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The E-Space Trilogy

Full Circle
Featuring:The Fourth Doctor,Romana K9 and Adric
Foe:the Marshmen
Set on Alzarius

The TimeLords have decided that they want Romana to return to her home planet Galifrey.
The Doctor sets the Co-ordinates and dematerialises.But something goes wrong when they are sucked into a CVE and K9 loses control of the TARDIS.
The TARDIS has entered E-space and the Co-ordinates for Galifrey in E-Space takes them to Alzarius.
A young boy named Adric decides that he wants to be an outsider wich is the name for rebels on Alzarius.All Alzarians aim to reach The Planet Terradon and that is also the Aim for all Alzarians.
The Three time travellers decide to investigate Alzarius and separate. The Doctors visits the Forests and him and K9 witness dozens of Marshmen rise from the Alzariun marsh.
Wile Romana goes back to the TARDIS when Adric arrives a group of outsiders invade the TARDIS and claim to have taken over.The Time Lady dematerialises to end up in the main room of the Alzarian Citadel where the encounter a Marsh Spider who tries to attack.She defends herself with a Marsh Fruit but it splits open and another Marsh Spider emerges.
Suddenly she is covered in spiders and left unconscious on the ground.
Meanwhile K9 and the Doctor split up and the Doctor is Welcomed in the citadel where a scientist if found experimenting on a marshman.
Romana is now becoming a Marshmen and lets in the Marshmen.K9 can do nothing as a Marshman approches a slices of his head with it's hand in one split second.
The Rebels and the inhabitants and Adric now have to save their planet From the Marshmen.
With the Doctors Help and encouragement the Marshmen travel back to the swamps and the Terradon ship leaves.
But With Adric's Comfirmation of his stay K9 reports that the are stuck in E-space

State Of Decay
Featuring:The Fourth Doctor,Adric,Romana and K9
Foe:The Vampires
Set on a planet in E-Space

The Four Time travellers continue their search to find the exit to E-space and end up on a mysterious planet with no name.
The inhabitants seem to know every single person on the planet so it comes as a suprise to them as four strangers arrive one a robot dog.
The Doctor and Romana visit the tower where the vampires have been living.
Adric and K9 also have the same idea.
When the Two Time lords reach the Tower Aukon one of the vampires welcomes them in his domain.
Adric arrives and K9 goes with the doctor but the Vampires only have one thing on their mind,blood.
Zargo chases Adric and Camilla corners Romana Adric is taken away and his transformation begins...

Meanwhile,The Doctor and a bunch of natives work together to find out what powerful force is behind this.
The Doctor is to late,Adric is saved but the Greatest Vampire has awoken from his sleep and is ready to conquer...

Warriors Gate
Featuring:The Fourth Doctor,Romana,K9 and Adric
Foe:Slave traders,Gundan Robots
3/3 The way of E-Space

The TARDIS takes the travellers to a void between the two universes E-Space and N-Space.The crew of ship trying to escape E-Space captures Romana and takes her to the ship.
The crew have been using Creatures called Tharils to pilot their way around as they are time sensitive beings.
The Doctor decides to visit the Mysterious gate that stands in the middle of the void and it appears to be a huge dining room with empty plates and Non functioning Gundan Robots scattered around the room.
While facsinated in a mirror a gundan robot lifts its axe and prepares to kill the Doctor.The Doctor is told that "All the gateways are one" By the robot

The slave traders use Romana and straps her to a machine.Like The Tharils She is now becoming a Navigator.
A Injured tharil walks towards her and Romana screams but the Tharil helps her and sets her free.
The Doctor is caught by the slave traders but he can somehow walk through the mirror.
It takes him to the same dining room where Tharils eat and the Gundan robots storm through.The Doctor helps the Tharils get their freedom but it means that The Gate and the ship will have to be destroyed Romana decides to stay and help the Tharils and The Doctor gives her K9 as a gift.
The TARDIS dematerialises withe only Adric and The Doctor left

1980 Full circle
Believed to be descendants of Alzarians

The Marshmen live in Marshy swamps and only arrive at a time of year called mistfall.
The Marshmen are feared all around the planet and have incredible strength.
The Alzarians believed that the Marshmen were relatives of their ancestors and that they will become Marshmen.
The have almost scaly skin,strange shaped heads,small eyes and something hanging from their faces.They don't speak but only roar when aggrivated.They can force open doors and one of them even chopped k9's head of in one second.

They are aggressive creatures and will use violence whenever they feel like it.

State of decay 1981

These Vampires once were humans on an expidition to the strange planet in E-Space.
They were transformed by the Great Vampire living in the heart of the planet.
They only survive by turning the population into vampires.
Like the legends,they are allergic to Garlic and can be killed by a stake through the heart.
They worshipped the Great Vampire who then returned to cinqure the universe with an empire army of Vampires...

1981 Warriors Gate

The Tharils are time sensetive beings that used to live in luxury.
Before the slave traders arrived,These creatures lived in luxury and freedom and were the superior beings.
But when the Tharils were used as navigators their freedom was taken away.
The Minds were used as navigators to guide their ship and other Tharils were used as slaves.
When the Slave trade ship was destroyed an the gate was destroyed the Tharils were free again .

Status:Alzarian Outsider

Adric is just one form of life on his planet Alzarius.
He did not live in luxury like others but chose to join a group of stowaways called Outsiders.
Adric helped the Doctor with his travels with his mathmatic skill
He helped the Doctor during his post-regenarative trauma experience wich means that his regeneration goes wrong.
His skill most came in handy when the Doctor,Nyssa,Tegan and Adric first met the Cybermen in their stronger form.
While the Cybermen were advancing their plan to crash a space freighter into Earth Adric tried to stop the plan but a dying Cybermen destroyed the controls. the freighter become the meteor that destroyed the dinosaurs but this explosion caused Adric's Death

Romana II
Destiny Of The Daleks(Romana I The Ribos Operation to The Armaggedon Factor
Status:Time Lady Sent to help the Doctor with the Key To Time

Romana is a Time Lord that was sent to help the Doctor on his quest to find the Key to Time
After her 6 adventures with the Doctor she decided to regenerate but chose several bodies before the Doctor agreed.
Romana helped the Doctor like Adric with her mathmatic skills and even went on to fight monsters on her own.
When the travellers found the way out of E-Space Romana decided To Stay and help the Tharils.

The Invisible Enemy to Warriors Gate
Home:An asteroid-space hospital

K9 is a futeristic robot dog created by a proffessser.
He was built with a memory bank that can hold any information.
In his first appearance, K-9 Helped Leela fight the evil virus possesed victims.

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