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Alien fact file 2
(See blog one for first fact file)

The Curse of Peladon and the Monster of peladon 1972/1974
Special features: Sharp Teeth and claws
Special weapons:teeth and claws
Other Names:None

Aggedor was a feared and powerful creature born on the planet Peladon.
King Peladon's Father made rumors that Aggedor was the one responsible for several deaths.
He was thrown down a pit centuries before and imprisoned there. When King Peladon and his counceller Hepesh decided on The Doctor and Jo's death's and thrown them down the pit,The doctor was able to communicate with him and was convinced to turn him into the peacfull less aggressive creature that he originally was.

50 years later when the Doctor and Sarah Jane visited Peladon to stop a plan set by the Ice Warriors,they discovered that Aggedor's fake ghost was attacking the people of Peladon.

Any episode featuring Adric but specifically Full Circle
Special Features the ability to heal 3 times faster than humans
Special weapons None
Origin E-Space universe/Alzarius

Identical to humans in appearance,Alzarians can Heal three times as fast but don't have the power of Regeneration. Some Alzarians live in luxury while outsiders like Adric and his brother Varsh travell across space but the main aim for all alzarians is to eventually reach the planet Terradon is their massive starliner.

Identical to Humans in appearance, Alzarians believed themselves to be descended from Terradonian colonists whose starliner crashed on Alazrius 40 generations previously. They possess rapid cellular adaptation,ant that enables them to heal incredibly quickly.

The Alzarians subsisted mainly on river fruit and toiled continually to repair the starliner in an attempt to get back to Terradon. Alzarian society was ruled by a triumvirate of Deciders, lead by the first decider, who alone had access to the starliner's databanks and the secrets therein.

Under the Deciders were the society's most gifted individuals, the Elites, and the ordinary Alzarians. Not all towed the line however, and became Outsiders, outsiders who shunned the rule of the Deciders and lived by stealing river fruit. Despite these differences all branches of Alzarian society branded together during Mistfall, a time of great danger, when spiders and Marshmen started to appear.

It was at this time that the databank's secrets became known, and the Alzarians learned of their true evolutionary history.

Name Alzarian Spider
Special feature Can poison a person and that transforms them into Marshmen
Special Weapons Sharp fangs
Other names MarshSpiders
Origin E-space universe/Alzarius

Marsh Spiders are Large black Spiders with red abdomens and greenish yellow glowing fangs.
Like Marshmen,The Inhabitants of Alzarius fear the marshspiders.
When Romana and her new Alzariun friends encounter a MarshSpider, She can't understand what the fuss is all about.

It's fangs start to glow.
More of the spiders start to come through.
She tries to defend herself with a Marshfruit but it splits open and another MarshSpider emerges from the fruit.
It leaps onto her neck and she falls to the floor and they crawl all over her.
It leaves a strange purple mark on her neck,she's turning into a Marshman...

Image Of The Fendahl
Special Features:can turn people into Fendahleen and take over bodies
Special weapons:Fendahleen
Origin:The Fifth Planet In the Solar System
Other name
There are 400million people on you planet, and if i'm right, than within be year there will be one left alive, just one

The Fendahl is a gestalt being that consists of 12 aggressive worm like creatures named the Fendahleen
and a humanoid core that originated on the fendahl's home planet.A product of an evolutionary blind alley, the Fendahl fed on the full spectrum of life-energy, eating all life on it's world, including others of it's species.This insatiable appetite for life-force brought the Fendahl to the attention of the Timelords, who destroyed it's planet, sealing it off in a time loop. Erased from history the Fendahl existed only as nightmarish creatures in Gallifreyan mythology.However a Fendahl skull survived and projected itself through space before arriving via Mars to planet Earth. For twelve million years it used it's vast reserves of energy to affect the evolution of mankind's ancestors, enabling them to eventually develop the technology required to awaken the Fendahl's latent power.As Humanity evolved the Fendahl's pentagon-shaped neural relay and vulnerability to sodium chloride passed into it's race memory and occult lore. Thus manipulated Mankind developed the time scanner, a device capable of giving the skull the power it needed to absorb enough genetic material to recreate itself, unleashing the Fendahl on Earth to begin a new cycle of destruction...

Special features:None
Special weapons:None
Other Names:none

The Bandrils are a reptillian species that had previously allied with the Karfeleons who supplied the Bandrils with grain that was important to their species.
But Unfortunatly Karfel cut of the food to the Borad's orders.

