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Andrew "Ender" Wiggin is a gifted boy who is sent to a military academy, AKA the Battle School. The Battle School is located in outer space and contains other gifted kids, who are part of teams. They prepare for future alien attacks. Ender was bullied a lot for his talent. He also accidently killed a cruel team leader named Bonzo. He gained more respect when he became the leader of his own team.
Ender is really smart and really knows how to be a leader. Sometimes he can be a tad bossy. He is close friends with Petra Arkanian. His other friends are Alai and Bean. He is very close with his sister Valentine. In the Roleplay , Ender is intelligent, ready to collaborate ideas with anyone else, headstrong. Sometimes, Ender can go out of control with fury, partly on Andy's behalf. is seen either by himself , with Aurora, Tris, and mostly his sister Valentine, whom he is protective of. Ender is a "Chosen One".

Real name
Andrew Ender Wiggin
Ender (preferred name)
Anger issues (by the baddies)
Ender originated from...
North Carolina
Ender's Game (2013)
Ender is a(n)...
Chosen One
Ender's close friends on the team
Graff, Valentine (his sister), Jonas, Frodo, and Aurora
Relationship status
Weapons and Abilities
Good with coming up with strategies
Extremely smart
Since he is a Chosen One, he has abilities that help him to resist Andy and manipulate his tests.
Ender enjoys...
Certain types of video games
Being with his friends
Ender hates...
Being told what he can and can't do
Letting his anger get the best of him
His brother, Peter
Portrayed by in the film(s)...
Asa Butterfield
Greatest quotes
"The way we win matters." (from Ender's Game)
"You won't win. You know why? You can burn our house to the ground, torture our friends until they die, and even make us believe you. But you won't take our spirit. That's what you don't have, and you won't take that from us." (from the RP)

Valentine Wiggin is Ender's sweet sister, hence her name. She does not attend the Battle School. She is very kind and protective of Ender, and she also worries about him.
In the roleplay, Valentine is seen helping everyone out if they have a problem. She is caring towards everyone. She tends to worry about Ender as he is a "Chosen One". Valentine herself is a Chosen One.

Real name
Valentine Wiggin
Val (nickname)
Valentine originated from...
North Carolina
Ender's Game (2013)
Valentine is a(n)...
Chosen One
Valentine's close friends on the team
Ender (her brother), Aurora, Jonas, and Frodo.
Relationship status
Carson (a random dude in the RP)
Weapons and Abilities
Since she is a Chosen One, she has abilities that help her resist Andy and manipulate his tests.
Valentine enjoys...
Doing fun things with the team
Being with Ender
Being with Carson
Valentine hates...
Ender being hurt or losing control of himself
Seeing the team in a crisis without knowing what to do
Getting yelled at/being accused of stuff
Portrayed by in the film(s)...
Abigail Breslin
Greatest quotes
"You can do this! Just believe in yourself!" (In the RP)

Colonel Graff
Colonel Hyrum Graff is the principal of the Battle School, which both Ender and Petra attend. In the film Ender's Game, he was often seen supervising Ender, which lead to Ender becoming a commander. Graff can have a forceful and strong personality when anyone goes against his rules, but is also a great example of a leader. In the RP, Graff is often seen guiding Ender - as well as the team - on the right path. Graff doesn't always like arguments, but sometimes he fights with Bill Marks or Wolverine physically.

Real name
Colonel Hyrum Graff
Graff (preferred name)
Graff originated from...
Unknown (somewhere on Earth)
Ender's Game
Graff is a(n)...
Colonel/Battle School principal
Graff's close friends on the team
Han Solo, Ender, Bill Marks, and Hawkeye
Relationship status
Weapons and Abilities
Has the skills of a leader
Very smart- he can come up with great plans and strategies
Graff enjoys...
Hanging with pals
Fixing stuff
Giving Ender advice
Graff hates...
Andy taking control or him or the team
Ender not being able to control himself
Team members being annoying
(Portrayed by in the film(s)...
Harrison Ford
Greatest quotes
"We won! That's all that matters." (from Ender's Game)
"One more battle and you'll end up dead on the floor." (from the RP)

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