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Rudy Ruettiger is the main character in the film Rudy, based on a true story. In the film, Rudy dreams of playing college football for the University of Notre Dame. He lacks good grades and money, but eventually, his wish is granted. He gets into Notre Dame and ends up playing for the Fighting Irish. In the end, Rudy gets a play in the game, and "sacks" the Georgia Tech quarterback. He is carried off the field by his fellow teammates.
Rudy is very determined and quite a dreamer, but can be sort of bossy and sometimes too emotional in the Roleplay. In an intense mission, Rudy can be hopeless. He is helpful to others though, and very respectful. He is always seen with his "Irish" coat. He usually hangs around everyone. Is known in the Roleplay for his very inspirational messages when someone needs it. He and Marty always get in fights, from a small debate to a full out fist fight, usually for ridiculous reasons.

Real name
Daniel E. Ruettiger
Rudy(preferred name/nickname)
Rudy originated from...
Joliet, Illinois
Rudy is a(n)...
Football player
Chosen One
Rudy's close friends on the team
Samantha, Marty, Ferris, Captain America, Caleb
Relationship status
Weapons and Abilities
Since he is a Chosen One, he has some special abilities that help him resist Andy's wrath
and manipulate his tests.
Rudy enjoys...
Playing football
Watching football
Driving the team around
Rudy hates...
Being teased/bossed around by Marty
Being blamed for not cleaning the bus
Cleaning the bus
Being underestimated
Portrayed by in the film(s)...
Sean Astin
Greatest quotes
"I've been ready for this my whole life!"(from Rudy)
"I have to win this. I have to prove myself. To my team, my friends, Andy even. That I'm not a wimp.
That I shouldn't be ignored." (from the RP)

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