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1: Zarbi Of Vortis

The Web planet 1965

Encountered by The First doctor

Susan Ian and Barbara


The Zarbi were a giant cro9ss between an Earth ant and other bettles that have the Planet Vortis for a home.
The Zarbi were also made millitant by the dark power of the Animus, a parasatic intelligent alien being that caame to the planet of Vortis and infected the whole planet. It's fungul structure spread acrloss Vortis and another insect like being, The Menoptra were forced to flee from their home planet. But with the help of the Doctor and his companions they were able to return tovortis and destrroy the evil animus. Withg the controlling force from the Animus's infection gone free, The Zarbi once more became docile.

2: The Yeti

The Abominable snowmen, The Web Of Fear.

Encountered by The second doctor, Jamie

and Zoe and polly


The Abominable snowmen

The Yeti are servents of the great intelligence. An evil force that has the power to anything considering that it does not have a permenant form. When a formless entity tries to manifest it's way into tibetan mountains in the 1930's, It creates the Robotic yeti to carry out it's plans. The Intelligence was defeated with the help of the doctor and Monks of the Den set monastry who live there and an englkish proffesser called Professer Travers who takes back a yeti to his home back in London.

The Web Of Fear

With the intelligence supposedly defreated in tibet, Travers as said had briught baack a deactivated Yeti with other artefects back to his home in London andFourty years later the Intellifence was strong enough to activate and revive Yeti as well as itself. This time it sent diffrent slighly slimmer taler yerti to the London underground where it had set a trap for the Doctor - an old For. These Yeti had Eyes that could see
thouhg impenatrable darkness. The now had guns that could fire a sticky web like substance wich like spiders could paralyse it's victims then suffocate and kill. When the Doctor walks rigfht into the trap he realises what he's up against.
With the Help of the newly Formed U.N.I.T, (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) the help the Doctor to once again defeat the Intellighence and it's servants, This time for good.
But the legend Goes On
The myth of the yeti, The mystery of the Abominable snowman in tibet. Are they Real?(No) Time will tell only too soon...

3:The Krotons

The Krotons

Encountered by The second doctor

Jamie and Zoe


The Krotons were a crystaline life form that could survive for lonmg periods of time in the form of a dormant slurry.This slurry however coyuld be reactivated by mental energy returning to intelligent form.

A kroton dynatrope crashed on the strange planet of the gonds, and not enough of the crew survived to fix repairs and damages to the ship wich was powered by mental energy. The Krotons returned to a crystalline slurry,leaving learning machinesthat would educate the inhabitrants of the planet - the Gonds to the point where their mental powers would be usefull to the Krotons to repair the ship.
The most brilliantly educated Gonds would be taken to the Kroton dynatrope where they would be drained of their mental powers and thereflore reanimating the 2 last surviving krotons.

The second Doctor was able to destroy the last remaining Krotons by adding acid to their crystaline slurry in effect poisoning them. The Gonds added more acid therefore destroying the whole dynotrope

4: Spiders of Metebelis III

Planet of the spiders

Encountered by The Third doctor and Sarah Jane


The Giant Spiders of Metebelis three could comminicate either by talking or mental powers. These mental powers could also kill and the human host or human comunicating with the spiders could also harm the Spider with their mental energy. They were rulled by a queen and an empress known as the great one. When an Earth spaceship crashed on the Planet Metebelis III, the survivors were unable to repair their ship or signal for helpand so settled on the planet. But an extraordinary spider from the ship found it's way into the mountains of blue crystals that could enhance the powers of the mind...the Spiders then became clever and larger and numbers started increase taking control of the human settlers. The Spider race was born...

Ruled by Queen Huath, the Spiders sought for the great one. An enoen=mous spider who wanted tghe last blue crystal-the One that the Doctor took on his last journey, the one he gave to Jo Grant.She wanted it to complete a lattice that would amplify her own brainwaves and make her the most powerful creature in existence but tghe last crystal was given to jo and this will cost the bdoctor his own life...

5:Draconians of Draconia

encountered by the the Third doctor and Jo Grant

frontier in space


Ruled by a heredity emporor the Draconions were a race steeped in honour and tradidition. The did not lie and females were not permitted to speak in their betters such as the empor

In the twenty-sixth century, the Draconians had an empire that bordered Earth. After a terrible war there was an uneasy truce between Earth and the Draconions known as dragons on earth. A later war was averted when the doctor proved that it was being provoked by the master who used ogrons and daleks to weaken both empires.


The doctor and Jo Gran5t arrive on a cargo ship as it is attacked.while the hunman crew, hypnotised by the master, see the attackers as draconians but the doctor and jo see the attackers as Ogrons- hired thugs that works for the daleks.

