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Cinderella is from the movie/musical Into the Woods. In the movie, Cinderella is a servant, working tirelessly each day for her stepmother and two stepsisters. Cinderella dreams of going to a festival, and her wish is granted after she makes her wish beside her mother's grave. Cinderella attends the festival and meets the handsome prince. At first she isn't sure if she likes the prince, but eventually, they get married. After finding out that the prince is cheating on her, Cinderella goes back to her original state as a servant and finds that she really does like working. In the end, she lives happily ever after with the Baker, Jack, and Red Riding Hood.
In the roleplay, Cinderella is helpful and willing to do anything, especially work. She mostly cleans or does something productive quietly, but she doesn't cease to spend quality time with the team members. Cinderella has a knack for music, and, besides working, enjoys singing or doing something artistic as well.

Real name
Maid (by the baddies)
Cinderella originated from...
an unknown village
Into the Woods
Cinderella is a(n)...
Cinderella's close friends on the team
Cosette, Prim, Hank, Liesel, Artful Dodger
Relationship status
Weapons and Abilities
Cinderella enjoys...
Cleaning the house
Watching the kids
Going to the Festival
Cinderella hates...
Having to make decisions
Being used
Portrayed by in the film(s)...
Anna Kendrick
Greatest quotes

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