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Clouseau and Cato
Chief Inspector Clouseau is a hilarious character from the very funny series called the Pink Panther. He is played by Peter Sellers in the movies. He is really funny, and everything good he does is completely by accident! He and Cato have famous "fights" in Clouseau's apartment, by Cato hiding somewhere in his apartment, and then Clouseau has to find him and battle him as fighting practice.
Cato is Clouseau's sidekick, and is seen often having the practice fights mentioned earlier in Clouseau's apartment. Occasionally he goes with Clouseau to help him investigate a case, including one part from one of the movies where Cato's disguise has really thick glasses that he can't see through, and he keeps bumping into stuff and getting into trouble! He sometimes seems a bit smarter than Clouseau, although he can be funny too.
Clouseau and Cato are often found together, sometimes having practice fights, or else hanging out and trying to help the others, although that usually leads to mayhem from their little...accidents. The picture of the man wearing the hat and the mustache with a surprised buggy-eyed look is Clouseau, and the picture next to him of the black-haired Asian man with the staff is Cato.

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