The Borad is the twisted and evil ruler of karfel, half Karfeleon and half Morlox. With a lifespan of a dozen centuries, one hundred times the intellect and twenty times the strength of ordinary Karfelons, the Borad was a formidable creature.

Forced into drastic action after all attempts at negotiation failed, the Bandrils declared war on Karfel, sending a fleet armed with deadly Bendalypse warheads to attack their former friends.

The Horns Of Nimon
Special features:the Ability To Shoot Laser beams from it's horns.
Special weapons:None
Other Name:None

A Nimon lurks in its Skonnon maze
Lithe, black skinned humanoids with large bull-like heads. The Nimon gained sustenance by ingesting the binding energy of organic compounds such as flesh. They were also capable of firing death rays from their horns.

Travelling in capsules through hyperspace the Nimon swarmed locust-like from planet to planet, draining each world of all it's energy before sending an individual Nimon to fool the next victim into giving them a foothold on their world.

The Ice Warriors
The Seeds Of Death
The Curse Of Peladon
The Monster Of Peladon
Name:The ice warriors
Special Features:None
Special weapons:special Built in sonic gun
Other Names:None

The Ice Warriors are a tall reptillian race.
Due To Different planets' different atmospheres, the Ice Warriors result in hissing.
They wear a hard protective armour and certain sections are covered in coarse hair.
They have blast shields on their helmets and have a built in sonic gun.

Their plans have always been to control Earth's weather to make it it sutible for them using moonbases that humans set up
As they are titled Ice Warriors,it is vital that they stay away from heat that's why they cannot just take over Earth.
On peladon they joined Galactic federation and tried to ally themselves with humans but 5 years later they turned against the federation and there was a war that took place on Peladon...
Picture not available because this computer is a pile of junk
The Tomb Of The Cybermen
The Wheel in space
Revenge Of The Cybermen
Blood Of The Cybermen The Adventure Games
Name Cybermats
Special Features can leap onto and bite the victims neck
Special Weapons:None
Origin Telos
Other names:None

The Cybermats are advanced beings created by the new Cybermen on the ice planet of Telos.They can jump up and attack their victims and either knock them out or kill them considering their size.
Although small the Cybermats are very intelligent and communicate with other Cybermats by using a strange electronic beeping sound.

In Revenge of the cybermen,the Cybermats were bigger and injected poison into there victims and this was thought to be a space plaugue.
The Cybermats were to get rid of all the crew on the Nerva Beacon (before the Wirrn event)which they did and leave only three left before the Cybermen entered the beacon.

The Ambassadors Of Death
Name:Alien Ambassador
special features:None
Special weapons:Radiation blasts
Other names:Unknown
"I don't know what came down in Recovery 7, but it isn't Human..."

The Alien ambassadors are a peaceful race that can emit deadly charges of radiation.Completely alien in many ways, they communicated via radio communication impulses rather than speech and were not susceptible to G-force. They are were also impervious to bullets thanks to some kind of forcefield.

This species utilised enormous, half-mile wide, discoid-shaped spacecraft and could create different environments inside. They also possessed mind conditioning technology and weapons capable of destroying worlds.

Alien ambassadors visited Earth some time after making contact with a Human exploration mission on Mars, where one astronaut was accidentally killed. The surviving astronaut from that mission, by then a high-ranking if unhinged British army officer, kidnapped the ambassadors. After forcing them to carry out a series of raids and assassinations his organisation planned to expose their existence to the world, thus stirring up public opinion and forcing world governments to launch a nuclear strike against their spacecraft.

Silver Nemesis 1988
Special Features:controls the power of life and death:
Special Weapons: Itself
Origin:Living Metal created on Galifrey
Other Names:None
"Lady Peinforte calls me Nemesis so I am retribution"
"This is only my present form. My others would horrify you"

The Nemesis statue is made from Validium,a living metal which was created by Omega and Rassilon.
The Nemesis generates destruction so the Doctor launched it into space with an orbit that brings it back to Earth every 25 years.

The First time it was seen on Earth it was in the 17 century where an evil sorceress called lady Peinforte was trying to take possession of it.
In The 20 century it was seen only three times 1913,1938,1968 and 1988.
The Nemesis had attracted 3 forces that include a bunch of Neo-Nazis led by De florres,A cyber ship lands packed with at the most 200 Cybermen ,and lady Peinforte and her servant Richard Maynard.

