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The Baddies

The Baddies are villains from various movies who make up Andy's band of most loyal followers. Among all of the people who support Andy, they are the most loyal and serious, and constantly do Andy's bidding, run his top jobs, and, of course, help Andy torment Black Widow and her team.
There are a few baddies who are not movie characters, including annoying popstars (see the bottom of this page for descriptions of them), a (fictional) criminal named Dante, Andy's evil daughter Agatha, Andy's huge army of soldiers, and more.
Victoria is one of the bad vampires in the films New Moon and Eclipse. She is cat-like and originally part of a group called James' coven. That group is nomadic, and consists of two other vampires, James and Laurent. Victoria is always trying to capture Bella. In the film "Eclipse", Victoria creates a group of bloodthirsty vampires to hunt down the Cullen family and the werewolves.
In the Roleplay, Victoria is commonly seen with Bellatrix. The duo is always trying to capture anyone in reach.

Bellatrix Lestrange is from the Harry Potter films. Bellatrix is one of the only female Death Eaters and one of Voldemort's most faithful followers. She is always sort of paranoid and always trying to reach Voldemort's highest expectations. She enjoys performing acts of cruelty and torture on her enemies. Besides that, she is a prodigious witch.
In the bad guy team, Bellatrix is one of the worst, feared, and threatening baddie of all. She is very faithful to Andy and tries to fulfill his every want or need if it has to do with destroying or harming Black Widow's team. She is also seen around Victoria quite often.
Cashmere is the female tribute from District 1 in the film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. In the film, Cashmere and her brother Gloss are drawn to participate in the Quarter Quell, or the 75th year of the Hunger Games. The brother-sister duo are seen having a very emotional moment in their interview with Caeser Flickerman. When the Careers snuck up and killed Wiress, Johanna killed Cashmere with her axe. She will live on in the roleplay.
In the roleplay, Cashmere is all about style, and maybe one of the less brutal baddies. She likes to complain about anything, and correcting others makes her feel good.
Noah is from the film The Notebook. And if you're a fan of the popular romantic hit, well sorry, because Noah just doesn't belong to the good guy team. He is one of Andy's faithful followers, and he is easily recognized by his southern drawl. He loves being romantic and wants a girlfriend badly- even if it's someone from the good guy team. Noah is one of the biggest threats within Andy's group of followers.
The Careers

The Careers are a group of ruthless tributes from The Hunger Games. The group consists of Marvel and Glimmer from District 1, and Cato and Clove from District 2. The Careers are known for being great at handling any weapon. All of the Careers were killed in the film but will live on in the roleplay. Marvel is the sort of guy who cares, but doesn't care and will do anything to survive, but may not go to extreme levels. He also has a touch of class. His weapon is a spear. Glimmer is a girly girl, hence her name. She also really cares about her looks in the RP. Glimmer is madly in love with Marvel. Glimmer's weapon is a bow and arrow, but she isn't skilled at it. Cato is the more savage of the bunch. When he wants to kill someone or even something, he will go to extreme measures. Cato is always thirsty for a kill, and in the movie, his main target is Katniss. Cato's weapon is a machete, or anything with a blade. Clove, like Cato, is also pretty savage. She's also a bit sarcastic, rude, and not so sweet. Clove is sometimes seen with Marvel and other baddies, chilling and having parties. Clove's weapon is throwing knives. She is ultra skilled at this.
In the roleplay, the Careers are seen doing some sort of secondary job. Some of them, like Clove, Marvel, and Glimmer, are pretty lazy, so they aren't seen doing much work for Andy. Cato is the most loyal baddie of them all. The Careers are often used as a 3rd wheel by Andy when there's no one else around to do it.

Silva is a rogue agent and the main antagonist from the James Bond movie Skyfall. Silva used to be a secret agent working for MI6 (the British secret service), but he was captured by the enemy during one of his missions. He tried to kill himself by consuming a cyanide pill rather than being taken alive by the enemy, but this backfired and resulted in some of his mouth and even a bit of his insides being literally melted away. After years of imprisonment, MI6 made a prisoner trade with the enemy and Silva was set free. His incarceration caused him to become deranged, feel betrayed, and seek revenge by repeatedly trying to track down and kill the head of MI6, who is known as M. In the end of the movie, he was killed by loyal MI6 agent James Bond before he had the chance to kill M, but he will live on in the roleplay.
In the roleplay, Silva is one of Andy's most dangerous followers. He is a criminal mastermind and has the ability to hack into virtually any computer, and is often given the job of performing cyberterrorism for Andy or simply running simulations on captured team members. Other than having a huge amount of knowledge in computers, Silva can use a gun well, but prefers making his countless amount of henchmen (which he turned into Andy's soldiers after becoming a Baddie) do the "dirty work" for him. Like Terence, Silva occasionally takes over and acts like Andy's second-in-command. Overall, Silva is very smart, very creepy, and very, very dangerous.
Dr. Conner
Dr. Conner is the bad guy from the movie The Amazing Spiderman. In the movie, he longs to find a way to regrow arms and legs, for he lost one of his arms. He makes a special scientific mixture having lizard DNA in it and tests it on himself, however it turns out badly, and he ends up transformed into a gigantic lizard with super strength and great endurance. The lizard part of him takes control of him and makes him want to turn all humankind into super-lizards. He can only become a lizard for a limited amount of time, then becomes his human self again. After that, he must inject the scientific mixture with lizard DNA in it into his blood again to transform again. He is a major baddie, being strong, very smart due to being a scientist, and nearly invincible.
Below are 2 pictures of Dr. Connor: him in lizard form and in human form.
Terence Fletcher is from the film Whiplash.He's a really abusive band teacher who wants nothing but the best from his students, so he'll do whatever it takes - including swearing and inflicting pain upon the students - to get things right. When Andrew, an exceptional drummer joins his jazz band, Terence starts out showing favoritism to the boy, but then begins to be very emotionally and physically abusive to him. Terence can be described as very hypocritical, somewhat bipolar, and very angry. In the RP, being one of the most mature baddies, he usually acts like Andy's co-leader, bossing some of the baddies around and giving them extensive training.
Harry and Marv
Harry and Marv are the bad guys in the film, Home Alone. They are also known as "The Wet Bandits" because whenever they rob a house, Marv keeps the sink running. In the film, this not so deadly duo have an interest in the McCallister house. Finding out that Kevin is home alone and realizing that "kids are scared of the dark", they come at 9:00 PM on Christmas Eve to rob it. Kevin, being armed and ready, set up traps that distracted them before calling the cops and escaping to safety.
In the Roleplay, Harry and Marv are pretty stupid, gullible, and not very strong. They also aren't very good at hiding if they're spying on the team members.

