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Mission #64- Evil Han
It had been awhile since the team had actually seen Han- in Mission #62, Han was left to his own devices by the team after he was being controlled by Andy. Han was actually in an abandoned house, and beckoned by Anakin Skywalker to join Andy's team, which Han accepted. Through it all, a secret had been revealed - that Padme was going to have a baby. Hawkeye was having terrible dreams as of late, and reluctantly revealed that Han had contacted him...and threatened to kill him and the team. It was obvious that Han was at the Warehouse, so Black Widow, Leia, Thor, Caleb, Captain America, Bill Marks, and all of the Chosen Ones drove to the Warehouse by bus. After deciding to park the bus in a nearby forest for safety, the team was out- and Hawkeye asked Erica if she could help him talk to Han. Erica agreed, and after arriving at the Warehouse, they were all greeted warmly by Andy, as well as Han. A few team members wanted a fight, but some- like Hawkeye and Erica- were reluctant, for they knew that Han was truly good. The team was of course captured, and Padme was seriously ill. It didn't help much that Andy didn't give anyone food. The next morning, after being given peanut butter sandwiches by Andy, the team was taken to Naboo. A new team member was introduced- Hank, from the X-Men films. After arriving in Naboo, the team figured out that they were underground, and had to cross a small bridge made of stepping stone like rocks to get across. It was quite a struggle- Caleb and Prim struggled to carry Padme due to her state of health, and Thor lost his temper - and cape. Black Widow noticed that Anakin and Han were on the other side. Thirsty for battle, most of the team rushed to the molten rock plateau where Anakin and Han were. Once everyone had made it, the battle had begun. Anakin was almost too powerful, and Han, well, he was a mix of good and bad. Black Widow and the others were thoroughly confused what the deal was with Han, as well as Erica and Hawkeye, because they weren't telling one soul about Han's true state. Anakin made it to his most wanted target- Padme. He knocked out Caleb, Prim, and everyone else who tried to get in his way. Almost killing Padme, Anakin was attacked by the most unexpected- Prim, who stabbed him with his own lightsaber. The battling was over, and Han was back to his true self. The team was worried solely on Padme, and Leia found Padme's ship conveniently parked nearby. Padme was rushed to a nearby hospital. Erica was also taken in due to a broken bone. Caleb volunteered to help Padme and worked in the hospital room with almost all robots. After waiting around for a while, Bill decided to have an (alcoholic) drink and a cigarette. After being scolded for it, Bill vowed not to drink or smoke ever again. Many hours later, Captain America and Black Widow witnessed Padme giving birth to her baby and had a feeling Padme would make it. Unfortunately, Padme was doing worse. Caleb stayed at her side until the very end, and Padme thought of nothing but the team until her end, which proved that she was very loyal. Caleb was devastated and felt guilty. Once everyone found out, it was a very saddening and emotional moment for everyone. About 3 days later, the team was at Padme's funeral. Although it was a gloomy and sad day, Captain America knew that somehow, someway, Padme was looking after them and felt at peace.

Pic: Padme's funeral - R.I.P.

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