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Aliens and Monsters
Same aliens, different faces.

Aliens and Monsters
In this chapter I will be writing about my favourite aliens and enemies that the Doctor has encountered throughout his travels and adventures.


What are they? : Powerful and ruthless, the Cybermen were originally a humanoid species, who begun to implant metal parts into their bodies as a means of survival. This made them cold and logical, with all emotions now deleted from their minds.

Home planet: Mondas, a twin planet to earth.

Special abilities: Able to emit an electrical pulse from the arms.

Special features: Early Cybermen were able to fire bullets and flames from the top part of their helmets.

Why they are evil: The Cybermen think that emotions are a weakness and have no purpose. In thinking this, they attempt several times to upgrade humanity throughout the whole of the universe by removing the internal organs, except the brain and replacing them with a metal exoskeleton. They then replace the heart with an emotional inhibitor, the reason behind the Cyber logo. The inhibitor works by blocking off the emotional signals to the brain.

Info:The Daleks

What are they? : Evil mutants incased in a metal shell.

Home planet: Skaro.

Special abilities: The Daleks are able to levitate.

Special features: Manipulator arm stick -Has several functions and can be replaced by a pyro flame.
The arm can also be used to hack into computers in order to read codes and combinations.
Seismic Detector - Used to locate the TARDIS.
Electrode Unit - To control electric currents.
Claw arm - Uses flames to cut through doors.
Sensor arm - A powerful weapon used to protect the Emperor Dalek.
Dalek Claw - Used to operate machinary.
Dalek Gun - Can maim, paralyse, stun, gas, poison, disentergrate and has a death-ray.

Why they are evil: The Daleks have attempted to take over the universe countless times. Their aim is to enslave all mankind and to be the supreme rulers of earth. Their last plan however, was to destroy the whole of creation, leaving only themselves as the sole survivors.

Info: Slitheen

Home planet: Raxacoricofallapatorius

Special abilities: Killing larger humans and using their skins as suits.

Special features: Slipstream compression field generator worn around the neck, to fit into human skin.

Why they are evil? : Infiltrating high ranking positions in the police force, parliament and the military, they have previously tried to destroy the planet by persuading the United Nations to release nuclear weapons and then to sell off the radioactive remains,to be used as fuel for spaceships.

Info: Terileptils

What are they? : Alien reptiles.

Home planet: Banished to the criminal planet of Raaga.

Special abilities: Mind control.

Special features: They use a Soliton gas generator, which is best suited to their lungs, though they can also breathe in earth's atmosphere.

Why they are evil: Escaped criminals who wanted to take over the earth by getting rid of humans.

Info: The Rani

What is she? : Renegade Time Lord.

Home planet: Gallifrey.

Special abilities: Mistress of disguise. Great experimenter.

Special feature: A bracelet that contains tablets and capsules.
A TARDIS that can still change it's appearance to blend itself to it's enviroment, by use
of it's Chameleon Circuit.

Why she is evil: Uses animals and humans for her cruel experiments. She also built a missile that, when fired at an asteroid made up of strange matter,would spark off a reaction that would destroy the planet of Lakertya.

Info: Zygons

Home planet: Destroyed by a stellar explosion.

What are they? : Extraterestrial race.

Special abilities: Able to emit a powerful sting from the touch of their hand.

Special features: Able to change appearances through shape shifting.

Why they are evil: They tried to destroy the people of earth, in order to make the planet their own.

Info: Vervoids

Home planet: Bred on a space cruiser marked Hyperion 3.

What are they? : Evil Plant life.

Special abilities: Emits a deadly form of marsh gas that can poison it's victims collectively. Able to create mutants from humans.

Special features: A sting in the Vervoids "hand"

Why they are evil: Originating from pods, the Vervoids aim was to germinate the earth with their seeds, whilst feeding off humankind.

Info: Vocs

Home planet: Created on a sandminer.

What are they? : Robots that carry out servile tasks.

Special abilities:Unknown

Special features: Parts that can be removed.
Eyes that glow red when in killing mode.