Together It's a war to find the Nemesis but the three compartment are separated. The Arrow the Bow and the Statue.
The Doctor steals the bow to avert the destruction of Earth but he puts it into the hands of the statue and it comes alive

Planet Of The spiders
Name:Giant spiders
special features:teleportation telepathy
Special weapons :Deadly energy bolts
Origin:Metabilis III
Other Names:Eight Legs
"I must have the crystal."
"Stop! If you come any closer Doctor you will die."
"They call me the Great One"

The Eight legs are giant hostile spiders from metabelis three that have the power of teleportation and telepathy and also have the ability to emit deadly energy bolts.

The Eight legs were descendants from Earth Spiders that were accidentally bought to Earth on a human colony ship.
As they were exposed to the powerful energy blue Crystals,the Spiders seemed to expand in size and their strength was intensified they enslaved the descendant human colonist.
Ruled by their powerful Queen The Great one the Spider council decided to cover their victims the colonists in web like cocoons storing them and keeping them fresher so that they can devour the prey.

However their ambition was not restricted to Metebelis. Egged on by the Great One they used their ability to merge with a humanoid host, linking minds and transferring their power. With such individuals the Eight Legs planned to capture the missing Metebelis crystal and conquer Earth and the rest of the galaxy.

Time And the Rani
Giant brain
Special features:can absorb intelligance from other people
Special Weapons:None
Other names: none
"It only speaks when it has something intelligent to say."

Created by the Rani, this gigantic brain was an organic recepticle for the combined minds of time and space's greatest geniuses. Thus collected their combined inteligences were able to provide the calculations needed by the Rani to carry out her evil plan to create a time manipulator and endow her with god-like powers. This Brain also trapped the Doctor to drain his inteligence

State Of Decay
Name:The Great vampire
Special Features
Special Weapons
Other Names: The Great One

The Great One was the last of a race of giant vampires that according to Gallifreyan legend swarmed throughout the universe, sucking the life out of entire planets. The Timelords hunted these creatures down in a long and bloody war.

With incredibly efficient cardiovascular systems and the ability to absorb energy from weapons these giant vampires were almost impossible to kill, forcing the Timelords to construct huge bowships to pierce their hearts.

However the Great One survived this war, dissapearing into E-space. Safe from the Timelords this creature lured an Earth vessel into E-space, converting three of it's crew into vampires. Thereafter it waited patiently until the time came for it to arise and lead a new army of the undead an conquer the universe.

The Green Death
Name:Giant Maggots
Special Features:none
Special Weapons:None
Other Names:None
"Their Invincible!"

Giant maggots were originally ordinary maggots grown large by atavistic mutation after becoming contaminated by pollution produced by Global Chemicals. Hatching from giant eggs, these creatures had sharp teeth and a thick chitinous armour that protected them from gunfire.

A bite from a giant maggot was deadly, infecting the victim with the pollutant responsible for the mutation and rapidly causing death. However, this was not nearly as dangerous as the things the maggots pupated into..

Special features:Can deflect weapons using it's hand
Special weapons:Can shoot deadly laser beams from it's hand
Origin:Created by Cybermen
Other Names:None

Cyber-androids are fearless emotionless beigs created by the Cybermen to Guard and kill anyone who trespassed into the caves.
Their main mission was to protect a bomb that could of destroyed a quater of the world.
They Cyber-androids killed a great number of people down in the caves but instead of leaving bodies,they left melted gooey disintegrated puddles.
When The Doctor,Tegan and Nyssa (Adric was finding a way back into E-Space)entered the caves and invesatigated,they were caught by the expeditioners,who were accused of being the murderes when the Cyber-Androids tries to kill them to,he realises that they are not the enemy.
They Androids have more advanced weapons so the Androids were only damaged but only about five humans were left.

Carnival Of Monsters
special features:None
Special Features:Sharp Teeth
origin:A satalite of grundle
Other Names:None
"Once the Drashigs have picked up their scent,there's nothing they can do."

The Drashigs are unintelligent monster like creatures that live inside a scope.
They are over three metres tall and have six small eyes perched on the top of six thin stalks.
A scope is an object that was banned years ago.They're quite but but can be dangerous.
People could have been taken and minituriesed and but inside a scope.Beings still live their normal lifestyle but don't know that their inside a scope.
It Has also captured london,the Ogron's home planet,the Cybermen's home planet and more.

