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My favourite Who episodes

The Robots Of Death

The fourth Doctor and new companion Leela, arrive on a strange planet.
The only life is held on a massive sandminer which contains robot servants but they are not what they seem.
The crew holds over 4 hundred people who all live there but only a handful are really inportant.
The two time travellers investigate but are caught and held responsible for a series of mysterious killings.
The robots may seem helpful and friendly but when they are alone, it becomes clear they are all up to something.
The robots are known as Voc's.

There are diffrent types-Voc, Super Voc and finally Detective Voc.
Each one one is classed as either a V, SV or D.
Their leader Taren Capel, is on board and disguised as a member of the crew.
When Taren Capel exposes his plan to destroy humanity and replace them with robots, the Voc's start an open rebellion The Doctor is soon forced to take drastic action...

The Caves Of Androzani

The Fifth Doctor and Peri arrive on Androzani Minor where he does not suspect that this deadly journey will be his last...
A war rages between Both twin planets, Androzani Major and Androzani Minor.
The inhabitants of Androzani Major, arrive On Androzani Minor. The Doctor and Peri catch the fatal Spectrox Toxemia.
Androzani contains Sharaz Jek's rebels and androids.
When the army captures the Doctor and Peri, the are both sentenced to death for, "being part of Sharaz Jek's rebels." But Jek helps rescue them.
They find it hard to belive that they have both been saved by the most evil person on both the twin planets...

Jek creates Androids and pretend that the androids are the Doctor and Peri and they are shot instead.
Meanwhile, the time travellers grow weak and Sharaz Jek wants Peri, thinking that she is beautiful.
The Doctor goes down under the caves looking for the cure, Queen bats milk.
The army are fighting a cave creature that seems to be immortal.
Many of the army are killed while the creature remains...
Mud bursts are popping up and also killing both sides.
Weak from the effects of the deadly virus, the Doctor holds Peri's body but he gets caught in the way of another mud burst which leaves him feeling even weaker. This then causes the Doctor to regenarate into a new but unpredictable man.

The TV Movie

In the newly designed TARDIS, the Seventh Doctor is sent into a time paradox where the TARDIS malfunctions.
The Doctor has just returned from Skaro, where the Time Lords have requested the death of the Master.
The TARDIS lands on Earth, San Francisco in 1999 where Chinese gangs roam the streets.
A gang has a boy named Chang Lee cornered but when the TARDIS materialises excately where Chang Lee is standing, he is saved.
The Time Lords had also requested that the Masters remains be taken back to Galifrey but it escapes from the TARDIS and causes chaos.
The Doctor is shot when the gang see the doors open. He is taken to hospital but dies on the operating table. And so begins his regeneration on Earth.

The Master meanwhile, occupies another body and takes over the TARDIS.
Chang Lee takes the Doctors possesions and finds the TARDIS key...
The newly regenerated Doctor soon realises that the Master is back and he remembers Grace, the doctor who performed his failed surgery.
The Doctor has 12 minutes to save the entire universe from the Master but he's all alone as Grace and Chang Lee are killed.
The Master has opened the Eye Of Harmony which will destroy and obliterate the entire universe...

Attack Of The Cybermen

Halley's comet is on a collision course with Earth and the TARDIS is right next to it.
The Cybermen are lurking around in the London sewers. The controller is back with an even more fierce army of Cybermen.
Ex-Dalek agent Commander Lytton is this time, in league with the Cybermen.
tHEY start to invade the sewers and suddenly a patch opens up within it and Dozens of them stand, all gazing their devious eyes on Lytton and only Lytton ...

Meanwhile,the Sixth Doctor once again is trying to fix the chamelion circuit.
So far the TARDIS has been turned into an organ and a wardrobe beccause of the malfunction.
The Doctor and Peri follow a strange distress signal comming from somewhere on Earth, near Totters lane, in 1963 (where the first ever episode was set).

But back in the TARDIS with Lytton at his side, a group of Cybermen invade and drag the TARDIS to Telos.
The Cyber tombs remain closed but a few rogue Cybers decide to step out.
The Doctor is locked in with a weak and dying Cryon, one of the original inhabitants of the planet. The Cryon shows the Doctor a special powder that explodes at over 0 degrees.
The Doctor Takes all of it and blows up Telos knowing that it could cost him his life...

Cyber control is finally destroyed but some of the Cybermen were lucky enough to escape to battle the Seventh Doctor and Ace once again...


