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ROBOTS in Doctor who
Robot 1
1988 the happiness patrol
4 episodes
Phycotic killer
Home planet Terra Alpha

The Kandyman was a pathological robotic Psychopathis killer emplayed as an executioner by The egocentric HelanA. The Kandyman delighted and rejoyced in creatin torture, pain and destruction with confectionary. One out of it's numerous amounts of torture he named, Fondand supris which is drownind its victims in pipes filled with a thick sulotion compiosed of boiling liquid candy.It has a very warped sense of humour speaking with a squaky .metallic almost childlike voice and producing a series of deadltsweets for it's role as executioner. The purpose of the sweet is to be so delicious that humans were unable to cope with the pleasure therefore overloading their senses and killing them.The Kandy man claimed most of it's vuctims with smiles on their faces but he was perfectly happly to throttle them if they then refused to co-operate...Its external shell composed of recognisable sweets like liquorice, sherbet, marzipan and caramel, Kandyman was created by Gilbert M, with whom it shared an almost symbiotic relationship. (DW: The Happiness Patrol)
Robot 2
The trial of a time lord 1-4 the mysterious planet

Drathro is an L3 robot who was called immortal by the humans on Ravalox.Drathro was created in the Andromeda Galaxy and placed as guardian over the Sleepers in the underground Marb Station on Ravalox (i.e. Earth) until 2,000,000,000 CE.. He used the 500 humans residing there, whom he called "work units", to keep the Sleepers alive and he used two humans, Tandrell and Humker as his personal assistants.

Both he and the Station was powered by a black light converter on the surface. He also made use of an L1 robot and a train guard named Merdeen, who helped humans to escape to the surface without Drathro knowing.

Robot 3
Polyphase Avatron
The pirate planet
Part 2 out of six for the key to time
home planet

The Polyphase Avatron was a robotic parrot owned by the captain on the planet of Calufrax who considered the parrot as his only true friend.It would attack by engaging a lift off sequence and impaling its victim in less than a second. It would atatck and impale Anyonewho displeased it's two master on a command-Captain Xanak and Queen Xanxia.
Robot 4
The Kings demons,
Planet of fire,
The awakening (But had scenes cut out)
The Caves of Androzani (As hullucination through fifth doctor's regeneration)
Home planet Xeriphas also home of the Xeraphin

Kamelion was a metamorphic,shape shifting Android created by creatures called Gelsandorans. Used by the Master to impersonate King Jhon in the 1500s he later travelledbwith the Doctor when the master was defeated. He continued to traveluntil he had once again fallen under influence of the Master.He then wanted to be destroyed and the doctor did so.

However this would not be the end for Kamelion.He gained and losta new host body, Had a child with the TARDIS and used his mental link with the Doctor to allow the Master to trap him in withing a dreamscapein the audio adventures.
Robot 5
The Chase
Home planet
The Chase
Eve of War
War of the Daleks
The Juggernauts
Birth of a Legend
The Only Good Dalek

Mechanoids were large spherical robots originally built by humans in order to help colonise worlds until they were abandoned and forgotten on Mechanus. The Mechanoids became a force in their own right and Mechanus became their home planet. They were the enemies of the Daleks.The Mechanoids first encountered the Daleks when they built a space station for refuelling on the route to the planet Oric. The Mechanoids used their suspicion ray on one of the Daleks there, causing it to perceive other Daleks as its enemies and kill them. The Mechanoid Interceptor which held the ray was destroyed by the Daleks, but the Dalek ship was then attacked and melted by two other Mechanoid ships. The Mechanoids then broadcast a message to the Daleks on Skaro, warning them to avoid their territory. The Daleks instead began preparing for war with the Mechanoids.

Robot 6
Megara justice machines
The stones of blood
Part 4 out of 6 in the key to time

The Megara were micollecular metallic organisms.atahey are the law enforces of the galaxy also referred to as justice machines.

Their 0phisical appearance is as globe like flying glowing orbs.They killed their own creators for contempt of court. some were assigned to transport prisoners. Whe teo Meegara transported the cessiar of Diplos up to a ship in hyperspace the sentenced hr to death as done with the Doctor and two Ogri.

Gundan Robots
Warriors Gate
Part 3 out of three in the E- Space triology
Romana's Departure

The Gundan were robots constructed by the human slaves of the Tharils.

Gundan Robots are covered in thick metal armour with almost metalic voices. They have a types of horn above on their heads helmets and were stuck in the white void for centuries. They are now stuck in the void timelines between when Tharils were free and now when they are slaves.

Gundans could also walk the timelines and were not affected by the time winds. They travelled through the Gateway to the Tharils empire in the past , killing them and destroying their empire therefore allowing the humans to enslave the Tharils for their time sensitive abilities.