Why they are evil: Programmed to kill all humans.

Info: Autons

Home planet: None

What are they? : Mannequins animated by the Nestene Consciousness.

Special abilities: Unknown.

Special features: Blaster gun hidden in right plastic hand.

Why they are evil: They carry out killings under the control of the Nestene Consciousness.

Info: Sea Devils

Home planet: Earth.

What are they? : Prehistoric reptilan man

Special abilities:

Special features:

Why they are evil: Orginally occupants of earth before humans, the Sea Devils wanted to eradicate man and reclaim planet earth as their world.

Info: The Valeyard

Home planet: Galifrey

Who is he? : The valeyard puts the doctor on trial and try's to see to the doctor's end.

Special ability: The ability to hypnotize .

Special features: The ability to shape-shift ,teleport,kill and create delusions in people.

Reasons why they are evil: The Valeyard wants to kill the doctor and in doing so,destroy the universe.

Info: Ood

Home : The Ood-sphere

Who are they? : They are basic slaves who are born to serve.

Special abilities: To when to kill when possesed.

Special features: Eyes go red when programmed to kill. Communicator Sphere can electocute fully.

Why they are evil: When possesed by the "Devil",the Ood also become possesed. Red eyed Ood are a sign of danger.

Info: The Tetraps

Home planet: Tetrapyriabus

What are they? : Bat-like creatures who serve the Rani

Special abilites: A Tetrap's tongue can hypnotise,stun and maim.

Special features: Gun that can capture but not harm.

Why they are evil: The Tetraps plan to also destroy the planet Lykertya and all of it's occupants, while escaping back to Tetrapyriabus with the Rani so that the tetraps can honour her.

Info:The Cyber king

Home planet:Monda

What is it?: Huge metalic beast operated by a living controller.

Special abilities:Stomp on and crush entire buildings in less than a second.

Special features:Can eject and fire lazer beams and fire ballS.

Why they are evil: The cyber king planed to destroy Victorian London and then the world, in doing so, bringing back the Cybermen.

Info: Axons

Home planet: AXOS
What are they?: Semi humanoids made up of another species. Parasites from space.

Special abilities: Beautiful, golden creatures that can transform into hideous tentacled beasts.

Special features: Are unharmed by bullets.
Whip-like tentacles that can kill.
Can absorb, change, send and programme energy.

Why they are evil: Their plan was to absorb all of earth's energy and feed off it.

Info: Reapers

Home planet: The rips in time

What are they?: Creatures that feed off the residue energy of those that they consume.

Special abilities: Those that they consume, no longer exist in time.

Special features: Huge bat-like wings.
Claws that can tear into solid materials.
Tail shaped like a 'Grim Reaper's scythe.
Protective skin of scale and armour.

Why they are evil: They enter through a tear in time and destroy the most recent of objects and people, then work backwards through history until the whole world is eradicated.

Info: Davros

Home planet: Skaro

What is he?: Creator of the Daleks.

Special abilities: Shoot electrical pulse from finger.

Special features: Cybernetic eye.
Life support chair.

Why he is evil: Believes that he and the Daleks should be the supreme rulers of the universe.

Info: The Master

Home planet: Gallifrey

What is he?: Renegade Time Lord

Special abilities: Can regenerate.

Special features:

Why he is evil: Intent on world domination and destroying the Doctor.

Info: Gelth

Home planet: The rift in time

What are they?: Gaseous beings.

Special abilities: Multipliying.

Special features: Burning ,transforming others.

Why they are evil: In their billions, the Gelth tried to overun planet earth and transform the human population into zombies.

Info: Toclafane

Home planet: Utopia

What are they?: Human beings from the year 100,000,000,000,000

Special abilities: Spherical metal balls that can fly and talk

Special features: The ability to shoot powerful lasers and slice with their lethal spikes

Why they are evil: They wanted to destroy their ancestors (modern human beings)and make earth the new Galifrey.

Info: Cybershades.

Home planet:Unknown

What are they?: Cyber slaves

Special ability's: Very strong.

Special features: Hybrid brains of cats and dogs.