Only the Doctor and Adric remain in the TARDIS, with Romana and K-9 in E-Space helping the Tharils.
In order to get the chamelion ciruit repaired, the Doctor plans to get to Logopolis.
The TARDIS lands on Earth in 1981.
Tegan and her aunt, prepare to get to Heathrow airport but when a tire goes flat, Tegan's aunt finds the Masters TARDIS, enters inside and is killed.
The Doctor takes an ordinary police box and measures the dimensions. Adric discovers that it has 36 dimensions, which means that it is not an ordinary police box. Eventually,the TARDIS lands on Logopolis but it goes wrong and the TARDIS shrinks with the Doctor still inside.
Meanwhile, Tegan strolls into the TARDIS and is brought to Logopolis too.

The Master is killing harmless Logopolitans and therefore destroying the universe. Nyssa has been brought to the planet by a mysterious watcher. The Moniter, the leader of the Logopplitans, has replicated the Pharos project (radio telescope) on Earth.
When the Planet is almost destroyed, the Doctor has to join forces with his greatest enemy, the Master.
In the Tardis is the mysterious watcher, Nyssa and Adric. The Traken system has gone and the solar system only has a few hours left.On the real Pharos project, the Master broadcasts a message to the stars announcing the destruction of the universe. The Doctor stops him but leaves himself hanging from the project and falls. But as they soon discover, the strange watcher turns out to really be the Doctor...

The Curse of Fenric

During world war two, the Doctor and Ace land in England where they meet Doctor Judson who tells them about a mysterious viking inscriptions.
It is called the Curses Of Fenric.
Underneath a church is an old Viking burial ground where even more stange inscriptions are found.
But overnight, another one pops up unexpectedly...

The curse turns Viking bodies into grotesque Heamovores which is another word for 'Blood Eaters'.
Hundreds of Heamovores rise from the sea in search of their leaders, Fenric and 'The Great One'.
With the Heamovores advancing and Russian comandoes closing in,they are not only confronted with a mystery from the past but a terrifying vision of mankind's future...

The Visitation

Trying to get Tegan back to Heathrow airport, the TARDIS lands in the 15th century in the year 1666.
These are the darkest days because it was the time of the 'Great Plague' and the year of the 'Great Fire of London'.
Strange lights are appearing in the sky along with strange aliens called the Terileptils.
They plan to spread the plague across the world, since they have been banished from their home planet of Raaga.

The Terileptil leader, captures Tegan and Adric and tries to force information out of them, while the Doctor and Nyssa are captured by the locals who think that they have brought the plague with them.
Tegan is put under control and is told to kill the rest of the time travellers by releasing infected rats.
But in the the final battle and with Tegan now normal and the Terileptis cornered in a dark place, the leader catches the Doctor and his torch falls to the ground onto some hay.
The Terileptil gun is blasted with the Sonic Screwdriver but it explodes and therefore causes the 'Great Fire of London.

The Claws Of Axos

The Tardis lands on Earth to find that U.N.I.T have located a strange alien ship thought at first to be a meteor.
But it alters course for Earth's atmosphere and successfully lands.
U.N.I.T are sent out to investigate and the ship invites them in.
The Third Doctor and the UNIT members finally meet the deadly Axons.
Jo Grant wanders onboard and discovers the Axon claws.

The Axons demonstrate the powers of Axonite which is very well known for it's abiliy to unlimit objects.
The Axonite is given to the Doctor who takes it up to be analysed.
But the Axonite turns into the true forms of the Axons and starts to kill and attack.
The Master is found alone on board the Axon space ship, trapped but decides to help the Doctor and Co.
With the Master now alied with the Doctor and the Axons advancing, Jo and the rest of the current UNIT team have to fight for their lives to protect humanity from being destroyed.

The Master is in the Doctor's TARDIS warning him about what the Axons can do but the Doctor no longer cares about Earth and the TARDIS dematerialises.
The Axons are advancing everywhere and there's nothing that anybody can do.
The only thing they can do is run.
The Doctor still refuses to return to Earth with the Axonite, the only thing that can destroy them now gone.

The Tomb Of The Cybermen

Arriving on the Planet Telos, the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria meet a team of archeologists led by proffesor Parry, who has been exploring the planet.
After having heard about them and possibly fought against them previously, the team plan to wipe out the Cybermen completley.
They come to a place called Cyber Control where the remains of the Cyber species is kept 'hibernating' inside tombs.

