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Brand is from the film Interstellar. In the film, it is the future and the Earth has struggled through crop blights, as well as dust storms. A few NASA astronauts, in search for a new planet that will support life, travel through space and try to find the perfect planet that previous astronauts have explored. The 3 planets are Miller's, Mann's, and Edmunds's. In the film, Brand tries collecting some data Miller left behind in some water, but a huge tidal wave forces the team of astronauts back into the space ship. In the end of the film, Edmunds's planet is the inhabitable one and Brand prepares it for the humans.
In the roleplay, Brand is a very loyal team member. She is often seen helping out other team members and encouraging them. Brand also has pretty good ideas and strategic plans when encountering a tough mission.

Real name
Amelia Brand
Brand originated from...
Unknown (somewhere on Earth)
Interstellar (2014)
Brand is a(n)...
Brand's close friends on the team
Black Widow, Captain America,Graff, and Raven
Relationship status
Weapons and Abilities
Brand enjoys...
Learning more about the universe
Helping the team out
Brand hates...
A failure
Encountering something unfamiliar
Portrayed by in the film(s)...
Anne Hathaway
Greatest quotes
"Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends time and space." (from Interstellar)
"We've experienced everything today. Pain, suffering, loss, love...I could go on forever maybe. It's been an emotional and
difficult day. But we'll get through it, as usual." (from the RP)

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