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Doctor who Planet Guide


Logopolis is the key to the universe. It is in the middle of the universe.
If Logopolis is destroyed, then so is the entire universe.
The Logipolitans are a peaceful race. They do not use computers, they speak the lanquage.
Apparently Earth numbers and letters are difficult to understand considering they speak perfect English.
Logopolis has the technology to replicate anything-like the Pharos Project.
It also has the technology to fix everything, Like the TARDIS chamelion circuit.
They have the machinery on logopolis to do everything.

They do not sleep, eat or drink and homes are not needed as they are always working.
The sky is a permenant purple-ish greyish colour and night and day is not important.
Some of the Logopolitans work in small cave-like shelters and the remaining population work in seperate rooms which contain less spaces.
The only pieces of so called "machinery" that the Logopolitans use are small box objects for calculations and big portions of machinery.
They think that computers and all Earth machinery are inferior to theirs.
The Doctor Says that Logopolitans "Mutter the computations."


Galifrey is in the seventh system of the home constellation of Kasterberous.
It was also the center of the Great Time War. It is the home of the Time Lords.
The citidel contains a ceremonial place, a Space traffic center and room just for the president and the Key Of Rassilon .
It has seperate rooms for different Time Lords.
In order for Gallifrey to be protected by Vampires a common enemy, Omega the so called first Time Lord, constructed a second sun which was added to the system.
The second sun is only a small and artificial one unlike the first.
Gallifrey is only known really for having one sun. This star is called Pogar.
The Gallifrey system has 6 planets. Gallifrey is the second, Karn the third, Polafrey the fourth and another unknown one, possibly Demos. The third Doctor and Jo met an inhabitant from Demos. The species were called the Deamons.
Gallifrey's second name is also 'The shining suns of the seventh system' and it is 3 times the size of the our planet.
So when the planet almost crashed down on Earth after the Time Lords returned, it was almost destroyed.
Galifrey also has the same orbit as Alzarius, Adric's home planet.


Even though Earth is our home planet, there are still many hidden secrets, like U.N.I.T for example.
In 2006 nobody knew about the secret Racnoss plan under a company called H.C Clemants, where she and her babies were hidden deep in the centre of the Earth.
Earth has been under attatck by the Cybermen, Daleks, Autons, Yeti, Axons and more.
Earth is the place where the Gate was built .
The third, fourth, eighth and tenth Doctor have all regenerated on Earth.
Over the years technology has been built to defeat the oldest of enemies and now machinery to enable travel between paralell universes exists.
Earth is where the Master released the Toclafane into the world.
Fenric's Heamovores attacked Earth during world war two and so did the Cybermen and Daleks countless times.
The Pandorica event also happened on Earth as well as did the Eye Of Harmony opening.
The original Silurians and the Sea Devils invaded, trying to reclaim the planet both at seperate times.
But in 2084 they both joined forces in order to obliterate humanity once again and to reclaim the entire planet once more.


Mondas is Earths twin planet.
It was still in the Solar System.
Mondas is also the original home planet of the Cybermen.
It is the tenth planet in the Solar System but strangely drifted away from orbit.
This was apparently because of the arrival of the Moon.
Once Mondas was destroyed shortly before the Doctor regenerated, the Cybermen moved to the ice planet of Telos.


After the planet Mondas was destroyed,the Cybermen entombed themselves inside Cyber Tombs.
These Cyber Tombs were kept in the icy cold, deep underground.
The air is suitable for humans and Cyber technology is placed everywhere.

In 1985 when the Cybermen bring the TARDIS to Telos, the planet's cyber control is more advanced.
It has a secret chamber for a species called the Cryons who are at war with the Cybermen.
The Cyber Tombs remain but are bigger and rectangular and the Cybermen themselves are now stronger and more advanced.
Outside Cyber control, the planet itself is but a rocky landscape.


Even though it might look like a spaceship, Axos,the Axons, Axonite and the Axon spaceship are all made up of the same material.
Axos has a chamber which holds all of the Axonite.
Axonite is only ever found on Axos.
Axonite (and therefore Axos) is famous for its healing powers and the ability to unlimit all objects.
Axos also has a section just for holding the deadly claws a of a more powerful true Axon race.

Androzani minor

Androzani has a twin planet, Androzani Major but Androzani Minor is bigger.
Androzani has a military force, a place of execution, deep dangerous caves and the odd mud bursts that pop up unexpectedly.
It has tall mountains and is covered in sand.
Androzani Minor also inherits something called "Spectrox Toxemia" a disease that can kill within only two days. The planet also has a huge cave monster and the foe that lies just above is Sharaz Jek.
The mud bursts that explode on the surface of Androzani are massive explosions that can be fatal if you're in the way.
Androzani Minor has a blue sea with a pinkish room built for the president. The Doctor and Peri catch Spectrox Toxemia.
The only cure is queen bat's milk which the Fifth Doctor finds.
But near the TARDIS, the Androzani military are looking for him, intending to kill him.
A mud burst catches him which leaves him feeling weak.
Peri drinks the queen's bat milk but the Doctor didn't fetch enough for the two of them.
The Doctor is automatically forced to regenarate on Androzani Minor...