The place where the Honeycomb-like tombs are located is called the Cybermen's City.
Apparentley 5 centuries ago,the Cybermen died out. The fact is, they where in danger of becoming extinct so kept themselves hidden away in a Cyber city which is actually a trap.
Two of Parry's team break an alliance with him and decide to wake the Cybermen.
Hundreds of Cybermen crawl through their tombs, watching the Doctor and the rest of the team and awaiting the Cyber Controller.

Polly and the two team members are told to stay upstairs avoiding two Cybermen but not the Cybermats.
The Cybermen advance, killing many members of the small crew and the Doctor is next on their list before the entire Earth is destroyed

Doctor Who And The Silurians

After having defeated the Autons, the Third Doctor and Liz Shaw remain on Earth investigating strange cave drawings.

Something is affecting the brains of cave miners and killing, injuring, or causing the brain to force their bodies to attack people.

The Doctor goes down into the strange caves where he encounters a Dinosaur.
Liz is told to stay with the rest of UNIT and she does. But the next day, UNIT find a dead man's body and an injured woman with claw marks on her face and neck.
A miner secretly works for the Silurians.

The Silurians capture the Doctor and another miner to investigate the human species but the Doctor is kept alive. Silurians are being killed so they release a disease which can kill in less then 5 minutes and they virus kills part of the population of the Earth.
then engage in war with UNIT but they are eventually destroyed.
But not for long, as the Fifth Doctor soon finds out in 2084...

The Sea Devils

The Thrid Doctor and Jo visit the place where the Master has been currently imprisoned but to their suprise, they find him to be a newly reformed character.
The owner of the building tells them that, ships have recently been disapearing and being blown up underwater.
The Doctor and Jo visit a lighthouse. They encounter what has been terrorising the locals, a Sea Devil.
The Sea Devil is not killed but injured and signals for thousands of other Sea Devils to rise from the sea.
The strange creatures have been seen by UNIT and the owner of the prison.
The Owner calls an all out attack on the Sea Devils and the Master escapes killing sailors along the way.
It's now currently a war between the Sea Devils and hummanity but with the master loose, everything is not going as planned as the Sea Devils now plan to reclaim the entire planet...

Warriors Of The Deep

The Fifth Doctor, Turlough and Tegan land in 2084 on Sea Base 4 where they find out that the crew are under threat from two race who has previously met the Doctor,the Silurians and the Sea Devils.
But the Doctor has discovered that they have evolved.
The Sea Devils are more warrior like while the Silurians are of a reptilan nature.

The team on board the sea base, help the Doctor defeat the enemies but many are killed when the Silurian's pet, known as the Myrka is released. But when the Myrka is destroyed by a machine that can make thoughts come true, the enemies are forced to take action.
While the Silurians are attacking the main base, the Sea Devils are attacking the remaining crew.

The Trial of A Time Lord
The Mysterious planet
1986 (Parts 1-4)

The Doctor is found trapped on the Time Lord trial ship.
He meets the strange Valeyard and the rest of the audience.
The Doctor is certain that this trial is fake but is forced to sit and stay.
He is shown evidence of why he is there but the Valeyard says that it's because of his medling.

On the planet Ravalox the Doctor and Peri land.
They Encouter the tribe of the 'Free', a tribe free of the power of the robot Drathro.
In an underground tunnel, or what's left of a train station in London, the Doctor alone goes and investigates while Peri is captured by the tribe and locked up with two crimminals known as Glitz and Dibber.
Meanwhile, the Doctor meets a group of people and Drathro the L.3 robot.
The Doctor helps Drathro to repair himself with black biscuits.
But in Doing so,he has put the entire planet in danger.

The Trial Of A Time Lord
1986 (Parts 5-8)

The TARDIS lands on the planet of Thoros-Beta where they meet Sil once again.
They first encounter a creature who attacks them almost instantly.
When Sil comes face to face with the Doctor,The Doctor is forced to wear a strange mind machine wich can change minds.

The Doctor is also forced to think of Peri as an enemie.
Peri joins forces with Sil's servents to escape being killed by the Doctor.
The doctor is in fact faking an allience with Sil but on his Way to Save Peri,the Doctor is taken the TARDIS to the trial ship.
Meanwhile,The leader of the Mentors Lord Kiv is dying and so takes the body of another Mentor but that operation goes wrong and so Peri's body is taken.