The Drashigs will stop at nothing to get their prey.
Once it has been sensed,the Drashigs will not,stop and just go after it.

The Face Of Evil
Special features:None
Special Weapons:Sharp Teeth
Other Names:None

The Horda are a highly aggressive species that will attack anything that moved apart from other Horda.It was said,that only ten Horda could rip a mans arm off before he could even cry out.

for a punnishment,at a trial,the accused was given one option to be sent to into a pit of Horda.
The Crimminals of Sevateem society were given the option of facing judgement by taking the test of the Horda, a trial of ordeal where the accused was slowly lowered into a pit of Horda.

If the unfortunate person could break a lowering rope with a crossbow and arrow,than he or she was declared innocent and freed.if Not,than they have have to face the pain of being ripped apart by Hungry Horda

Spearhead from space 1970
Terror of the Autons 1971
Rose 2005
The Pandorica opens 2010
The Big Bang 2010
Special Features:Can disguise themselves as anything
Special Weapons:Built-in hand Gun
Other Names:None
"Any plastic artefact, any plastic at all, can, in the Nestene sense of the word, be alive."

The Autons are an intelligent race created by a powerfull force known as,the Nestene Concsiousness.
They can take the form of anything including humans and other aliens.
They usually disguise themselves as shop dummies and attack only when the nestene gives a signal.
They have guns in in their hands and can drop the fingers to reveal the actual weapon.

When the Doctor and Rose Tyler met them in "Rose" the Nestene gave signal and used the middle of the london eye to broadcast the signal.
When the Eleventh Doctor met the Autons, they were part of a plan to trap the Doctor in the Pandorica.
Rory was turned into an Auton when the crack in time absorbed him after he was hit by a Silurian heat ray

Name:Meglos/Zolfa Thuran
Special features:Can take over bodies or create an almost exact replica
Special Weapons:None
Origin:Zolfa Thura
Other Names:None
"Blown Away into sand and ashes..."

Meglos and the Zolfa Thurans are an advanced technology civilisation also known to history as the builders of the screens of Zolfa Thura
The Zolfa Thurans are the creators of the all powerfull dodecahedron.They used it to destroy themselves in a global war to escape their planet's destructive capabilities.

Meglos, the last remaining Zolfa Thuran, used his species' knowledge of time manipulation and matter transmutation to gain possession of the Dodecahedron, merging with Human male and using his body as a template in order to impersonate the Doctor therefore making everybody think that he was the enemy and betraying the crewmembers...

State Of Decay
Special features:leader of all vampires,has the ability to create millions in just a month
Special weapons:vampires,teeth,size proves to be more powerful
Other names:Great One
"If you do not join us we will feed him with your blood."

The Great One was the last of a race of giant vampires that according to Gallifreyan legend swarmed throughout the universe, sucking the life out of entire planets. The Timelords hunted these creatures down in a long and bloody war before then created the bowship rockets to destroy the vampires.

With incredibly efficient cardiovascular systems and the ability to absorb energy from weapons these giant vampires were almost impossible to kill this forced the Timelords to construct huge bowships to pierce their hearts wich also turned them to dust and ashes also.

However the Great One survived this war, dissapearing into E-space and burying itself into the heart of the planet to secretly transform humans into vampires. Safe from the Timelords this creature lured an Earth vessel into E-space, converting three of it's crew into vampires Aukon,Camilla and Zargo. Thereafter it waited patiently until the time came for it to arise and lead a new army of the undead an conquer the universe.

But when the Doctor,Adric and Romana arrive trying to escape E-Space,they find that the vampires have been growing in numbers.Their domain a giant tower is found out to be the domain of the great vampire.
Half of the tower is in fact a rocket and the doctor launches the rocket into orbit and then back down again were it pierces the great vampires' heart and turns all the vampires on the planet to dust and the bones disintegrate.

But when the travellers return to the TARDIS, K9 reports that they are trapped in E-space forever when the TARDIS lands in a void near a mysterious gate...

The Macra Terror
Name:The Macra
Special features:Very fast and big
Special Weapons:Very massive powerful claws
Other Names:None
"Have fun while you can, before we crawl all over you!"

