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Aurora is from the movie Maleficent. In that movie, she befriends Maleficent, an "evil" fairy living in the Moors, which is a magical fairy kingdom . Maleficent put a spell on Aurora so she would fall asleep until true love's kiss would awaken her. After Aurora is awakened by Maleficent herself, they work together to bring justice to the Moors and to Maleficent by battling Aurora's own kingdom. They go to live happily ever after in the Moors .
In the roleplay, Aurora is friendly, smiling a lot and usually interacting with people. She is very gentle, and tries to help team members when they need it. She is never hesitant to help in even the smallest way. She is also curious, and therefore likes to participate in most missions. She is very close with Caleb and really cares for him-and also Liesel. Aurora is a Chosen One.

Real name
Princess Aurora
Aurora originated from...
A kingdom
Aurora is a(n)...
Chosen One
Aurora's close friends on the team
Caleb, Liesel, Black Widow, Prim, Pi
Relationship status
Weapons and Abilities
Since she is a Chosen One, she has some special abilities that help her resist Andy's wrath
and manipulate his tests.
Aurora enjoys...
Going to the Moors with Maleficent
Helping anyone on the team
Gardening and flowers
Being with Caleb
Aurora hates...
Being underestimated
Black Widow abandoning the team
Portrayed by in the film(s)...
Elle Fanning
Greatest quotes
"Get over yourselves. We're all a team. If we're going to be enemies, than someone needs to go." (from the RP)

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