The Fendahl is an evil huge alien bgeing that originated on the fifth planet in our solar bsystem befor Jupiter was created. The Fendahl composits if tweklve worm-lkike Fendahleen- Smaller just made Fendahl.Whenever a Fendahl finds a host the Fendahleen makes sure that the host Obeys and is definatley under the influence of the Fendahl.
The Time Lords one fought the Fendahl in the Dark times in which Rassilon was still alive. Just by looking the fendahl can immobilise Humans using just oine look and a telepathic trace. The Fendahl chose Thea ransom as the Host at a scientific research lab. When the Doctor arrives he finds that the scientists are either Dead, or taken over . the doctor then discoveres that underground the centre of the research lab, the Fendahl now has unlimited powers...

Image of the Fendahl
7. Heamovores

The Haemovores are a vampiric race of alien beings that in Earths far future are supposed to invade and destroy All of Humanity claiming the World theirs. The Haemovores have sharp claws and razor sharp teeth nd the ability to weld the steel and metal with their bare hands. They hunt only in mist when "The Time Is right" They are super intelligent beings that base themselves on old viking dead.

Originate from planet Oseidon
Doctors encountered Fourth

The Home planet of the kraals Was made unbearable to live in after it had been radioactive so the kraals left the doomed world and decided to conquer earth and dominate the planet with its own.
The Kraals Planned to replace key figures on a nearby space defence station and in devesham whith Androids. The androids would then release a virus that would kill and destroy everybody. the virus would thern become inactive when the kraal marshal chedaki's invasion fleet arrived.

The TARDIS arrives on the planet Oseidon where the alien Kraals have created an exact replica of the English village of Devesham and its nearby Space Defence Station and populated it with androids in order to rehearse for an invasion attempt. A human astronaut, Guy Crayford, has been duped into collaborating with them.

The TARDIS travels to Earth alone, and the Doctor and Sarah follow in Crayford's rocket, which is being used to carry the spearhead of the invasion force. The Kraals' chief scientist, Styggron, intends to release a deadly virus in order to weaken resistance to the forthcoming invasion.

On reaching Earth, the Doctor and Sarah try to convince UNIT troops at the Space Defence Station of the danger, but with the Brigadier away in Geneva, their attempts fall on deaf ears - Crayford is being hailed as a hero.

The Doctor uses the Station's transmitters to block the control signals of the now active androids - including duplicates of himself, Harry Sullivan and RSM Benton - and prevents Styggron from releasing his virus. Styggron accidentally infects himself during a fight with the android Doctor and is killed.
Styggron's Androids.

The androids were created by the Kraal scientist Stygrron. They wore protective suits and had a black screen visor.
They were installed with inbuilt bulled guns in the plastic fingers and this class were called drones.
After they had released the virus they would immune and so could stay as the invasion fleet atrived but they did and stuggron was killed by his own virus.

Occasionally stygrron would create duplicates of his targeted and programme the duplicates to kill the real ones and any one else in sight. Styggron proved this by creating duplicates of both the doctor and Sarah Jane.



The black guardian is one of the guardians of time and is also know as the guardian of darkness and chaos. anthropomorphic personification of the forces opposed to the powers of light, as embodied by the White Guardian. With the White Guardian and four others, he was part of the Six-Fold God known as the Guardians of time.
Like all Guardians, the Black Guardian was the embodiment of chaos in time and was only as powerful as his element in the universe. He was able to change his appearance at will and channel his power of destruction to his follower Wrack.

When the fifth doctor encountered the Guardian Hehad chosen to exist inside the mind of Exilled Trion schoolboy Turlough and tries to get him to kill the doctor for in exchange Turlough would be able to return again to his home planet.
In the end The guardian was defeated and the doctor accepted turlough into the TARDIS Crew.

The Time warrior 1974
The sontaran experiment 1975
The invasion of time 1978
The Two doctors 1985
The sontarans are a clone race who thrive on war and class death as an honour. They have a dome shaped head and only three fingers on each hand. The sontarans are inhabitants of a a low gravity planet called sontar located in the mutter spiral. They are also stronger than humans and have a militaristic value. they have a probic vent at the back of they neck which can be targeted as a weak spot . However the sontarans class this as a greatness because it means that they must always face their enemies in battle. Previously the sontarans have fallen under the command and or lead of several commanders.The sixth and second doctors s faced Stike and his fleet; While the fourth doctor fought Styre on a dying and abandones earth and stor and his troops when they invaded Galifrey, The third doctor faced Commander lix whose craft crashed in middle ages Earth.
In The Time Warrior, Linx states that "at the Sontaran Military Academy we have hatchings of a million cadets at each muster parade." The Doctor also comments in The Invasion of Time that Sontarans can mass-clone themselves at rates up to a million embryos every four minutes. Thereafter the clones take just ten minutes to grow to adulthood. When the Sontaran reach adulthood, under the charge of Sontaran High Command, each warrior is immediately given a rank and dispatched on a battle mission. From day one, the Sontarans are sent to battle.
They have also been at war for milenia with the Jelly like green creatures called rutans.

