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Kevin McCallister is an 8 year old boy in the comedy film Home Alone. In the film, Kevin gets left home alone when his family leaves for a Christmas vacation in Paris. He is left to deal with two bandits-Harry and Marv. Kevin is smart, quite clever, and has a good sense of humor. He is practical, but funny at the same time. He is also known for the "Home Alone face"-pictured below left.
In the Roleplay, Kevin and Samantha are good friends, almost like brother and sister. Luna tries to test out new spells on Kevin, which sometimes freaks him out, but the outcome is always hilarious. Kevin is seen with the kids most of the time, specifically Shorty or Rue.

Real name
Kevin McCallister
Kev (nickname)
Kevers (by the baddies)
"That" kid (by Harry and Marv)
Kindergartner (by Harry and Marv)
Kevin originated from...
The Chicago suburbs, IL
Home Alone (1990)
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)
Kevin is a(n)...
Ordinary kid
Kevin's close friends on the team
Shorty, Samantha, Oliver, and Rue
Relationship status
Weapons and Abilities
Very smart, cunning, crafty, and agile
Kevin enjoys...
Christmas trees
Fooling the bad guys, like Harry and Marv
Doing things his way
Cheese pizza
Kevin hates...
His family being mean to him
Being treated like a baby
Harry and Marv
Portrayed by in the film(s)...
Macaulay Culkin
Greatest quotes
"This is it. Don't get scared now." (from Home Alone)

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