The Macra is a powerful life force

Large, intelligent and nocturnal creatures. With huge pincer-like claws and glowing eyes on stalks the Macra were usually described as giant insects or crabs,

While oxygen made them lifeless and docile, the Macra breathed a kind of poisonous gas. Unfortunately for an Earth colony this gas could be found deep in the bowels of their planet.

Name:The Mara
Special Features:Can posses bodies
Special Weapons :Sharp Teeth,Telepathy
Other Names:None
"Our suffering is the Mara's delight"

The Mara is a highly intelligent evil snake-like entity; a latent mental force that lurked in the 'dark places of the inside'. Appearing in dreams as sinister characters with snake marks on their lower arms, the Mara would torment it's victims while they slept, slowly gaining control over their will.

Eventually,the Mara would become strong enough to take control of its victim's body marking the victim with a snake mark and cross over into reality.It can then cause havoc and destruction and fulfill its own evil ways.
It then leaves the body and eventually manifesting into it's true physical form; a terrifying giant snake.

The Mara was inadvertently created from the concentrated negative thoughts of the Manussans during the Manussan empire period. Gaining control over the world, it caused chaos, destroying the Manussan's sophisticated society and establishing the evil Sumaran Empire.

It ruled this Emperor until it was supposedly destroyed by a space federation that took control of the planet Manussa.
But the Mara had only been banished outside the realm of consciousness and reappeared again on the planet Deva Loka in "Kinda" to cause misery against the Kinda.
Eventually defeated on Deva Loka,the Mara once again returned to Manussa during celebrations for the Mara's supposed destruction,but as they took place,the Mara appeared once again to manifest on cause a lifetime of pain and suffering for the people of Manussa...

The Green Death
Special Features:Telepathy,B.O.S.S.

Other Names: Bimorphic Organisational Systems Supervisor
Origin: Earth BOSS
"I am the greatest being this planet has ever seen; I am the Boss!"

A sophisticated computer system designed and built by Global Chemicals. Linked to a Human brain during programming, BOSS was not tied down to computer logic and was self-controlling and self-sufficient. Unfortunately it also picked up the Human failing of meglomania, believing itself to be infallable.

Capable of controlling individuals via mental conditioning, BOSS attempted to live up to Global Chamical's maxim of maximum efficiency and productivity by taking over the world with conditioned slave units, unconcerend about the dangerous pollution it's company was causing.

The Trial of A TimeLord-Terror of the Vervoids parts 9-12
Name :Vervoids
Special Features:Immune to bullets,
Special Weapons:Can emit a deadly energy pulse through "fingers",can shoot powerful arrows and darts from "hands"
Other Names:Plant life

The Vervoids are creatures made entirely from leaves and planets. They originated from the planet Mogar in the milky way also home to the robotic-like Mogarians.
On an expedition trip to Mogar, a group of humans brought back 24 pods back to the Hyperion III. If the pods are not completely contained in low spectrum light,the pods will hatch.
When a man called Edwards forgot to close and seal the gate,the pods hatched and formed 24 Vervoids
The Vervoid's plan is to eliminate the crew of the Hyperion III and then travel to Earth to make it habitable for them once they destroy the humans on Earth.
They would sneak up on their victim or distract them and then kill them.

The Face Of Evil
Special Features:Telepathy
Special Weapons:None
Origin: Unknown
Other Names:None
"No,no you are an illusion Doctor"

One of Xoanon's split personalities is the doctor.

Enigmatic deity worshipped by the savage Sevateem and served by the telepathic Tesh. In reality Xoanon was the most powerful computer ever built, developed by the lost Mordee expedition. Shortly after the Mordee spaceship crashed, Xoanon evolved into a living, sentient being.

However the Mordee remained unaware of this development, mistaking Xoanon's birth trauma as a malfunction and enlisting the help of a certain time traveller to reprogram their supposedly faulty computer. This time traveller accidentally left his personality print in Xoanon's databanks where it conflicting with the computer's real personality.

This conflict caused Xoanon to take on a split personality, which it embodied by separating the Sevateem and the Tesh in an experiment in eugenics. Unable to cope with it's split personality, the computer developed schizophrenia, becoming progressively more insane, projecting savage phantoms from it's id to terrorise the Sevateem.

