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This blog is all about a roleplay game on the Thematic Clubs in Students of the World called Movie Roleplay, which is about a team of heroic movie characters who come together and form a group called "Black Widow's Army" in order to fight an evil, movie-hating villain named Andy. Here, you can find everything you need to know about the characters, teams, movies, places, adventures, and more that come up throughout the roleplay. However, the characters and missions are described in more "general" terms on this blog. For more detailed info on those subjects, please visit these two other blogs:
Movie Roleplay-The Official Blog (This provides more detailed information on the characters of Movie Roleplay)
Movie Roleplay-The Official Mission Blog (This provides more detailed information on the missions of Movie Roleplay)

This blog is still under construction. Please forgive us if we haven't put in everything yet!

Are there any questions you need to ask? Do you need to report something offensive? Have opinions you would like to share? Then just scroll up and click the word "Forum" in the upper left hand corner of the screen so you can make some posts! Note:Bad-minded and inappropriate messages will be deleted.

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Movie Universe-A Complete Guide to Movie Roleplay - WELCOME!!!! (Cinema, tv - Others)    -    Author : Members of Movie Roleplay - USA

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