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Blog of the month September 2013 WINNER!!!

Welcome to the Movie Roleplay Blog! Movie Roleplay is a Roleplay game on the Thematic clubs. This blog is all about the characters on Movie Roleplay. If you're a newcomer-welcome! Please consider joining the club. If you are a member-thanks for visiting! Anybody-feel free to post your opinions on the writer's forum and the survey.
Also, check out the Movie Roleplay Official Mission Blog for mission updates! To go to the Official Mission Blog, click
Feel free to also take a peek at the "parent" blog of this site, which is called Movie Universe-A Complete Guide to Movie Roleplay! It has info about the movies the characters come from, the places the characters visit, the extra characters in this roleplay, and more. To go to the Movie Universe blog, click here.

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Movie Roleplay-The Official Blog - WELCOME!!!!! (Cinema, tv - Others)    -    Author : Paige - USA

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