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Bill Marks

Bill Marks is from the film Non-Stop. In the film, he is a U.S. Air Marshal. While on a non-stop flight from New York City to London, Marks receives text messages that threaten somebody will be killed every 20 minutes if $150 isn't transferred to another specific bank account. After 40 minutes, 2 people die, and Bill is accused of hijacking the plane after some video footage of him acting aggressively towards other passengers. Bill and some other passengers work together to uncover the hijacker, and eventually, after setting off a bomb, the plane makes a crash landing in Iceland. Bill Marks is hailed a hero for his actions.
Bill can be aggressive, enjoys a good debate, and pretty tech savvy. He is often seen helping the team fixing anything electronic, or anything in general.

Real name
Bill Marks
Billy boy(by the baddies)
Hillbilly Bill(by the baddies)
Billy-Bob Joe (by the baddies)
Billboard (by the baddies)
Chill Bill (by the baddies)
Texting Grandpa (by the baddies)
Bill Marks originated from...
New York City
Non-Stop (2014)
Bill Marks is a(n)...
U.S. Air Marshal
Bill Marks' close friends on the team
Han, Graff, Brody, Hawkeye, Iron Man
Relationship status
Jen Summers
Weapons and Abilities
Driving planes
Bill Marks enjoys...
Hanging with pals
Kicking butt
Fixing stuff
Bill Marks hates...
Andy and his followers
Team arguments
Portrayed by in the film(s)...
Liam Neeson
Greatest quotes
"I'm not hijacking this plane. I'm trying to save it!" (from Non-Stop)
"This your dandruff? Take it back." (from the RP)

Jen Summers
Jen Summers is from the film Non-Stop. In the film, she is a passenger on the same flight as Bill, and she eventually befriends him. During the flight, a mysterious passenger threatens Bill that if he doesn't transfer $150K into a specific bank account, a passenger will be killed every 20 minutes. Bill, along with Jen, work to track down the hijacker. Jen could be described as friendly, down-to-earth, and helpful.

Real name
Jennifer Summers
Jen (preferred name)
Jen Summers originated from...
the USA
Non-Stop (2014)
Jen Summers is a(n)...
Plane passenger, human
Jen Summers' close friends on the team
Bill, Graff, Han, Black Widow, Captain America
Relationship status
Bill Marks
Weapons and Abilities
Some hacking skills
Jen Summers enjoys...
Gin and tonics
Window seats
Jen Summers hates...
When Bill doesn't know what he's doing
Portrayed by in the film(s)...
Julianne Moore
Greatest quotes
"I kinda like it. Six hours. One seat. Nobody can get to you." (from Non-Stop)

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