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Welcome to my second blog about Doctor Who.

Alien Spaceships

The Slitheen Ship

The Slitheen ship found itself crash landing in 2006. Its course was simply out of the sky into Big Ben And into the River Thames. The ship contained an experimental pig and the dreaded Slitheen...
The ship also left Earth then relayed itself back to Earth like the Blathereen ship. (The Blathereen are closely related to the Slitheen, though they hate each other)
The slitheen planned to nuke the planet and cause world war 3.The Doctor Rose and reporter Harriet Jones, ultimately deafeat the calcium beasts but one escapes and sooner or later there WILL be trouble...

The Ultimate Spaceship

The TARDIS, which stands for 'Time And Relative Dimensions In Space,'is a Type 40TT capsule and the ultimate spaceship. Due to it's Chameleon circuit, it is able to change it's appearance in order to blend in with it's surroundings.
Though it looks like an ordinary police box, (the chameleon circuit having been broken in the 60's)the TARDIS has been built to be bigger on the inside then the outside and houses many rooms. It also includes a swimming pool as well as a garden.
It's main feature on entry, is the huge control room from which the ship is operated.

Dalek Ship 2

For the Daleks, their ships are all about function and efficiency.
Most of the Dalek ships have been the classic saucer shape design. This same design was chosen by many other alien races by the year 4000AD.

SS Madame De Pompadour

The SS Madame De Pompadour was a ship that was run by mechanical clockwork robots. These were repair androids that could carry on working with no power required.
The androids were able to use whatever material they needed to repair the ship and when it became damaged during an ion storm, the robots killed the human crew and used their parts to repair the ship. And so a human heart was used as a fluid pump and an eye as a surveillance camera. All that was needed was the brain of a human in order to fix the ship's main computer and who better to use for this but the real Madame De Pompadour.

Satelite Five

In the year 200,000 Satelite 5 is a news broadcasting station sending 6 hundred channels right down to Earth.
At the heart of the station, is a huge mass of living matter, the Mighty Jagrafess. He uses the animated body of dead people, by way of implanted computer chips. They are then able to communicate straight to the news-feed systems, to enable them to operate the control room.

100 years later, satelite 5 is now a game station, where contestants are chosen randomly from anywhere to take part in the various gameshows. The game station is run through the brain of the controller, who was installed there at the age of five.

SS Pentallian 42

The SS Pentallian was a cargo ship, transporting 'goods' through the Torajii system. But the crew of the ship were overworked and tired and so commander, Kath McDonnell used illegal fusion scoop to extract the solar energy from a nearby sun. But unbeknown to McDonnell, the sun was no ordinary star but a living creature...

Scaroth's ship

Escaping from their own world,the last of the warlike Jagaroth,made a forced landing on primordial earth approximately 400 million years ago .The pilot Scaroth tried to lift off again but in doing so,the ship Exploded in mid air causing Scaroth to splinter himself all across Earth in differant points in Earths history.In fact The very existance of life on Earth was caused by a Space ship crash... the Jagaroth ship........

Platform One

In the Year 5 billion , the Earth is about to explode while the sun expands.
All sorts of different types of Alien come together to witness the end of the World.The Platform hosts a party in which the Ninth Doctor and Rose first meet The Face Of Boe and the evil Cassandra.The guests are peaceful but Cassandra isn't. she plants sabotaging robot spiders with four legs around Platform One...
Cassandra lowers the shield as well as the sun filters.So when the Earth and the Sun explode More then half of the witnesses are killed and the platform is affected.

Sontaran Battle Cruiser

Mighty and dangerous, the Sontaran's warships carry an arsenal of weapons, including enough missiles to blow up the entire world.

Dalek War Ship

As the years went by, the Daleks ships went through several changes as they gained more knowledge of technology. The classic saucer shape and design was altered.
Before that, the Dalek ship housed additional storage and a weapons system area. whereas the new Battle Cruiser used impressive firepower, which was put to good use against the spacesation prison, where Davros was being held in suspended animation.

The Axon ship

The Axons massive ship is equipped with Axon claws for secruity.The main control room holds the evil Axons.
It also contains many other rooms used for various unknown activities.

The Dalek Crucible

The Dalek Crucible is the new Dalek mothership and contains both Davros as well as the new supreme Daleks.
When Captain Jack is shot by the Supreme Dalek, he is taken to a strange room where dead bodies are incinerated and where things that are surplus to requirement are destroyed.
The Crucible has a seperate room which houses Davros and another for the half-destroyed Dalek Caan.
It also contains a room for Daleks before battle and Davros's laboratory as well as a trap door which sends it's victims into a pool of fire.

Void Ship

The Void ship is a spherical object with no "weight" and apparantly "no mass" and is a gateway to a paralell universe.
It can also travel between universes.
During the great Time War,the Cult of Skaro,four Daleks even more important than the Emperor itself, escaped to the void ship where they found themselves awakening and arising.
The Daleks then brought along the Genesis Ark, a device stolen from the Time lords. In fact the Ark is actually a prison that could hold millions of Daleks preparing for war...

The Movellan ship

A strange ship lands on Skaro, home of the Daleks.
The fourth Doctor and Romana soon investigate the ship to find that it is equipped with a laboratory, a weapons section and an information screen right near to the front.
Movellans are "robots" and their technology on board works in many different ways.
A Movellan ship lands and settles by drilling not far underground.

Hyperion III

The sixth Doctor and new companion Melanie Bush, land on the luxury liner Hyperion 3.
It contains a gym area and also has a bar and playing area.
One room is a containment area for the newly discovered plant pods. But the plant like creatures inside are killer Vervoids.
The Hyperion stores a massive rubbish chute that incinerates everything inside and holds a hotel like place with room service.

The Dalek Mothership

In 1963 when Earth is soon to be invaded by Daleks, the seventh Doctor and Ace land.
On the Dalek mothership itself, the Daleks are planning an invasion and looking for the hand of Omega.
The ship holds a section just for Davros.
It also has Dalek lifts, scanner screen, mini ear-peice communicators and a base just for Davros.

Four to Doomsday.

The fifth Doctor, Tegan, Adric and Nyssa land on a mysterious ship where they encounter Monarch and his minions.
There are spherical cameras everywhere.
The stsnge Urbankan ship has a fighting area has food and drinks section and finally a space just for the three extra-terrestials, 'Monarch', 'Enlightment' and 'Persuasion'.
When the TARDIS lands, it materialises in some kind of chemical holding place.

The Dominators.

On the planet Vulcan, a space craft lands carrying the deadly Dominators and their slaves the Quarks...
Considering that it's a space craft, its inside appearance looks quite like a house.
It has an interrogation center and a weapons museum-like place as well as a laboratory.

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