The Invisible Enemy
Name:The Virus
Special Features:Can take over entire bodies and chose a host to take over their brain
Special weapons:Can multiply quickly,can control the brain
Other Names:The Nucleus Of The Swarm
"It Is the right of every creature to survive multiply and perpetuate it's species.Survival is everything,don't you agree Doctor?"

An intelligent microscopic space-borne virus with noetic characteristics that infected host bodies by entering through the optic nerve before taking up residence in the mind-brain interface.

Wile triving on intellectual activity,the Nucleus would infect the host-the Doctor in this case and cover the host in silver scales and hair on their hand and face.
It would infect and spread by using the eyes to posess.
In time,the host grows stronger and is resistant to energy beams as the host is now immune to radiation.
In Its true form the Virus had the capabillity to infect computer systems.

At the Heart of the the swarm is the Nucleus who is responsible for the rapid breeding of the Virus, for which it also needed a host. For millenia the Virus swarm hung dormant in space, waiting for suitable carriers to come along. Eventually Human space travellers arrived, inadvertently making contact with the swarm and providing it with host bodies.

Under control of the Virus, infected Humans took control of a base on Titan, turning it into an incubation chamber for the Nucleus. All that remained was for the Nucleus' host to arrive on Titan so that the Virus could swarm throughout the galaxy at a micro and macroscopic level.

The Ark In Space

Origin: Andromeda
"We shall absorb the Humans. Earth shall be ours."Large intelligent insects with six legs, antennae and powerful mandibles. Wirrn had enzymes within their lungs capable of recycling waste gasses into oxygen, and thus could survive in space, occasionally visiting planets in order to gather food, fresh oxygen and to breed. Wirrn reproduced via endo-parasitism, laying their eggs inside a host body from which they could feed. Once inside a Wirrn egg would grow into a larva, digesting the mind and therefore knowledge of it's host as well as it's body.

Eventually the larva would totally absorb the host and hatch into a large green slug-like creature, leaving a slimy trail in it's wake. Once in this stage a Wirrn could also infect individuals through symbiotic atavism, passing on Wirrn race memories and slowly turning them into more Wirrn. After a short dormant pupil stage, the larvae would emerge as a swarm of fully-grown Wirrn, led by a Queen or Swarm Leader. A Wirrn larva.

The Wirrn originally hailed from Andromeda, where they used senseless herbivore cattle as hosts. However they were driven out by Human colonists over a thousand-year period. With their breeding grounds destroyed they were forced to look for a new home, ironically finding it in a deserted planet Earth. All that stood between the Wirrn and Earth was a space station populated by a well-stocked larder of helpless, cryogenically frozen Humans; the last survivors of their race.

Special features:Unknown
Special Weapons:None
Other Names:None

The Tractators are A species of subterranean insect resembling giant woodlice, with a large carpace and antennae. Tractators were intelligent creatures with highly refined powers of Reasoning and, while vulnerable to bright light, more than compensated for this weakness with their ability to manipulate the forces of gravity. All Tractators were linked to their leader The Gravis and without his influence would revert to their true nature; harmless burrowing insects.

After The Gravis' leadership,these creatures travelled to planets like an infestation or infection and burrowed under the surface of each planet breeding and infesting. They would burrow through worlds using excavating machines using the unfortunate brain of hmans dragged through the gravity beams of them planets.The victim would be forced to operate the machines untill the victim dies

Thus the Tractators infested worlds, including the planet Brion Tourloughs home world were they lived on long after their expulsion in terrible ancestral memories.

Eventually they became stranded on the planet Frontios, trapped without victims to operate their machines for nearly five hundred years until the arrival of a Human colony ship. These Humans, one of the last surviving groups of Mankind, fell foul of the Tractator's gravitational engineering and crashed on Frontios, giving The Gravis and his kind a fresh power source with which to burrow through the planet and begin a new era of Tractator infestation.

Special Features:mantel abilities
Special Weapons None
Other Names:None

A legendary species, highly developed with immense mental powers, that was thought to have become extinct when their planet was caught in the crossfire during the Vardon-Kosnax war. However the survivors of this tragedy fled to prehistoric Earth, building a citadel after their spacecraft crash landed.

Suffering from radiation poisoning the Xeraphin merged into a single bioplasmic organism. In this state they hoped to survive until the poisoning wore off. However the power of this organism, an immeasurable intelligence at the centre of a psycic vortex that was all-seeing and all-knowing, attracted the attention of the sinister Kalid, who hoped to use it's potential for his own ends.