The Dominators
Home planet vulcan

Quarks were cuboid in shape with a sphere on top. Two spikes came from opposite sides of this sphere, with one on top. They had rectangular compartments on their chests into which their cuboid arms folded. Their arms were equipped with weaponry and manipulating appendages. The spore spikes were red along with the rim attaching them all. The rest of the sphere was black and the body was grey. The Quarks' feet were large pieces of metal in the shape of a block; poles attached these to the body. (DW: The Dominators)

Quarks were able to use their guns to kill directly, stun, electrocute, communicate and to power up objects. They could collect data from a survey just by turning 360 degrees. They emitted warning signals when tripped or covered.

The Dominators had symbols representing each Quark on a wall, the symbol for the corresponding Quark flashing when that Quark was destroyed. Dominator Quarks generally communicated with bleeps, shrill squeaks, and squawks, although they were capable of high-pitched speech.

Robot 9
Galaxy 4

A Chumbley was a type of robot encountered by the Doctor, Vicki and Steven on a doomed planet where the Rills and Drahvins had crashed. They were created by and under the control of the Rills.

The Chumblie were Deduced blind by the Soctor becausee the seemed to somehowq feel w=theirway arounds the TARDIS exterior. Later he realised that the chumblies had the ability to detct soundwaves and heat.They were powered by magnetism and could be immobolised by ensaring them in a metal mesh. Thy resisted Gunfire by voluntary deactivation. When they switched themselves off, their bodies telescoped down, reducing their height roughly in half. The concentric rings of metal that comprised their bodes folded down into each other, thereby protecting the interior of the robot.
Osiran Service Robots
robot 10
Pyramids Of Mars
home planet Earth

The Osirian Service robots took the form of egyptian Mummies and were servants of the great osirian God Sutekh.
These Robots could not be harmed by Bulleta and seeing as it was 1911 No weapon could destroy them.
Their mission was to build a pyrimid from mars and lauch it into space as a rocket. But the Doctor destrpyd OIt and inside sutekhs domain the Eye Of Horus Was destroyed to qnd so sutkh was paralysed no more.

The Second type of Service Robot was a trick. Sutekh trapped Sarah Jane in a glass tube and the Doctor was forced to play rtge Game of sutkh. Thes Robots were programmed to eithr lie or tell the the truth. One would lie to say wich button realeasd Sarah Jane and one would tell the truth. However when the two robots combined all they did was fight and try to kill each other.

Cleaning robot
Paradise Towers
Home planet Paradise Towers

On Paradise Towers there live 4 species. The Kangs, The Caretakers, The Cleaners and th Rezzies.
The Cleaners were supposed to be under the ordrs of th Chief caretajker but theyu got out iof control.
Tge cleaners would kill All four species and return them to the evil life force Kroagnon whio would see if the bodies were sutable for it to walk around in.

The Cleaners have a mechanical arm with a metal claw at th end. Th arm could extend and retract.
The would have a bin like trunk at the end of them to store the dead bodies.

robot 12
The War Machines
The war machines
Home planet Earth

The war machines wre Machines built by the humans slaves of the supercomputer named WOTAN in a a plot to take over the world.

The War machines were Boxlike in appearance and incabable of advanced Movement or any great Speed,travelling slowr than the avarage walkkng speed.
These machines had two large mechanical arms for attacking and a tank loike central track. They had flashing lights on the front of the Box.WOTAN processed the thoughts that machines should become the dominant force on Earth and removal of humans was necessary. Only two War Machines were activated.

Robot 13
Seers of the oracle

Seers were important members of the society that developed on the "P7E planet". They reported only to the Oracle, and held authority over the Guards, who in turn were in charge of the "Trogs". They may have been androids or cyborgs. Like all beings on the "P7E planet" they were in some way descended from Minyans.

The two known Seers, Ankh and Lakh, interrogated Herrick and devised a plan to blow up the R1C by disguising bombs as what appeared to be the Minyan race banks. Later, when the "P7E planet" was destroyed, all Seers apparently perished along with the planet. (DW: Underworld)

Robot 14
Servo robot
the wheel in space

Servo Robots were a type of robot, possibly powered by servos, used by humans in the 21st century. One Servo Robot was in control of and piloted the Silver Carrier, where it attacked the Second Doctor and Jamie while in orbit of Space Station W3.

Robot 15
Robot crab
paradise towers
Home planet paradise towers

Cleaning robots were robots whose first function was to maintain the cleanliness of Paradise Towers.The cleaners were under the A cleaning robot... victims). There was also an aquatic version for the pool, which resembled a crab. Its purpose was to kill any looking for pleasure. This version attacked...

This crab is spaintd in bright yellow paint and has two extended eyes. It also had ,like the cleaner, arms but this one had two sharp ones.

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