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The Chosen Ones
The Chosen Ones are the team members Andy wants most- for their strength, attitude.... or simply "just because". Usually Andy sends them -or even their friends- nightmares relating to an upcoming prophecy. He always has a plan to try and capture them. Sometimes he even favors them. Sadly, being favored and given luxury won't stop Andy from trying to kill them.


Andy understands that Harry is really brave. Harry doesn't hesitate to rescue a team member in need, and that annoys Andy. So, Andy usually targets him in the worst of times.

Ender is a Chosen One mainly for his strength and fury. A lot of times Ender gets really angry, and Andy just wants to add onto that. Andy figures that if Ender gets too angry, he could potentially injure/kill other teammates.

Rudy is a Chosen One because of his strength. Rudy is pretty brawny, and is a football player for Notre Dame. Andy figures that if he himself could get Rudy to act crazy, Rudy could knock out even the strongest team member in that stretch of time.

Aurora is a Chosen One because of her beauty, cheerful character, and her gentle nature, qualities that Andy lacks. Andy is jealous of that, so he takes every chance to try and capture/fight her.

Valentine is a Chosen One because of her kindness. Andy despises this, so he takes every chance to capture, fight, and haunt her, like he does to Aurora. Most importantly, Andy wants to lessen her relationship with her brother, Ender. Andy always plans to make her go crazy like he does to the rest, though not very often, because Valentine can keep herself under control, which makes it hard for Andy.

Bilbo is a Chosen One because he is headstrong. Even though he would rather stay in the Shire than go on a mission for Gandalf, he is really brave and has become more headstrong over time. In truth, Andy doesn't scare him, and Bilbo rather scares Andy. Andy wants to demolish that, and make Bilbo scared of him.

Han is a Chosen One because he is vulnerable. When the team is trying to track down Andy or find a captured team member, Han is usually under the influence of Andy and it can be really hard to revive him. Andy figures that he can easily take over Han and make him become a follower.


Prim is a Chosen One because she is an easy target. She is also vulnerable. Andy figures that the most vulnerable and innocent people will make good targets, and he sends Prim messages via her mind to scare her and eventually turn her to his side. Prim has also been his target for awhile.


Ginny is a Chosen One because she keeps to herself most of the time. People like Ginny make a great target for Andy, because if they keep to themselves, it is likely that they won't give away any secrets.


Jonas is a Chosen One because he can understand/see things more clearly. Andy wishes to eliminate this personality trait - but also values it, because then he could get Jonas to understand his ways and why he is against the team.


Katniss is a Chosen One because she has all the qualities of a leader. Katniss has the ability to lead her own army or cause, and when it's for the team, Andy just doesn't agree. If he can get her to be on his side, he can get her to be the leader of his army. Her sister Prim is also a Chosen One, and Katniss is really protective of Prim, one of Andy's main targets.


Cherry is a Chosen One because she can't always be trusted. Cherry might be on 2 sides at once. Andy thinks that if he can get her to be on his side, she can spy on the team for him while also "remaining loyal" to Black Widow's team.


Brody is a Chosen One because he won't put up with anything Andy related. Brody would rather just be left alone than deal with Andy's nonsense. This makes a great target for Andy, because that means Andy will be able to torture Brody more in order to get him to his side.

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