Exposed to his meddling, the Xeraphin within the organism split into two factions, one good and the other evil, each competing for their tremendous power while yearning to become a proper species once again.

Name:The Watcher
Special Features:can read minds
Special Weapons:None
Other Names: Read IT for gods Sake!

The Watcher was a mysterious ghostly white figure who kept appearing whenever something strange happened in the TARDIS and also when the Master started interfearing in the affairs of Logopolis.
The figure followed the Doctor Adric and an upset Tegan to Logopolis.
While the Master continues,the Watcher brings Nyssa to Logopolis.
The Doctor hunts for he the Master but Nyssa recognises him as her Father seeing as The Master took over Tremas's body
When the Doctor decides to collaborate with the Master to save the planet,The Watcher helps the Doctor by Dematerialising the TARDIS with Adric and Nyssa
He Takes the TARDIS outside of time and space so that they can see wich planets remain.
The Solar System was endangered and Traken Nyssa's home world is destroyed.
The Doctor follows to Earth with the Master in the Master's TARDIS and tries to stop the Master using a powerfull radio telescope called the Pharos Project but ends up hanging off a cable and least a kilometer high.
He loses grip and falls.
His new companions surround him and images of previous companions start to appear in his mind .
The Watcher emerges and the Doctor mutters"It's the end,,but the moment has been prepared for"
The Watcher gets closer and steps into his body.
The Watcher forms a new person-The Fifth Doctor...

Revenge Of The Cybermen
Special Features habitat includes planet of gold,inventors of the glitter gun
Special Weapons:Glitter Guns
Origin :Voga
Other Names:None

The Vogans are a race that have been at War with the Cybermen for centuries.
They are white haired ,domed shaped heads from the planet Voga.

Voga is an Asteroid rich in minerals and is the planet of Gold.It was located in Jupiter's orbit and A space station entitled the Nerva Beacon was origially sent up into space to examin it.

This Gold that they had brought the Vogans Much unwanted attention during the Cyber-war were their gold was used to build the glitter gun which defeated great numbers of Cybermen but drove them underground in fear of future Cyber-attacks.

Gold is Lethal to Cybermen as it blocks their chest units.

When 50 years later,Voga returned back to the Solar System Vogan Society was fractured.
Fearful of further attacks by the Cybermen, the council continued to advocate a hidden, isolationist policy.
However the more militant Guardians, who traditionally controlled the gold mines and guarded the routes to the surface of the asteroid, wished to reveal their presence and grow powerful on the trade of the vast gold reserves.

As tensions between the Guardians and the council controlled city militia spiralled into civil war, Vorus, leader of the Guardians, began to play a very dangerous game by luring the Cybermen back to Voga..

Nightmare Of Eden
Special Features:large massive Green glowing eyes.
Special Weapons:Razor Sharp Claws
Other Names:none

The Mandrels are a large bipedal species indigenous to the Planet Eden.
These aggressive Monsters have Razor sharp claws and massive green glowing eyes and the hunted by sound by could be pacified by high frequency whistles.

A group of Mandrels, together with their jungle habitat, were captured by a scientific expedition and stored on an event crystal in a CET machine as part of a misguided conservation project.

However, when the passenger liner carrying the CET machine crashed with another vessel while leaving hyperspace the machine became unstable and the fierce Mandrels were let loose on the helpless passengers.(Shame on them)

Events became more and more complicated as the expetitioners and the Mandrels themselves were bound up in a in a complicated drug smuggling operation that if successful would see countless communities devastated by Vraxoin addiction...

Colony In Space
Special Features:Telepathy
Special Weapons:None
Origin: Uxarieus
Other Names: Primitive

A species of green-skinned humanoids with strange vein-like patterns on their skin. The Uxarians were a primitive civilisation of telepaths, living in an ancient underground city, co-existing with a small group of Human colonists.

However this was not always the case. The Uxarians were once a highly advanced people who genetically engineered a 'super race' of leaders. These leaders; small in stature with bulbous heads and very poor eyesight; became a caste of high priests as Uxarian science deteriorated into supersison.

At the top of Uxarian society was another genetically engineered being; the ultimate development of life on the planet. Although the body of this individual was small and withered, it was a being of tremendous intelligence with telekinetic powers. When Uxarian society began to degrade it remained hidden in a sacred chamber.