Why they are evil: They serve the cybermen and are programmed to kill

Info: Weeping Angels

What are they?: Winged humanoids that resemble stone statues.

Home planet: Early Universe.

Special abilities: Can move in the blink of an eye. can snap necks in less than a second.

Special features: Teleports it's victims back in time and feeds off their resulting energy.

Why they are evil: Their basic plan was to send humans back in time to
relive their lives and to destroy the crew on board the ship-wrecked Byzantium.

Info: The Flood creatures

Home planet: Mars-Bowie base 1

What are they: Infected unfiltred water victims.

Special abilities: climbing on and up things.

Special features: Ejecting unfiltered water.

Why they are evil: Because they tried to get rid of (kill) the cast and crew of Bowie base 1.

Info: Judoon

Home plant: Unknown

What are they?: Intergalactic police force.

Special abilities: None.

Special features: A ray gun,a scanner and a cataloging device.

Why they are evil: After disintegrating the killer plasmavore,the Judoon were going to leave the Doctor dead and leave approximately 1000-2000 people stranded on the moon without oxygen.

Info: Ice warriors

Home planet: Mars

What are they?: Martians who are sensetive to heat, hence the name "Ice Warriors"

Special abilities: Built in gun .

Special features : None

Why they are evil: On several accounts, the Ice Warriors have tried to wipe out hummanity

Info: The Vashta Nerada

Home planet:The library

what are they?: Carniverous deadly swarms.

Special abilities: Can take over people by devouring the skin whole.

Special features: Very fast and cunning.

Why they are evil?: They've taken over the library and killed more than half of the small crew.

Info: Adipose

Home planet: Adiposia

What are they?: little blobs of fat.

Special abilities: Able to devour whole bodies.

Special features: Cute

Why they are evil: They're not really. It's part of their evolution.

Info: Sontarans

Home planet: Sontar

what are they?: Brutal war race.

Special abilities: Probic vent at back of the head that can absorb energy. This is also their weak spot.

special features: potato-shaped heads.
Gun stick that can stun, hypnotise and kill.
Space armour.
Unit that translates languages universally.

Why they are evil: They have destroyed several planets.

Info: the Trickster

Home planet: Unknown

what is he?: Extra dimensional alien, once part of a evil race called the Pantheon of Discord..

Special Abilities: Has the ability to time travel.

special features: Has no face..

Why he is evil: Feeds on and causes chaos.

Info: Abzorboloff

Home planet: Colm

What is he?: A humanoid who absorb bodies whole, which gives him access to all their knowlege.

Special abilities: Can absorb whole bodies leaving only a face for a trace.

Special feature: a killer cane which holds his power.

Why he is evil: Tried to devour the TARDIS and the doctor whole, as he did the members of L.I.N.D.A.

Info: Sycorax

Home planet: Sycoraxic

What are they?: Scavengers and hunters.

Special abilities: Blood control.

Special features: Mind control

Why they are evil: The the Sycorax leader tried to kill the doctor in a sword fight in an attempt to kill him and then take over the world.

Info: Sil

Home planet: Thoros Beta

What is he?: A reptillian slime ball, with a humanoid face who, likes death.

Special abilities: Has slaves and can organise deaths.

Special features: None

Why he is evil: Sold and bought recordings of torture, which was classed as entertainment on his planet. Sil tried to make the Doctor think he was dying of thirst on a live television show on Varos. On Thoros Beta, the fiend used a mind machine on the Doctor which affected his brain. This made him allie up with Sil.

Info: Scaroth

Home planet:Unknown.

What are they: The Jagaroth are a vicious, callous , war like race.

Special abilities: Can disguise himself more than once.

Special features: Can time travel in his very own ship.

Why are they evil?: Scaroth the last of the Jagaroth, planned to go back in time to make sure the dinosaurs never died out...

Info: Melkur, Traken statue (creature)

Home planet: Traken

What are they?: Live Statues.

Special abilities: Eyes glow red when programmed to kill.

Special features: Can walk and talk

Why they are evil: Because the master has programmed them to be.

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