Harry and Marv, the Wet Bandits-crowbars up!
Donovan and Vogel

Donovan and Vogel are the main antagonists of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. Both of them are Nazis and specifically enemies of Indiana Jones and Henry Jones, Sr. Both Donovan and Vogel died in the movie, but will live on in the roleplay.
Donovan is known for wanting to find the Holy Grail, and in the movie he uses Indy and Henry Sr. to help him find it. Later in the movie, he shoots Henry Sr. and forces Indy to retrieve the Grail in order to save Henry Sr.'s life. He and fellow Nazi Elsa go into the room where many different Grails have been kept, but, of course, only one of them is the real one. Elsa purposely chooses a cup that isn't the Grail for Donovan, and when Donovan drinks out of it, he dies. This happened in one of the earliest missions in the roleplay, but somehow Donovan was restored to life and joined the baddie team.
Vogel is known for being a close ally of Donovan. He is ordered to kill the people from the Jones family, as well as help Donovan find the Grail. Later in the movie, Indy and Vogel have a tough fight on top of a moving tank, but Indy beats him and jumps off the tank just before it-and Vogel-fall over a cliff and explode. This happened in one of the earlier missions in this roleplay, but, like Donovan, Vogel somehow returned and became a baddie.
In the roleplay, Donovan and Vogel are known as some of the more mature baddies, and occasionally even favor the wiser good guys over the dumber bad guys. However, they are still evil, and constantly try to kidnap Henry Sr., beat up Indy, and/or turn one of the good guys into a bad guy.
Lord Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz

Lord Dark Helmet (AKA Dark Helmet or DH) and Colonel Sandurz are two of the main villains from the Mel Brooks Star Wars parody Spaceballs. In the movie, Planet Spaceball has wasted all its air, so the leader of the planet, President Skroob, plans to steal air from nearby planet Druidia. He sends his two followers, Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz, on a spaceship called Spaceball One to capture the princess of Druidia and use her as ransom in order to gain access to Druidia's air. Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz succeed in capturing the princess, but their plans are foiled by two normal dudes who live in space (who are also friends of Black Widow's Army in this roleplay), Lone Starr and Barf. In the end, Spaceball One is blown up and Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz make it to an escape pod and (unfortunately) land on a planet populated by apes.
In the roleplay, Dark Helmet and his close companion Colonel Sandurz are among the more stupid and less serious baddies. While here and there they can be dangerous, they are often unintentionally hilarious. Their followers, a bunch of people from Planet Spaceball who work for them, sometimes appear in the roleplay and for some reason all of them are named "A"-Hole (which sort of freaks out Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz). Overall, these not-so-bad villains can be funny, but one must still be careful around them.
The following characters are the Popstar Baddies, who are real-life celebrities that the members of this roleplay just don't like (no offense to any fans of these characters/people). While they aren't as serious as the other baddies, they are still a threat to Black Widow's team and often have to be dealt with. They are loyal(ish) followers of Andy.

Sorry to all you Belibers out there, but Black Widow's Army just does not belibe! Anyways, Justin Bieber is a baddie. He is famous for rapping/singing, partying, and swearing. He is really rude, but not to fellow baddies or Andy. Justin's girlfriend is Selena Gomez, another baddie.

Sorry to you Miley fans out there.....
Miley is another faithful follower of Andy. She really doesn't care about the team, though. She just cares about having a lickin' good time and annoying everyone around her, typically. She's pretty weird, wild, and a party animal. She hangs around Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, 2 fellow baddies.

Sorry to the large quantity of Ariana fans...
Ariana is one of the newest (popstar) baddies to join Andy's team. A total pop diva, she uses her sweet nature and na´ve-ness to coax people like the team members to do stuff. She is definitely a problem- no pun intended that is, if you know one of her popular hits. Don't let her sweet side fool you!

Lady Gaga
Sorry to you Lady Gaga lovers...
Lady Gaga isn't all that new to Andy's team-she appeared not long ago, disappeared, but now is back again. She has a booming, practically screaming Broadway type voice that she can use to destroy the eardrums of several of the pop-hating team members, and she is a close friend of the rest of the popstars, as well as fellow baddie Glimmer, who is a huge fan of Gaga. Unlike the rest of the popstars, here and there Lady Gaga shows that she has a more "decent" personality (apart from her bad habit of wearing outrageously weird outfits), but otherwise is still both irritating and a threat to BW's Army.

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