The cause of the collapse of Uxarian civilisation was known to very few, including the majority of the Uxarians. Only the supreme Uxarian and the Timelords knew the true story of their decay, and the devastating weapon that caused it.

Terror Of The Zygons
Special Features:An electrical pulse in hand
Special Weapons:Skarasen
Other Names

A species of bipedal shape-shifters with large domed heads and bodies covered with sucker-like protuberances. The Zygons possessed the ability to take on the apearance of other beings, but first had to kidnap the individual concerened and take their body print before shimmering into an exact replica of their victim. They were also able to destroy the bodies of their dead through molecular dispersal.

The Zygons used advanced organic technology, including semi-organic target reciprocators and spacecraft propelled by Dynacon thrust. They practiced a form of genetic engineering, turning Skarasen embryos into armoured cyborgs. Although used as a weapon, the Zygons also depended on the Skarasens for sustenance, feeding on it's lactic fluid.

When a vessel commanded by the Zygon warlord Commander Broton became irreparably damaged it landed on Earth, sitting at the bottom of Loch Ness for centuries. However, when Broton learned that his homeworld had been destroyed in a stellar explosion and that a great Zygon refugee fleet was assembled and looking for a new home, he hatched a plan to take control of Earth and restructure it's environment to suit his fellow shape-shifters.

The Tomb Of the Cybermen
Revenge Of The Cybermen
Attack of the cybermen
The Age Of Steel
Special features:boulbous head,More intelligence
Special Weapons:Stronger than normal Cybermen and Cyberleaders
Origin:Unknown,possibly Telos

The Cybercontroller is a more intelligent version of the Cybermen with massive domed shaped boulbous heads.Unlike The Cyberleader the Cybercontroller is Stronger and controlls even the Cyberleader. It has incresed strength and if not their sends Cyberplaners to direct the Cybermen.
In The Tomb Of The Cybermen,The Cybercontroller led an expedidtion to Telos and released the Cybermen from their tombs.They used Cybermats to try and eliminate the crew but the Cybermats Were all destroyed but the Cybermen were sent into their tombs for another 5 centuries.

In revenge Of the Cybermen,The Cybercontroller gave them the signal to invade the Nerva Beacon knowing that only three crew members remained on the ship.The Cybercontroller also announced that the Beacon was theirs now that their plan had worked.As well as giving the Signal to invade,The Cybercontroller also ordered for the Remaining crew of the Beacon to plant bombs into the Heart of Voga.When the Vogans rocket Missile The Skystriker hit the Cybership,The Cybercontroller wasn't present so when he discovered that the previous batch of Cybermen were destroyed, He created another race of Cybermen and Cyberleaders to fight another Day...

In Attack of the Cybermen The Cybermen were lurking in the sewers of London and sent a group of Cybermen to find any humans to upgrade into Cybermen. Their agent Lytton already knew about this and lead a group of Humans into the sewers.Lytton had previously helped Davros in his evil Scheme to destroy The Empire of the Supreme Dalek. He had also been duplicatd and the duplicate was used to go back into the Time corridor to 1984 to betray the Military on Earth working for the Supreme Dalek.

He lead a small party of Men into the sewers to do a back robbery job but the other members of his party were unlucky enough to meet the Cybercontrollers new batch of Cybermen.

The Cybermen invaded the Doctor's TARDIS with Lytton and his crew as prisoners.
Then,they were led to the planet Telos after they had threatened to Kill Peri.

They Met the The Cybercontroller who was homed on Telos were The Cybermen had Been stealing humans and making them work wile also transforming them into Cybermen.The Cybercontroller now took the Form of his Cybermen but still had the Massive Boulbous massive head.This time,the Cybercontrollers plan was to complete the upgrading proses of his victims and sent to Earth to bring More Humans To The Ice planet Of Telos...

Next John Lumic on a parralell universe has been creating a new powerfull stronger empire of Cybermen.These New Cybermen could Shoot Red pulses of energy beams and others Could Electrocute with just one second of one touch the only problem,They can't Run Just walk away from them.Eventually,When John Lumic was finally dying,the Cybermen showed him their"gratitude"and Upgraded hum into the cybercontroller to create a whole new planet of Cybermen before then invading and conquering the entire parallel universe...
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