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Old Enemies And Their Plans

The Tenth Planet
1966 (Four parts)

December 1986 and a space capsule, which has run into difficulty, is being talked down by personnel under the command of General Cutler.
The location is a South Pole tracking station.

Pulled by the gravitational pull of another planet which has entered the Solar System and is heading towards earth, the Doctor soon makes the discovery that, the planet in question is Mondas, a twin world to Earth's own globe and it is draining the energy away from it.

The Cybermen's intention is to convert all of humanity into beings like themselves but the humans fight back.
A z-bomb is launched by Cutler, causing Mondas to disentegrate. The remaining Cybermen having been dependent on their planet also perish.
Feeling weak from the battle, the Doctor races back to the TARDIS...

The Moonbase
1967 (Four parts)

The TARDIS lands on the moon in 2070 only to discover that the crew are battling against a mysterious plague which is killing members one by one.

The Base uses a machine called the 'gravitron' to control Earth's weather but little do they know that the Cybermen are infecting the base's sugar supply to disable the crew.

They capture and change members of the crew before taking over and destroying the base.
Ben,Polly and Jamie fight back with the rest of the crew, destroying Cybermen with a mixture of chemicals that dissolves their chest units.

But many more Cybermen are headed towards the moon and they are sending many more ships.

The Doctor defeats the Cybermen by using the gravitron to influence the moon's gravity and atmosphere so that the Cybermen and their ships are sent hurling deep into space.

The Tomb Of The Cybermen
1967 (Four Parts)

When the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria land on the planet of Telos, they meet an archeology expedition led by Professor Pary.

The team is planning to wipe out the remains of the Cybermen.
They visit a place called Cyber control where they discover that hundreds of Cybermen are entombed underground in order to save their species.

The Cybermen are entombed in giant honeycomb like tombs but two of Parry's team betray him and release humdreds of Cybermen.

Victoria and the members of Parry's team are upstairs but strange cybernetic creatures known as Cybermats, are on the loose and they attack the two members of the team.

Meanwhile the Cybermen are killing the archeologists and one gets Jamie.

The Cybercontrol arrives and locks them all in cyber control trying to upgrade them into yet more Cybermen.
And with the archeologist's ships no longer functioning and the TARDIS outside Cyber Control, it seems that they are trapped and the Cybermen are advancing quickly...

The Wheel In Space
1968 (Six Parts)

The TARDIS arrives on a spaceship Known also as the 'Silver carrier' which has strangly drifted from its original course.

The Time travellers are then taken to a nearby station named as station 3, also known as the wheel.
The Cybermen have sent the Silver carrier and are concealed onboard.
The Cybermen who have changed their appearance once again, send Cybermats to Destroy a special material that keeps the wheel functioning, this is called Bernalium.

A Meteor storm is approching (caused by the Cybermen)and the crew of the wheel find Bernalium on the silver carrier and bring it back to the wheel.

But the Cybermen are concealed inside the crates.
The Doctor manages to de-activate and neutralize the Cybermats and destroy the Cybermen on the ship before the rest of the Cyber fleet arrives.

The recharged X-Ray beam destroyes the Cyber ship but they soon return.

The Invasion
1968 (Eight parts)

The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria meet up with U.N.I.T and Brigadier Lethbridge stewart who is in charge of the newly formed military.

UNIT has been investiating the worlds biggist electronics manufacturer and it's leader Tobias Vaughn.
Nobody knows that Tobias is in league with the deadly Cybermen who are being shipped over to Earth and re-animated.

They are being distributed through London sewers, where the Doctor and UNIT discover a rogue Cybermen screaming and wailing and trying to kill them...
They are ready to take over the world and are rising through the pot holes to murder people.

Everywhere is being invaded, the Cybermen crave power and even want to kill those in league with them.
For UNIT and the Cybermen it's a massive war.
With Earth paralysed, the Second Doctor has to persuade Vaughn to help him to defeat he's so called allies.
This time the Cybermen have put upgrading to the side and now they just crave power and ultimate destruction.

Revenge Of The Cybermen
1975 (Four Parts)

After an encounter with the Daleks, the Time Ring (that brought the Time travellers to Skaro in the first place) brings the Fourth Doctor, Sarah and Harry, to the Nerva beacon but thousands of years before the Wirrn event.
The giant space station is currently being used as a beacon, warning space traffic and asteroid in jupiter's orbit-Voga.
The asteroid is in fact the planet of Voga also known as the planet of gold.
The three time travellers learn that a terrifying space plague is infecting and killing the crew.
All but a few members of the crew are killed...
A visiting human called Kellman is in fact a traitor working for a new and stronger race of Cybermen who want the destruction of Voga because gold affects their chest units and kills them.
The Strange plague is the result of poison being injected into the victims.
Now bigger and deadlier than ever seeb before, the Cybermen invade the Nerva Beacon and force the Doctor and two of the remaining crew to carry some colbalt Bombs to place right at the heart of Voga.
However,Kellmen is a double-agent.
He works for a faction of Vogans. The plan has been to lure the Cybermen to the beacon so that the Vogans can destroy the beacon with a powerfull missile known as the Skystriker
The Doctor stops carrying the bombs and returns to the Beacon.
The Cybermen are intent on finding out the vogans intentions.
The Missile is launch but the Doctor directs it to be aimed at the Cybership and the Cybership is eventually destroyed.

