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Rose DeWitt Bukater is a 17-year old 1st class passenger in the film Titanic. In the film, Rose is forced to marry 30-year old Cal Hockley to maintain her family's wealth. On the Titanic, Rose falls in love with 3rd class passenger Jack Dawson. Enraged, Cal tries to end their relationship, but not even that will stop the two. In the end, Jack dies from hypothermia.
Rose is very witty, and she is considered to have a lot to give, and has a very open heart. She wants to explore and adventure the world, but feels as if she'll never get the chance.
In the Roleplay, Rose is pretty kind, sharing her advice with others.

Real name
Rose DeWitt Bukater
Rose Dawson (alias)
Rose originated from...
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Titanic (1997)
Rose is a(n)...
1st Class passenger on the Titanic
Rose's close friends on the team
Prim, Cosette, Melanie, and Peeta
Relationship status
Weapons and Abilities
Any sort of weapon
Rose enjoys...
Doing adventurous and daring things
Visiting other countries
Having fun
Rose hates...
Being manipulated by her mom
Being held back from adventure
Portrayed by in the film(s)...
Kate Winslet
Greatest quotes
"I'll never let go. I promise." (from Titanic)

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