Voga is the legendary planet of gold as well as the centre of the Cyberwar.
The inhabitants of the planet are known as Vogans.
It's surface was completley abandoned, but 4 kilometres underground,the Vogans lived in fear of their enemies the Cybermen.
The Vogans invented the "glitter gun" knowing that gold affects their chest units.
Because of the gold the Cybermen planned to destroy their planet.
Like Mondas,the planet Voga moved from its original position but unlike Mondas,Voga moved towards the solar system into Jupiter's orbit, in the 27 century instead of away from it.

On the Nerva Beacon also known as "The Ark In Space," after the Wirrn event,the people on board thought that Voga contained no life whatsoever.
The Cybermen want to destroy Voga for revenge apparently.
The war ended when a mass of Vogans were killed and left for dead, their bodies scattered around their planet.


Traken is Nyssa's home planet.
The Keeper of Traken is the leader. The keeper can survive for thousands of years.
The Master's TARDIS has been homed on the planet Traken for years now and can actually walk and disguise itself as a calcified creature called Melkur.
Traken is a planet which is mainly garden and the massive place inside is home to the entire population of Traken.
Traken has a chamber just for the keeper.


Varos is a prison planet.
The Varosians are forced to watch cruel "entertainment" in which people are being killed or hurt badly.
These events are set in the punishment dome, built on Varos many years ago.
The sky is a type of red and so is the pebbly ground.
It is home to a strange type of metal which the Doctor and Peri need to find in order to keep the TARDIS functioning again.
An old enemy Sil, is homed there and not on his home planet of Thoros-Beta.
Varosians are punished by being either hanged, shot ,forced to take part in the deadly entertainment,lazered, put in an acid bath, as well as incinerated.


As mentioned before, Thoros-Beta is Sil's home planet. The people of Thoros-Beta are called The Mentors.
The Saturn-like planet in the distance is the twin planet of Thoros-Beta known as Thoros-Alpha.
Thoros-Beta has a pink , purple sea and a bluey greeny type sky.
As Sil is obssesed whith death ,cruelty and punishment,he invented "the Rock of Sorrows," a place where you are forced to do certain things or you're tortured or killed.
The Doctor is forced to wear a strange mind machine which alters his brain and betrays him into thinking that Peri is his foe...


Alzarians follow the same species as Adric who was once a companion to the Doctor.
Alzarius contains over one million things simillar to Galifrey. However, Alzarius is located in E-Space, a smaller universe whereas Galifrey is located in our bigger universe of N-Space.
A space ship from the planet Terradon crashed on Alzarius, this is said to be from 4000 generations before Adrics time.
Alzarius in notable for it's unusual creatures like the Marsh spider.
It's also said that the creatures on Alzarius can always quickly develop.
The planets individuals have the ability to almost immediatley heal and repair themselves but they do not have the superiority to regenarate like the Time Lords can.


Planet Skaro is home to the dreaded species the Daleks.
The Daleks have been at war with a peaceful race named the Thals and have been the cause of the Great Time War.
When the Fourth Doctor, Harry and Sarah-Jane landed in the middle of a war between the Kaleds and the mutos, Davros was conducting horrible experiments on Skaro.
The surface of the planet is just a simple rockface.
Davros goes through the trouble of creating all diffrent types of monsters but eventually settles on one thing...
A dome for a head,a singular eyestalk perched on top of the dome, a set of globes near the base, a manipulater arm, two small lights on the top and finaly a gun.
Davros has invented the Dalek-the ultimate killer...


Planet Karn is the fourth planet in the Galifrey system.
It contains the Sisterhood of Karn who want revenge on a certain renagade Time Lord, Morbius.
The planet Karn is really a planet full of strange mutants.
The planet experiences strange storms and is full of grass and weeds, the sky a constant dark grey type black.

The Sisterhood worship something called the 'Sacred Flame' which would kill them all if the flame went out.
Only rarely somebody will leave the place where they're currently inhabit to vist or go somewhere else.
Homes are not together they are all seperate.

Necros is a cemetary but also home to an old foe, Davros.
The planet is covered in snow and the seas contain horrible mutants which have the appearance of half human-half diseased men.
It has a main centre where radio broadcasts are sent out, television signals and finally, where Davros plans his evil schemes...
Homes are placed all around the planet and the real inhabitants are ordinary human beings but their weaponary and technology is far more advanced.


Peladon is mainly a royal planet with cliffs and rocks covering the entire planet.
The planet has coal mines and slaves and a rumour of the great and mighty beast known as Aggador.
A small group of aliens have settled down on the planet, like the peaceful visitor called Alpha-Centuri.
The planet has as a punishment, a deep dark hole where it's victims are trapped in the domain of the beast Aggador.

Metabelis 3

The Doctor has made many attempts to land on the planet of Metabelis 3 and has actually succeeded.
Metabelis 3 is a beautiful blue Saturn-like planet in the Acteon galaxy.
The natives are Eight-legged people known an the "Eight Legs".
Metabelis 3 is a wild life planet.

It is also home to the evil leader of the species known as, 'The Great One,' who is in search of a special diamond that the Doctor stole many years ago.


Forward a few million years into the future and Earth has drifted away from it's original position and somehow become known as the planet Ravalox.
Ravalox was half destroyed by a solar fireball 5 hundred years previously.
It is now controlled by a robot called Drathro the L3 robot as well as A tribe called, 'The Tribe Of The Free'.
The planet has no proper trees or grass and the underground train stations are now inhabited by humans who think that water is so special that it has to be guarded.
Also underground,Drathro awaits in need of something special called, 'Black Light'.

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