The Trial Of A Time Lord
Terror Of The Vervoids
1986 (parts 9-12)

The Doctor remains on trial and is yet again forced to watch the way he interferes in the affairs of other planet.
With Peri now gone, new companion Mel takes over.
On board the Hyperion 3 luxury liner the TARDIS lands.
The ship is currently home to the Mogarians, a race from a distant planet with metal heads. Onboard are also a group of Humans and the Vervoids.
The Vervoids were found on a distant planet as massive pods and were brought along on the ship.
While Mel is on a tour,they enter the room where the pods are stored.
But suddenly the man is electrocuted,lightning strikes and a pod releases a Vervoid hand. When that Vervoid escapes, the rest are freed only to sabotage the ship into falling into the black hole of Tartarus, which is a super black whole that disintergrates objects. Strange murders take place and when the Doctor realises their plan to destroy mankind throughout the galaxy, he has no choice but to annihilate an entire species.
Back on the trial ship, the Doctor is now sentenced to instant death.

The Trial Of A Time Lord
The Ultimate Foe
1986 (Final parts of 13-14)

The Doctor escapes death but only because of the arrival of the Master which appears on a screen.
The Valeyard call on witnesses of the trial Glitz and Mel.
But the Master was only a distraction for the Valeyard to escape through the Matrix, which is the key to time and a portal to another universe.
The Doctor orders Mel to stay on the Trial ship while him and Glitz chase after the Valeyard through the Matrix into an illusional world.
They both visit a spooky place named the 'Fantasy Factory' where someone called JJ Chambers is expecting him but he is the Valeyard in disguise.
Glitz is hypnotised by the Master but resists doing anything for him.
The Doctor and Glitz then visit a beach place where they meet the Valeyard once again in a different guise.
The Doctor thinks that denying the world of illusions will save him from being dragged into the ground by dozens of eerie hands.
But seeing that the world is fake the Doctor returns.
The Trial ship can do nothing but rely on the Doctor and glitz.
Back at the Fantasy Factory,the Valeyard have hypnotiezed the Doctor and convinced him that he has to kill himself but Mel takes action and goes through the Matrix herself but is in danger of getting herself killed...

Pyramids Of Mars
1975 (Four Parts)

Earth,1911 and trouble lurks in every corner.
The TARDIS lands inside a building which is one day soon to be the first UNIT Headquaters But they find that a murder has already taken place and the Doctor senses an ultimate Foe.
They Meet a man who tells them that his brother has been acting very strangley lately and so he decides to help The Doctor and Sarah-Jane.
The Doctor and Sarah-Jane leave the building looking for clues and something called the Eye Of Horus.
The two time travellers split up but Sarah-Jane finds the First sign of trouble...Robot Mummies that serve the great leader of Sutekh.
The Man who decided to help the time travellers stays behind and When The Doctor and Sarah-Jane arrive the see a strange figure dressed in eerie black clotheing kill an innocent man. But instead of the victim being strangled or shot, the eerie man simply steps forward and rests his hands upon the poor man's sholders. The killer is revealed to be Marcus, the brother of the man who has been helping the Doctor.
The Doctor opens up a time portal in the middle of a small pyramid and goes through only to meet sutehk, a destroyer of worlds.
Sutehk puts the doctor through unimaginable pain...
Meanwhile Robot Mummies continue to roam the streets and when the Doctor escapes, they are able to capture one and examine it. The Doctor takes Sarah-Jane into the TARDIS to show her what will happen in the year 1975 if Sutehk takes control of Earth and the ending result is not good...

Ghost Light
1988 (Three Parts)

The TARDIS lands in Perivale in the year of 1883, inside a house called Gabriel Chase a place which will one day be a haunted house.
They also find that the maids and the rest of the other occupants seem lifeless and they all fear a place named Java.

The Doctor and Ace are investigating the house, when they unexpectedly bump into a man called Redfers Fen Cooper, who has been entranced by a mysterious light.
But he is soon captured by Mrs Pritchard, one of the owners of the house and is and imprisoned in a locked room.
Meanwhile Ace suddenly realized that this is Perivale and that Gabrl Chase is the haunted house that she dreaded when she was 13 years old.
Ace escapes in a dumbwaiter but it leads to a spaceship that had crashed years ago and it's alien inhabitants.

They have been trapped for years and now have finally awakened.
The Doctor and a neanderthal servant Nimrod, save Ace and they escape.
Meanwhile a police officer has been called round. He has also come to see the evil house owner Josiah Samuel Smith. But soon he comes into contact with another evil being named 'Control' and the real cause of all this trouble, 'Light'.
Light takes the form and voice of whatever he wants and can even turn people to stone.
He can hypnotize and destroy worlds and Earth is the next planet on a list of many.

