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Movie Roleplay-the Official Mission Blog - Special Edition- Mission #46- The Wedding
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-Special Edition Mission- Mission #46- The Wedding
Word had been out- Leia and Han would be getting married. Han romantically engaged to Leia in Andy's castle in the last mission, when the team had defeated Andy and Agatha. Leia, overjoyed, agreed. This would be a truly happy moment for the team and more so for Leia and Han. Thanks to Josh*, Wolverine, Cosette, and Melanie, the wedding would be simply beautiful. The team headed out to Naboo, where the wedding would be taking place, in Lone Star and Barf's Space RV. Chewbacca rode along too, making a special appearance just for the wedding. Leia was meanwhile happy to be with Han, but also nervous at the same time. Han was also a bit worried himself. The Space RV arrived in Naboo, and everyone was really awestruck at how nice Naboo was. The RV landed, and Han was still thinking-- a lot. He hoped Darth Vader wouldn't ruin the wedding and capture Leia. Finally, the day of the wedding arrived. Wolverine, Brody, Captain America/Steve, Indy, and Ender were the best men and Black Widow/Natasha, Padme, Aurora, Samantha, Rose, Cosette, Erica, and Bill were bridesmaids. Bill, however was a bridesmaid completely by accident. "Here Comes the Bride" bursted into tune, Beethoven at the piano. Rue threw flowers down the walkway, and Leia walked down the walkway, looking great. The bridesmaids and best men followed. Bill, who was totally confused by his surroundings, threw flowers around at random. Leia, Han, the bridesmaids and best men, flower girl, and ring bearer stepped onto a big silver platform. Bill wouldn't cooperate though--he kept throwing flowers at Han and everyone else. Wolverine (as well as pretty much everyone else) wasn't amused, so he tied Bill in a chair with wire. Meanwhile, the wedding resumed and everyone seemed to be getting emotional. Rudy sobbed a bit too loudly, Rue and Erica were crying happily, Melanie dabbed her eyes with a handkerchief, and Marion was feeling bittersweet. Bill found an axe in his dress and cut free, but was being watched closely by Wolverine. A nervous Charlie walked up to the platform and Leia and Han put their rings on and made their vows. Leia then put a medal around Han's neck. Petra noticed something moving around near the back and assumed it was Bill, who didn't look like Bill. Padme cried, and Luke, who had made a special appearance, was even looking sad, and Bill sobbed quite obnoxiously. Wolverine noticed Bill's axe and yelled at him to drop the axe, resulting in Bill dropping it on his foot and screaming. Someone was kicking the back of Valentine's seat, and it turned out to be Anakin, who came specially for the wedding. Dark Helmet managed to sneak into the festivities to get to Colonel Sandurz, ready to take everyone down. Finally, Leia and Han kissed, and everyone hooted and clapped. Beethoven played a tune on the piano more grandly and joyously than ever, and even fell off the piano bench at one point but continued to play on the ground. Leia, Han, and everyone else ran joyfully, and Han and Leia were ready to start a new life together as a married couple.

Pic 1: Leia and Han share a funny moment at the wedding. Pic 2: Padme in a bridesmaids dress.

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