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The TV Allies
The TV allies are characters from various TV shows who are always around to help the team when they need it most. They mainly help battle Andy. They come along on missions and sometimes they are able to brighten up the mood a bit when it isn't at its brightest. Below you will find profiles on which TV allies are in the roleplay.

Al Bundy is from the show Married With Children. He is married to his wife Peggy, and has 2 kids named Kelly and Bud. Al really likes football, commonly reminiscing on the old high school football days, and jokes-mainly insults, which can come in pretty handy around Andy and other people the team hates. Al is comedic and on the somewhat unsuccessful side and prefers things the cheap way. Although funny, sometimes he will show wit and grit when Andy tries to destroy the team and/or team member.

Elsa is a character from the show Once Upon A Time. She is a reoccurring character in the 4th season of the show. Characters Emma Swan and Captain Hook released Elsa from an urn in Rumplestiltskin's vault after their trip to the past. Elsa has ice powers that, if she can't control them, will go out of control. Elsa is very protective of her sister Anna, also in the show. Elsa is always trying to help out uncover a mystery in any way she can. She can also be sort of aggressive, and her powers come in handy at some points. She cares a lot about the team and helps them out a lot. In Season 4, Anna and Elsa left the show but will live on in the RP

Anna is also from the show Once Upon A Time. In the show, she is engaged to Kristoff and is determined to find out the real reason that her parents left on the ship. She is very close to her sister, Elsa, and cares about her a lot. Anna is known to talk a lot and often speaks before she thinks. She is also sort of clumsy. In the RP, Anna is seen with Elsa most of the time.

Bill Smith is from The Red Green Show. He is completely silent, and doesn't say a word, except maybe a few mutters/mumbles and maybe even a scream when something wrong happens. Although silent, Bill can be pretty hilarious. His overalls contain tools-or even weapons-of any sort, such as a chainsaw, axe, etc. Sometimes he will throw them around without even realizing a team member is around. This comes in pretty handy when there is an Andy vs. team situation.

Beaver is from the show Leave it to Beaver. Beaver likes messin' around with pals and reading comic books, and he also enjoys being outside a lot. Beaver is usually really happy and ready for adventure, which might lead to trouble. Or, his friends could lead him astray and tell him some sort of lie or joke which he might believe. Sometimes he gets in some sort of trouble and will get a moral lesson from his father. Beaver usually keeps an optimistic mood and tries thinking positively, even in the worst of times.

Rick is from the show The Walking Dead. Rick is the main character of the show. Although he has good intentions, sometimes he can make bad decisions. Rick is the leader of the group and sometimes isn't willing to make change or compromises, which may lead to danger. Rick's qualities sometimes don't allow him to make good choices and he can be negative when things are supposed to be positive, and positive when things are supposed to be negative, which makes the team quite wary of him. After experience with zombies, Rick is good at killing the enemy and he is definitely someone the team needs when there are too many to count in a mission.

Mary Ann is from the show Gilligan's Island. Prior to visiting the island, Mary Ann was a regular, unsophisticated girl who lived in Kansas. On the island, Mary Ann is seen with Ginger a lot. She is good at doing household-like work. Mary Ann might not be the brightest person in the world, but she is very helpful to team members in need. Mary Ann is also a great cook and won't hesitate to whirl something up for a team member or two. She also cares about the team a lot and is willing to help whenever.

Richie is from the show Happy Days. Richie is always trying to attract girls, doing whatever it takes to find one. Besides looking for girls, Richie enjoys writing and wrote for a few newspapers. He looks after his sister Joanie a lot. Out of his 2 friends, Richie is the most industrious. Richie is a pretty good friend and is willing to help any of them out when they get into some trouble. In the roleplay, Richie always comes up with great and creative ideas, which can be helpful to the team.

Marion is from the TV show Happy Days. She is the mother of Richie and Joanie. Marion is always on the optimistic side and enjoys having fun every once in awhile. Marion usually works in the house, cleaning and cooking.
In the roleplay, Marion is usually cooking and doing typical housework. Marion isn't all about housework, though. She usually participates in missions and likes to have fun with other team members.

Gilligan is from the show Gilligan's Island. Gilligan is the first mate of the S.S. Minnow, the ship that brought the castaways to the island. He is good friends with the "Skipper", the captain and owner of the ship. Gilligan is commonly referred to as "Little Buddy" by him. Gilligan is accident-prone, bumbling, and dim-witted, which can make him a pretty comedic character. Gilligan commonly shares pointless stories, but sometimes a useless tale is helpful to the castaways. Whenever Gilligan makes a discovery, the result is usually disastrous. He is also pulled into a difficult decision which he can't really decide. Even though he ruins plans, most of the team shows affection for him.

Felix Is from the show The Odd Couple. He is a neat freak, and hates when anything gets messed up. He is also a news writer/photographer. In the show, he commonly gets annoyed with his friend/roommate, Oscar Madison, who is really messy and doesn't care much about anything. Felix does not get along well with anyone who is messy or careless, and wants everything to be spic and span.

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