Vengance On Varos
1986 (Two double-length episodes)

The TARDIS becomes immobolised in space and the only thing that can repair it permanantly is a special kind of metal.

Using the instruction manual, the TARDIS is able to make aforced landing on the prison planet of Varos.
The Doctor is forced to take part in death games and Peri is captured by Sil.
The Doctor is eventually saved by other contestants when they see him running from security for the killing of a guard.
He is still being searched for by security but luckily enough for him, the guards can't really inturrupt the games.

The president of Varos and Sil, question peri over and over again but they refuse to listen to her even though she is speaking the truth. So Sil settles on the death of her friend the Doctor and the transformtion of Peri into a horrible grotesque creature...
The Doctor and the other contestants have to run for their lives to escape the guards and complete the games at the same time.

But the Doctor is seperated and his brain betrays him in a section of the game and the he thinks that he is dying of thirst in a dessert and his body agrees...

The Talons Of Weng-Chiang
1977 (6 parts)

The TARDIS lands in victorian London, where strange things have been happening...
The Fourth Doctor and Leela investigate when a Chinese gang tries to kill them but the Doctor and Leela are held responsible by the police.

But that's not the only strange thing, as during theatre shows, Women have been going missing. But to avoid trouble, the enemy hypnotizes his victims into forgetting what has happened to them.
One of the owners of the theatre, Mr Jago volunteers to, first help the Doctor solve the mystery of who has been snatching people from the streets and then to discover who the villian is, behind several mysterious deaths...
The Doctor and Leela travel down into the sewers where Leela is captured by a giant rat which tries to eat her.

The Doctor travels to a house where he meets a proffesor who also agrees to help the him but They are disturbed by an unexpected visitor.
Magnus Greel and his servant, a ventriloquist puppet who comes alive, arrive at the house threatning to destroy humanity with his giant muntant rats and so far his plan seems to be working...

The Two Doctors

The Second Doctor and Jamie land on the Space station "Camera" the Doctor meets one of his scientist friends Dastari.
While monitering space, 3 hostile Sontaran Battle crusiers are identified.
When he finds out that Dastari has been augmenting Androgums(a humanoid species that craves power)the Doctor is not happy. But there is no time to complain as a Sontaran attack takes place on the space station and the Doctor is taken prisoner. Only Jamie and a few Androgums remain...

Meanwhile,on earth,the Sixth Doctor and Peri are on a fishing trip but the Doctor decides to abandon the trip and in the future the TARDIS lands on the space station Camera, to find nobody there apart from Jamie.
The Doctor and Peri investigate an underground place where they first meet Jamie.
The Two Androgums travel to spain where they welcome 'Stike,' a Sontaran commander.
The sixth Doctor tries to communicate with Second Doctor as Jamie previously suggested and it works. The Doctor, Peri and Jamie also visit Spain in the TARDIS where they encounter the Two Androgums and The Sontarans.
The Second Doctor is trapped in the House where the Androgums are disguised as normal humans and where Peri is sent as a distraction while the Doctor and Jamie save the other Doctor.
But they do not know that the Sontarans are advancing and that the first kill has already been made...

Time And The Rani
1987 (Four parts)

The Rani blasts the TARDIS to the planet Lakertya but the effect causes the Doctor to regenerate into a less arrogant man who can change his moods in less that ten seconds.
The Rani brings the Doctor to her laboratory where she finds that he has finally awoken.
The Doctor instantly recognises the Rani and threatans to destroy something very valueble to her but with the gun still in her hand she calls on one of her servants, Urak the Tetrap to trap the Doctor in a net wich leaves him unconcious.

One of the inhabitants of the planet-a lakeyertyan is able to get into the TARDIS and he finds Melanie and takes her in exchange for the new Lakeyertyan leader.
The Rani injects the Doctor with a high dose of amnesia, dresses up as Mel,and tries to convince him to betray Mel and Fix a mysterious machine.

But when the real Mel appears, the Doctor then realizes what a great mistake he has just made.
He also realizes that the Rani has been capturing harmless Lykertyans who he allies with and discovers the universes greatest scientists, the reason that the Rani captured the Doctor.
But behind a strange locked door lies a massive mega brain which tells the Rani how to destroy this corner of the universe

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