Other appearances include the 2008 The sontaran strategem/The Poison sky.
The Doctor Donna and martha arrive on earth to find a engine system ATMOS has been poisoning drivers.
Knowing that the sontarans are behind the Atmos The doctor and U.N.I.T Unite to stop 400,million cars from killing earth.

The end of time part two
Having defeated the Master, before regenaration a brief appearence sees the doctor knock out a sontaran with a small mallet.

The Battle of Deamons run
On deamons run Amy is held held captive. The doctor making the soldiers surrender and flee he befriend a group of aliens of of them being the Sontaran strax. Strax Dies in battle with the headless monks but classes it as an honour.

Shakedown return of the sontarans
With a change of appearance and what appears tobe two differend genders filmed in the '94 this spin off dosn't feature the doctor but sees the sontarans invade a space station.

Day of the daleks
Frontier in space brief appearance in carnival of monsters

Ogron planet later referred to as Braah

The Ogrons are low-intelligence beings referred to as the doctor at intergalactic thugs hired by the Daleks.
There Appearance resembles those of ape like humanoids with huge foreheads who life in scattered communities all over their planet. The Ogrons have never named their planet but settled on the Ogron planet.

they live on on the outer fringes of the Milky Way, far from the central spaceways. The dominant lifeform on their home planet is a giant slug-like lizard named the Eater, and the Ogrons both pray to and are preyed on by it.

This Is An Important announcement!

Doctor Who series 7 2012-2013 stars on the 1st of september with Asylum of the daleks

Episode list

Asylum of the Daleks - Daleks from all over the era from 1963 to 2012 - The Daleks kidnap the doctor and take him to a place even the Daleks are scared of.

Dinosaurs on a spaceship All we know is thart the episode will feature the crew arrive on a spaceship with dinosaurs. This is not the first time dinosaurs have arrived on doctor who Invasion of the dinosaurs 1973 with Jon Pertwee ... who is dead.

A town called Mercy I can only say these words Western style, Wild West and Cowboy Cyborg

The Power of Three

The angels take Manhattan This epispde sees the departure of Characters Amy And Rory. The Episode features Probably Weeping angels In america


Episode Meglos
Doctor encountered fourth doctor and Romana 2

Meglos was an intelligent Cactus-like species from the Planet Zolfa-Thura which happens to be close to the planet Tigella.Meglos is in fact xerophyte plant form the last survivor of Zolfa thora.
When a group of Gaztak Pirates land on Zolfa-thura, there they encounter Meglos.
As The creature has no way of moving independantly is has to transfer his being into one of suitable form.
With the help of the Gaztaks Meglos gets them to help the tranfer process and the body Meglos chooses is that of a captured human, simply called Earthling. n unfortunate effect of the transfer is that as Meglos is Green and covered in spikes the become Visible on the Body Meglos has chosen. Meglos also has the ability to become a duplicate of another, like the Doctor.

Meglos 1980
two factions of people live on Tigella, The Religious kind Deons and the scientific Kind Savants. They both have different ideas of a so called sacred artifact, The Dodecahedron But they need the Doctors Help.
The leader of the two factions Zastor sends a call to the Doctor while he is fixing K9.
Meanwhile In Zolfa Thura, the Pirates arive and find meglos in a sort of shelter inside the desolate planet.
They Help Meglos into the body a a captured Human and when Her finds the doctor on his way to Tigella, Meglos realises that the time lord must be stopped.

He locks the Doctor, Romana and K9 in a Chronic Hysteresis from which there is no return and steals the doctors Body to steal the dodecahedron. Meglos then steals the Dodecahedron and returns to his home planet and he uses the screens of Zolfa-thura to amplify the Dodecahedrons Power to aim it at and destroy Tigella but the doctor reprogramms the coordinates and the Dodecahedron destroyed both Meglos and Zolpha Thura.
The Tigellans thank the doctor and He and Romana Decide to take Earthling back home when The doctor recieves a mysterious call from the Time Lords...
The Macra

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