozen people. She saw a lifeboat passing by and tried to scream for help, but it was useless. A dead officer with a whistle was nearby, so Rose feebly blew it. The lifeboat was turned around by Marion and Erica, and they rescued everyone. They both helped each other heroically steer the boat to the rescue ship Carpathia . Days later, the team arrived in New York City and were pulled out of the simulation...

The quest to the "Unsinkable" ship had finished-but the tests weren't over just yet. Andy challenged everyone to another test....and this time, it was on another boat.

Pic 1- Rose boarding the Titanic. Pic 2- An Irish party in 3rd class. Pic 3- The Grand Staircase meets its end.
Pic 4- Fight for survival on the Titanic. Pic 5- The Titanic goes up.

Quote Time
Quotes from this "unsinkable" mission.

"This dress is awesome!" -Zoey

"Well...awkwardness." -Brody

"We're really on the Titanic!" -Buttercup

"Do you want to go to a real party?" -Rose

"One more more threat...and you'll be thrown off this ship, never to be seen by your friends again." -Andy

"We're going to be looking at death's door in about a minute." -Richie

"There's no time to waste." -Rose

"All hope is lost tonight." -Black Widow

"I have survived things like this, and I will do it again." -Pi


"This is it. Ready to run?" -Captain America


"This is as far as we can go..." -Pi

"I might die here. I will die here. But this isn't such a bad place to die." -Richie

"I'm dead in the water...can't you see..." -Ender

"COME BACK!" -Rose

"We're alive. We made it." -Marion

"We've escaped death yet again." -Captain America

"It's hard to believe we actually survived that. Really, it is." -Ender

"Yes, we are alive. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be. It was purely team effort. We worked together. Your stupid tests can't destroy that." -Ender

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