1982 (Four Parts)

The Doctor, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan, arrive on Earth in the 26th century in a set of caves that contains a numerous amount of Donosaur fossils.
Members of the military (Not UNIT) have been exploring the caves but many have been killed by mysterious humanoid figures with no facial features.
The Doctor runs into Lieutenent Scott and his Military, who think that the Doctor is behind the murders but suddenly are attacked by the humanoid figures.

These are the real enemy and they have been created and are under the control of an old enemy, Cybermen.
Adric, Nyssa,and Tegan remain in the TARDIS as instructed but Adric sets of to find the Doctor and the others soon follow. The Cybermen have planted a bomb in a strange hatch which the Doctor soon discovers.

With Adrics help, the bomb is now successfully deactivated. The four time travellers trace a signal that was previously being sent out to a large freighter deep in space. They all meet the crew but are once again are being accused of murder.

But the Doctor is able to speak to the commander and is just about found innocent.
But an army of Cybermen, big enough to rule an empire, are heading the way of the freighter.
The Cybermen's plan is to crash the ship into earth in prehistoric times in order to cause the extinction of the dinosaurs and the ship is thought to be the meteor that crashed into Earth.
The Cybermen would then eliminate all life on Earth.
Having Now being aware of the plan, the four time travellers and the entire crew have to escape.
But Adric notices something and stays behind trying to stop the Cybermen's plan.
The cyberleader tries to stop Adric but he is to weak and the Cyberleader dies.
He has to be quick as the ship could destroy Earth.
The others all escape but the only solution as Adric realises, is to blow up the freighter but in doing to Adric himself dies...

Attack Of The Cybermen
1985 (Two Double-Lenghth Episodes)

The newly regenerated Doctor plans to take Peri To London as a suprise for her but the journey goes wrong when somebody beams a mayday signal to the TARDIS.
The Doctor opens up the scanner to see Haleys comet orbiting the ship.
The Doctor has once again been trying to repair the chamelion circuit but when the TARDIS lands in London, Totters Yard in 1985, the TARDIS disguises itself as a cabinet.
The Doctor and Peri travel towards a building where they meet a pair of rogue policemen .
The Doctor is able to knock one down unconcious and then they investigate the sewers.
They meet commander Lyton who was there again with Davros and the Doctor recognises him even though they didn't actually meet last time.
The Also see a Cyber guard patrolling around the sewers but he is able to destroy it by using a machine from the TARDIS.
Commander Lyton and his crew are then taken to the TARDIS.
Just when they are about to dematerialise, the TARDIS is invaded by Cybermen.
Two are destroyed but suddenly the Cyber leader marches on board with more Cybermen and gives the order to kill Peri...

The Cybermen lock up the travellers and the Cyberleader announces that he will take the TARDIS to Telos.
When they arrive a rogue Cyberman escapes from its tomb.
The Doctor is locked in a room on cybercontrol with a Cryon-enemies of the Cybermen on Telos as is with peri and lytton.
The Cyber controller plans to blow Haleys comet into the Earth by somehow turning it into a massive bomb...
But when the Doctor, lytton and Peri manage to escape, they head for the centre of Cybercontrol where the Doctor battles with the cybercontroler (the one with the massive bolbous head)and defeates him.
The Doctor uses a type of powder that the Cryon gave him which blows the Cyber tombs to pieces as well the section of Telos which the Doctor is in...

Silver Nemesis
1988 (Three Parts)

The Doctor and Ace arrives in England in 1988 where they are unaware of the fact that a bunch of Cybermen, a group of Nazis and a 17th century sorceress, Lady Peinforte wishes to control a statue made entirely of Validium,a rare and special type of metal.

The statue was previously made by Rassilon as an ultimate defence for the planet Galifrey.
The statue contains three individual pieces-a bow, and Arrow and the statue itself.
The piecess all need to be together in order to activate the Nemesis Statue but they became seperated in 1638 in order to stop Lady Peinforte trying and seize it.

The Doctor had launched it into space inside a meteorite which had an orbit that brings it Earth every 25 years.
But the Statue brings destruction and disaster every time it lands.
A Cybership arrives and the figure of the indestructible cyberleader is revealed.

Cybermen try to kill the Doctor and Ace. But having escaped, the Doctor reveals on a scanner that above Earth, Thousands of pre-invisible Cyber warships are seen.

The Doctor Manages to fight off the three factions but Ace escapes to a Cyber ship and Discovers the Statue ... the Cyberleader and another group of other Cybermen heading her way...
The Doctor succeeds but nobody knows that this is a trip for the Cybermen.

The Cyber leader, his Cybermen on Earth and their ship are destroyed and the Doctor sends the statue back into space where it destroys the entire Cyber fleet in orbit...

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