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Ludwig van Beethoven is the famous real-life German composer, who has written nine symphonies, an opera, a violin concerto, many overtures, and more. In the roleplay, he is the Beethoven from the three-part BBC documentary about him called The Genius of Beethoven. He is a true genius and has grit, but can be stubborn and has a bad temper. However, he will always stick to the team and help them out when he can. He once married fellow Black Widow's Army member Maria, but Maria was killed by Andy and Justin on the day of the marriage. When in danger, he is quick to use his ink pen, which squirts the enemy in the face.

Real name
Ludwig van Beethoven
Dude With the Wild Hairdo (by the baddies)
Beethoven originated from...
The Genius of Beethoven (2005)
Beethoven is a(n)...
Beethoven's close friends on the team
Cosette, Melanie, Rose, Black Widow, Bill Marks, and Thor
Relationship status
Weapons and Abilities
His ink pen
Beethoven enjoys...
Playing piano
Being complimented
Spending time with Maria (before she died)
Beethoven hates...
Being insulted
Losing control of himself
The death of Maria
Portrayed by in the film(s)...
Paul Rhys
Greatest quotes
", she still lives. She still lives where she is loved...she still lives in our hearts, our souls...she still lives in the Abbey, where the nuns sing their hymns...she still lives with the von Trapp family, where the children practice their music every day. She still lives in the hills of Austria...she is alive whenever the hills are alive with the sound of music." (from the RP)

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